How To Win Her Heart

Whether it’s securing that first date or making it “official”, these three text stories will sweep her off her feet and into your arms.

Ever struggled to pin a girl down to a date after getting her number?

Maybe you had a great first date, but never heard from her again?

Or you have a few dates, never make things official, and see her with some other guy one day?

Want To Know The Secret?

Look. Women love romance. They love fantasy. They love stories. Women want to be the star, the princess, in their own fairy tale.

And while riding up on a noble steed might not be an option for you, I’m going to show you how to make her feel like you’re her knight in shining armor.

That’s Great, But What Do I Say?

If you think that you are alone when it comes to being out of creative story ideas, you’re not. There are a ton of guys out there, just like you, who are also struggling to romance their leading lady.

Whenever she asks me to tell a story… I feel like I’m dead out off ideas… Keith

I need a bed story to tell my girl friend, but unfortunately I don’t have any. Zack

I would love some ideas for bedtime stories for my girlfriend please! Lately I’ve been struggling to come up with cute, creative ideas. Aaron

How Do I Know These Stories Work?

For the past 3 years I’ve helped hundreds of guys win the heart of the woman they love using romantic stories.

I recently came across your romance stories through text and its perfect. My girl loves this kind of stuff. Damon

Thank u for the tips or lets say “first aid kit”..I’m from South Africa…and I’ve been through ups and downs and in a lot of “killjoy” relationships…I have a new gf though…and she is the one I dreamt about my entire life…blah blah blah…I don’t wanna get too carried away…just wanted to be living proof that ur tips do work successfully.


What’s In The Package?

For this resource to be helpful, I wanted to keep things simple, short, and sweet.

I took three common times where romance is more important than ever.

For each one, I put together everything you need to build excitement, win her over, and get results.

That’s it. A super easy-to-use package that gets you where you want to be with women.


3 Stories More Powerful Than Flowers – $4.99

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