Everyone sends a text bomb from time to time. Often we let these zero value added messages fly from our phones when we’re tired, angry, or distracted. We know as soon as we press send that it was a bad idea. However, there are a few standard text messages that are just as dangerous. Why? because they seem OK. These messages are the silent desire destroyers. Read on for text messages to avoid and advice on how to step up your text game.

Dating and texting are bed buddies. But much like bikini bodies, not all text messages (and curves) are created equal. Get your sexy back, and make sure that each and every text message that you send your partner is a treat, not an annoying nuisance.

So, before you hit “Send”, think of someone you find really irritating. Picture this person for a minute, standing there in front of you, in the flesh, being their full annoying selves. You know, the neighbor who rings your doorbell drunk at 10pm on a Sunday night asking to borrow some milk (hint: I didn’t like it!).

Don’t be that person! Put the bottle away and get creative with your text messages instead!

A bad text message can be just as irritating as a drunk neighbor!

Here are a few obvious messages that you should steer clear of:

– “We need to talk tonight.”
– “What’s your problem?”
– “I hate your family/best friend”
– “Hello?!!”

And now the fun part, a few less-obvious dating and texting blunders you should also avoid sending:

– “Last night was great.”
– “Want to grab a drink sometime?”
– “Sure, why not”
– “How’s life?”

Even for those just starting their dating and texting adventure, it’s probably pretty clear why the first set of messages should be avoided. However, the second set is a little bit more tricky to fully understand. So, what makes “How’s life?” annoying? I’m glad you asked. How about we take a closer look at each one of these not so innocent text bombs.

Dating And Texting Mistakes Explained

“Last night was great” is a nice enough thing to say, but it doesn’t really say anything. It’s boring. It doesn’t show any effort on your part. And it probably won’t provoke a reaction from the person you send it to.

Try to go beyond just being polite by bringing in some specific details and a “call to action”.
For example: “I had a blast talking to you last night. Can we continue our conversation next Friday?”

“Want to grab a drink sometime?” is vague and noncommittal. Instead, make it specific: “Want to grab a drink Thursday at 8pm? Cool new wine bar I’d love to show you”

– Responding with “Sure, why not” lacks enthusiasm and makes the person on the other end feel crappy for having even asked something in the first place. Why not text something with a little personality instead, like “Count me in, captain!”. Have fun and give off positive energy…it’s contagious, and sexy!

“How’s life?” requires a lot of work to answer. Where in the heck do you even start? It makes the recipient cringe and ask themselves, “Gosh, what part of my life would they be interested in? How much info do I need to include? Do they even really care?” In a nutshell they will probably end up thinking that you don’t care if you couldn’t come up with something more original than that! So, why not try instead: “Hey sexy, how’s it going in the land of cute girls?”

In today’s world of dating and texting, your text messages are your electronic personality. Make your text messages paint an attractive picture of you. Manners are important, in the text world and beyond.

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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