Nighttime isn’t the same unless she’s by your side. You just want to hold her tight, pull her close to you and kiss her until she falls asleep in your arms. So why not tell her all this? In this article, I’m going to share with you some delightfully romantic goodnight texts you can send your girlfriend whenever she’s away from you. These texts will inspire you to come up with your own, and they’ll make her desire you more than ever!

A good night text for her is a great way to show that special woman in your life that you love her.

Sending a text might seem like a ‘little thing’ but it’s a great way to show your partner that you’re thinking of her just before she falls asleep at night. They remind her of your love, they help to create a bond between the two of you, and they make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


However, the last thing you want to do is send the same cookie cutter ‘night night’ text 500 nights in a row. Lame. You can do better than that! But if you’re a tad stuck for ideas, join me as I take a look at some of the most romantic goodnight texts for her that you can send any night of the week.

Goodnight Texts For Her

“Hey babe. Another night without me. I know – it’s tough. But you can do it. I believe in you! 🙂 Missing you gorgeous. Night night xx.”

This text is confident and romantic. It is exactly what she wants from you. It’s also super playful and funny. What girl wouldn’t want you in her life, eh stud?

“I literally hate spending nights away from you but know this – one day there’ll come a time when we get to spend all our nights together. Just you and I. I love you so much!”

If you’re not able to spend every night together, let her know that you don’t want it this way. You want to eventually spend all your nights together and you can show her this with the following cute good night text message.

“Phew, THAT was a busy day! I wish we could have spent some time together, or even chatted on the phone. I’ll call you tomorrow, I miss your voice. Sweet dreams, my love!!”

If you haven’t been able to text her much today for one reason or another, and you are usually checking in throughout the day, send her a text like the one above. It will reassure her that your absences doesn’t mean anything’s wrong. Give her some assurance before she goes to sleep and make her feel wanted.

More Inspiration…

So, feeling a bit naughtier? Then send this text to get her in the mood for some love.

“If I was with you right now, this is how it’d go down: I’d wake you up by whispering gently in your ear. Then I’d touch your cheek, kiss you on the lips … and indulge your wildest fantasies. Your goodnight wish is my command.”

When you can’t be with her in person, it’s sexy to paint pictures in her mind of what you would be doing to her if you were with her; it’s stimulating and it will make her desire you more.

“Goodnight my love. You’ve been in my thoughts all day, and soon you’ll be in my dreams. Love you.”

Aww. You know what? Telling your girl that you want her to be in your dreams is literally one of the biggest compliments you can give her.

“Forget the fancy wines, the restaurants and the cocktail bars. My perfect night would be to hold you tight, sleep next to you and wake up with you in my arms. Goodnight.”

Tips And Tricks For A Romantic Text

If you want to send your partner one of the most romantic texts for her EVER, go with this one. It’s a winner.

“It’s SO cold tonight. I wish I was with you right now, holding you tight and keeping you warm.”

Women like to feel protected by their men. When it’s cold, send the above text to remind her that you’re the man who’ll warm her up when the temperatures drop.

“So, I’m having a bit of trouble sleeping tonight 🙁 Because I literally can’t stop thinking about you.”

I like this text because it sets something up and then pays it off. You’ll make her frown with the first bit … and then you’ll make her smile with the second bit.

“Wanna play a game tonight? Let’s count sheep until one of us falls asleep. I’ll start: One …”

This is a fun, interactive text that’s a cute way to stay in touch. You might not be able to fall asleep in each other’s arms tonight, but you can still fall asleep together.

What Next?

Sending your loved one a goodnight text is a great way to keep the fire burning when you’re apart and will make her feel amazing at bedtime. So, what’s stopping you? Wish your love sweet dreams..

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