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If you’re reading this, chances are you understand the power of texting. It’s a crucial part of modern life and modern relationships.
Maybe you’ve gotten to the stage where the messages you exchange with your wife or girlfriend are the same old things: chores, shopping lists and when you’re meeting the in-laws.
Aren’t you tired of these dry conversations?

But Claudia, We’re All Good…

Maybe you think your relationship’s going ‘OK’.

You think my advice probably wouldn’t help.

I’ll ask you this: do you want to take that chance?

The #1 Reason for Divorce Is Poor Communication

There were over 800,000 divorces in the US in 2015 ( according to the NCHS statistics here ). And why did so many marriages fail?
The number one reason was poor communication ( survey of mental health professionals here ).
Of course, you’re here, so you know communication is key. But what about cheating or boredom? Even if you communicate, are you sure you’re keeping your other half interested in you?
Nervous now?
Don’t worry – I have the answer.
I’ll show you how to ditch the dry conversations and make both you and your partner happier.
By sending her romantic stories that will drive her wild thinking about you! Can you imagine the boost to your relationship if she craved each new text from you and shivered from hearing your voice over the phone?
Now, I want to ask you something…

Isn’t it About Time to Be the Guy Whose Woman Raves about Him?

You know the one. Get a group of women together and when most of them are complaining about their other half, one will be proudly boasting about all the romantic things he does…
This guy’s keeping the relationshipexciting, but I’m going to let you in on a secret – he’s not Superman!
You can be the one whose girlfriend raves about him to all her friends. Don’t you want to be that guy?

Make Romance Quick, Easy AND Heartfelt

Romance. Obviously you know women love this! So why aren’t you doing it? What’s stopping you? I’ve heard these all before:
‘I don’t have the time’.
‘I can never think of anything’.
‘Romance is cheesy – it wouldn’t feel genuine coming from me’.

I feel your pain! I understand why you’re here, I’ve developed a solution and I’m going to tell you what you can do today to make your relationship stronger than ever.

What Happened to the Initial Spark?

Have you lost intimacy, that ‘connection’ from when you started dating? When you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Do you want to get that excitement back?
It’s easy to look back fondly on the start of relationships, when everything was exciting and new, and think ‘I wish we still had that.’ Well why don’t you do something about it? Take your relationship to the next level – fresher and hotter than ever before.
Text Weapon - Couple Dancing

 Use the Power of Storytelling to Build Trust

Storytelling has been an art for thousands of years, and suddenly it is dying at the hands of modern men. Well you know what? Women still want stories! Storytelling connects people emotionally, helps us to understand others, and builds trust and intimacy. Funnily enough, those sound just like ingredients for a good relationship! If you can be the one guy who can still tell a great story, you’ll be a rare beast indeed, and your woman will love you all the more for it.

See an Instant Boost in Intimacy

  • Passionate – to bring back that spark to your relationship and leave your woman wanting more
  • Personalized – using your name and hers to show you care and build the emotional connection that will keep you together and secure
  • Powerful – surprise her with a short text to read instantly, build anticipation with an email, or set her pulse racing with a voicemail she knows is your voice waiting for her
Best of all, it’s so quick and easy! Just login and copy the story then send it as an email, voice message or text.


This powerful compilation of stories will transform how your woman thinks of you.
I’ll be honest, they almost need to come with a warning: Use with Caution. Immediate Results.
How many romantic messages have you sent your wife or girlfriend?
And how many since you passed that first, fiery phase?
I’m offering you the opportunity to change all that, because I’ve written 55 romantic stories! Imagine the difference that many loving messages could make for your relationship.

Modern Day Romance Made Easy – $19.99

Subscriber Testimonials

“I’ve never been much of a texter… lately my husband started sending me really sweet texts. I loved receiving them, but I always felt stupid because I never knew how to answer.”

“After reading the Text Weapon Quick Start Guide I started spicing things up. It gave me the confidence to express myself better. In fact, I think this program not only taught me the ins and outs of texting etiquette, but it also carried over into my everyday socializing and made me a better communicator.”

KSM, Physical Therapist, USA

“I never realized what I was missing in my relationship.”

“This program positively changed my life. Now my husband and I enjoy more of a connection. Our lives are richer, we argue less, and we have learned how to express ourselves better – all while having fun, fun, fun.

It introduced me to new forms of texting that I had never thought about before. The program seemed to be made just for me! The different categories gave me options that fit my mood or my husband’s mood. I’m a visual person, and I don’t usually like long books; however, the illustrations broke up the material and made the book fun and easy to read.

Since I started using the tips and suggestions in the program our relationship has improved 100%. I think this book is the easiest and most affordable way to take your relationship to the next level..

SL, Product Manager USA

“Being so busy with work and a new baby leaves me with little free time.”

“Luckily, the program was easy to follow, had tons of engaging illustrations, and was packed with good ideas for quick and witty messages.

The text time saver formulas really helped me become more creative, and I soon found myself taking my texting to the next level. Text Weapon is light-hearted and fun. “

SC, Sales Professional, USA

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Leave Behind Your Dry, Boring Texts and Supercharge Your Relationship

It’s natural that relationships can lose a little je ne sais quoi after a while. Ever wondered why the English use this French phrase? Because the French are such a romantic nation! I’ve learnt from the best to craft these stories that will do away with your banal texts and replace them with passion and desire, using the French touch other text gurus can’t give you.

Relight the Fire for Less Than the Cost of a Lonely Film

I hate this part, but bear with me. Sadly, I can’t just give these stories away for free, because helping you guys out is actually my job! I love what I do, but I need to get by as well… What I can say is that these stories offer amazing value for money.
Right, so how much do you spend on an emergency romantic meal when she’s mad at you? $60? At least, right? (Fast food does not count, by the way!) Probably more with a fancy bottle of wine (aren’t you a classy gent). Or maybe a nice film? With popcorn, drinks… $30? $40 if she has a sweet tooth? I’m hoping you treat her at least once or twice a month, so we’re talking, $200-300 over 3 months. A small price to pay for such a wonderful lady I’m sure.


But what if you could make her even happier, and make your relationship hotter, for a fraction of that cost? Interested? Good, because I’m offering 6 month access to, and an eBook of, all 55 of my stories for just $19.99. For that you could just about go to the cinema on your own and sit there with no popcorn and maybe a handful of candy. Or you could be reigniting your relationship and enjoying levels of intimacy you haven’t had since you started dating. Your choice!

Romance Rekindled in 3 Easy Steps

Putting the spark back into your relationship and leaving your wife or girlfriend craving more is as easy as 1,2,3!

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And that’s it! It couldn’t be easier to get started. Be her romantic, caring dream man – you owe it to her and yourself!

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