How I Discovered Texting

Hi, I’m Claudia and I love text messages. To me, romantic text messages are intimate, precious tokens, little electronic souvenirs, neatly date - and time - stamped to chronicle almost any relationship.
Today, text messages have become more than just a hobby, they have transformed my romantic life into one filled with passion. However, it took me a long time to understand and master their hidden potential as a weapon of seduction.
There I was, single again. After exiting a long-term relationship, I was back on the dating scene, and the rules had changed drastically since I had last tried to find my happily-ever-after.
To make the game even more complicated, I was an American living in Europe, where the rules were even more complex and peculiar. The majority of the guys I met led busy lives and lived hours, or even countries away. I quickly realized that unlike during college, getting to know someone over coffee after class had ceased to be an option.
In fact, most of my communication was no longer face-to-face, or even telephone based; it now depended almost solely on texting.

My First Disastrous Texting Relationship

To test out this new style of dating, I launched into my first “flirty text relationship,” and it was a huge disaster.
After the inevitable breakup, I decided to take a detailed look at my experience. I needed to understand what had happened, and where to go from there.
I was shocked to realize that throughout the course of the liaison, texting had actually dictated my personal happiness or misery, placing me on a roller coaster of emotions as each clever message galloped onto my screen.
It all began when I inexplicably fell under the spell of an otherwise unattractive man. We’ll call him ‘Master of Disaster.’ He was arrogant, ugly, cheap, out of shape, rude, ungentlemanly, and lived hundreds of miles away. In a nutshell, he was hardly an ideal love interest for any sane woman.

He was not a poet, a salesman, nor a communication guru. He was a finance guy who happened to be an exceptional texter.
The man must have been born with a cell phone in his hand, because he could text the pants off anybody. Despite his real-life persona, his messages were incredibly charming, intriguing, engaging, and unique.
They held my emotions in the palm of their little electronic hands, starting with the very first message I received the night we met:
“Sleep tight beautiful, promise me that you’ll dream of me too.”
And dream I did...


The Power of Masterful Wordsmithing

Unknowingly, he had introduced me to an unforeseen, exciting world of communication. He had also made me realize that I needed to brush up on my own texting abilities, especially if I wanted to flourish in this new text-based dating scene.
As I’ve always loved text messages, I thought of this new undertaking as a labor of love, in order to find love. Since buying my first cell phone in 2000, I had meticulously preserved my favorite romantic text messages in little notebooks, tucked away in a large box in the back of my closet, just like my notes from junior high.
After quickly browsing through a few of my previous text exchanges, I realized that my messages were a far cry from the witty, seductive, and compelling messages I had received from Master of Disaster.

The Turning Point: Taking Texting Seriously

Recognizing the fact that I needed to improve my texting skills, I spent countless hours looking at books, websites, products, “expert” advice, and forums – anything and everything that would teach me the art of creative, classy texting. I was hungry for flirty texting tips.
Unfortunately, most of what I found didn’t fit my personal needs. The type of texting advice I was looking for was scarce.
But I didn’t give up. I dove in and pored through countless text messages from my beloved collection, and analyzed them with scientific rigor. It was an enlightening experience.

My Second Intense Texting Relationship

Feeling fairly confident in my newly acquired texting skills, I met a charming French guy while on vacation. We’ll call him ‘Knight of Seduction’. We spent a magical week together, and when it came time to part, we decided to keep in touch.
This time, we not only sent romantic text messages, but we also plunged into chatting, a “live” version of texting. We sent messages about anything and everything. Even though we were apart, our texting and chatting became consuming.
He was a bottomless pit of compliments, enticing fantasies, humor, and passion. His messages oozed confidence. He effortlessly spun texts that showed off his wicked wit, combined with smooth seduction fit for a romance novel. I fell for him time and time again.

Consider this little gem: “Tell me beautiful what you’re thinking as I lay here in bed, my eyes grow heavy, and I dream of falling asleep with you in my arms.” See what I mean?
Because of the distance between us, we rarely saw each other. Yet our text exchange burned strong. For over half a year we texted our innermost desires, fantasies, and dreams, sometimes for hours, or even days on end. The experience blew Master of Disaster out of the water. It also made me realize one thing: The French can text!
Unfortunately, distance, coupled with different lifestyles, proved to be insurmountable, and the relationship ended.
However, it left a lasting impression on me, as I thought to myself, was my texting partner a super star, or was he just an average French guy?
I decided to find out.
I met and started texting with some new French partners - and wow - each message I received was like a miniature love sonnet that sparkled with a comfortable expression of sexuality and humor.
I received a waterfall of messages full of playfulness, tenderness, attentiveness, and sensuality from all types of men, whether they were firemen, engineers, or ski instructors. Apparently, the coveted “French lover” was also an amazing texter.
What was their secret? I had to figure it out.

So, I Decided to Not Only Help Myself, but Also to Help Others.

After I had scrutinized my recent French text exchanges, I took my quest even further.
I analyzed the patterns that I had noticed, wrote down my assumptions, and then researched even further into topics like humor, desire, and attraction. I also spoke with countless people to get even more insight into the power of texting.
In the process, I developed a unique master texting resource – my eBook French Seduction Made Easy. With this helpful guide, you too can learn the secrets of the truly captivating French texters, and avoid some of the very painful mistakes I’ve made along my journey. Based on user feedback, I decided to develop a second helpful resource – the web based Texting Club. This club provides easy to search, access to the over 2,000 text message templates (and also an additional 150 new messages every month).

The Result of these two resources is a Powerful Method That Works.

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