Need Help Texting Your Ex?

I can help.

Did your ex just text you out of the blue?

Are you missing your ex and thinking of texting them?

Do you seem to be in a never-ending cycle of dating disasters?

Want To Know What To Do?

If you’re actively looking for love then you’re probably going to fail at least once. It’s normal. It happens to just about everyone. Finding the partner of your dreams on the first go is pretty much something of fairy tales. But if you are reading this, then you already know that.

These failures have a name.

“The ex.”

You probably also already know that not all exes are created equal.

Picking Up The Pieces

There are exes that completely fall out of your life after you break up, and exes that pop up from time to time, or all the time.

Exes that are nice.

And exes that are not so nice.

I’ve created an easy way to start picking up the pieces after your breakup and take back control of your life.

Whether you’re:

  • Trying to decipher a text from your ex
  • Getting ready to break the “no contact rule” and text them
  • Deciding if you should ever get back together

I’ve got you covered.

Better Than Friendly Advice

Friends are great at giving advice. They can be a godsend helping you pick out an outfit for an important meeting, tweaking your diet after the holidays, or choosing the right cell phone plan.

But they aren’t always the best “go-to” source for problems with your ex. They probably have their own opinion about the person that taints the advice they dish out.

That’s why you need tools to take a neutral look at the situation.

How Does It Work?

This guide starts from the root of the problem – understanding toxic relationships. I’ve put together a quick exercise to help you break the cycle of dating the wrong people by understanding what your deal breakers and makers are.

I’ve also included easy to use advice for texting exes and deciding if they are:

  • Maybe someday
  • Friendly but finished
  • Zero chance
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Subscriber Testimonials

“I’ve never been much of a texter… lately my husband started sending me really sweet texts. I loved receiving them, but I always felt stupid because I never knew how to answer.”

“After reading the Text Weapon Quick Start Guide I started spicing things up. It gave me the confidence to express myself better. In fact, I think this program not only taught me the ins and outs of texting etiquette, but it also carried over into my everyday socializing and made me a better communicator.”

KSM, Physical Therapist, USA

“I never realized what I was missing in my relationship.”

“This program positively changed my life. Now my husband and I enjoy more of a connection. Our lives are richer, we argue less, and we have learned how to express ourselves better – all while having fun, fun, fun.

It introduced me to new forms of texting that I had never thought about before. The program seemed to be made just for me! The different categories gave me options that fit my mood or my husband’s mood. I’m a visual person, and I don’t usually like long books; however, the illustrations broke up the material and made the book fun and easy to read.

Since I started using the tips and suggestions in the program our relationship has improved 100%. I think this book is the easiest and most affordable way to take your relationship to the next level..

SL, Product Manager USA

“Being so busy with work and a new baby leaves me with little free time.”

“Luckily, the program was easy to follow, had tons of engaging illustrations, and was packed with good ideas for quick and witty messages.

The text time saver formulas really helped me become more creative, and I soon found myself taking my texting to the next level. Text Weapon is light-hearted and fun. “

SC, Sales Professional, USA