Want to send cute goodnight texts for him, the one true love in your life? Maybe you’re not sure what to send. Maybe you want something more than just “goodnight, honey” or “goodnight, darling.” Or, the classic “goodnight, sweetie.” I’ve got you. In this article, I’m going to share with you some romantic goodnight texts to send your partner that will help the two of you feel more connected than ever on those long, lonely nights you have to spend apart.

Ladies, wanna know the best way to a man’s heart? Cute goodnight texts for him.

Romance isn’t dead. It’s alive and kicking. It’s just that sometimes it’s easier to send a text than a bunch of flowers. Especially to your man.

A goodnight text is the perfect way to finish the day for both of you. It helps to create a bond between the two of you, ensures you’re the last thing he thinks as he falls asleep – and it may even help him dream of you! 😀

If you’re stuck for a bit of inspiration and want to text something different than the usual “goodnight babes,” I’m going to share with you some cute goodnight texts for him that I’ve personally used, and which have always worked like a charm. There’s one for every occasion, from long distance relationships to those nights where you just can’t be together for whatever reason.

Cute Goodnight Texts For Him – Let’s go!

“Hello! I was literally just about to fall asleep but then remembered I haven’t said goodnight. So here it is – goodnight!! I love you.”

My, aren’t you just the cutie? Probably the cutest goodnight text for him is right here. WINNER.

“Hey, just wanted to say goodnight- for no other reason than I want to be in your dreams – I love you so, so much. Goodnight (I’d better be in that dream omg).”

Okay, this is a close challenger for the cutest text ever.

“Wow, what a day! I’m totally exhausted and I’m only just climbing into bed! Just wanted to text you to let you know that I’m thinking of you! You give me strength on days like this to keep going and be the best I can be. Goodnight!”

Men love strong, confident and resilient women who keep going against all the odds.

They also love women who recognize the value their partner is adding to their life. Send your man a text like this before you go to bed after a long day and he will really appreciate it!

“It sucks that we can’t be together tonight! But you’re the last thing I’m thinking of today and I can’t wait for the day when we get to spend every single night together! Goodnight.”

A cute goodnight text for him is one that acknowledges how much it simply sucks that the two of you have to spend nights apart. A text like this will perk him up as he thinks of a brighter future.

“I’ve had such a horrible day but now I’m home, in my pajamas and thinking of you. All of a sudden I don’t feel so bad. Goodnight, my love.”

Stinker Of A Day – N’aww.

You know, it’s okay to admit when you’ve had a stinker of a day.

It’s also super sweet when you can show your man that he makes everything seem rosier.

“I’m looking at the stars from my window tonight, knowing that wherever you are we are gazing at the same sky. I know it’s silly but it makes me feel good. Kisses.”

This is a really poetic text that will touch any man’s soul. There’s something deeply romantic about the night sky. Send this text whenever you want to feel a closer kinship with your lover.

“I didn’t tell you, but last night I had such a naughty dream about you! I’m hoping for round two tonight ;)”

Feeling naughty tonight? Then send this cute goodnight text for him that will help to get both of your hearts racing with desire.

Cute Goodnight Texts For Him – You never know where it could lead …

“Okay, despite your snoring and the fact that you always wrap the WHOLE blanket around you … I kind of miss you tonight! Wish you were sleeping next to me. Love you.”

There’s nothing cuter than having a playful dig at your man … while admitting that you actually love his ‘flaws.’

Sure, he snores and is selfish with the blanket. But you can’t live without him!

“Last one to stop texting tonight wins (btw I REALLY love winning).”

Feeling playful? Send this text to have a giggle with your partner and see who can stay up the longest.

“If we were together right now, I’d be stroking your face, running my hands through your hair and telling you how much I love you…”

“Then, I’d run my hands across your chest and neck, kiss you on the lips and climb on top of you. Be prepared for next time we’re together.”

If you really want to stir the passions of desire late at night, this is THE text to get his pulse racing.

As you can see, a goodnight text just needs to be a bit creative, a bit romantic … and oh, so cute. Take these examples either as inspiration, or feel free to send them as they are.

Send these cute goodnight texts for him tonight and from now on.

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