Justin Stenstrom is the mastermind behind Elite Man Magazine. While I haven't met Justin "in the flesh", I have to say that he is one of my favorite people I have never met. And guess what, he's on the blog today!

Justin started out like most guys – shy, lonely and pretty crappy at meeting girls. He went on a personal mission to improve himself and overcome his “shy guy” mentality without turning himself into a douche bag (bless him 🙂 ) After years of hard work, he started coaching, writing and helping other guys in the same predicament. And he hasn’t stopped.

This summer Justin is launching a game-changing new conference – The Elite Man Conference, which will take place on the East Coast in early August. The conference will be divided into 3 different days – business, fitness and dating, with up to 40 experts flying in to share their knowledge and passion.

I thought it would be a cool idea to sit down with Justin and ask him a little about the conference, communication, dealing with haters and what makes him tick.

Enter Justin

1. So tell us a little about the Elite Man Conference

The Elite Man Conference will be 3 action-filled and highly-transformative days from August 5th-7th 2016, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We’ll have up to 40 amazing speakers covering everything from business advice, to health, fitness, dating, confidence, fashion, self-defense and so much more! It’s going to be the most amazing gathering of self-development experts ever assembled!

2. Where did this idea come from?

I’ve always been a fan of learning and self-development. Ever since I stumbled upon the whole self-community over 8 years ago, I knew I wanted to put together something like this that encompasses so many different, yet profound subjects. Life to me is all about learning and growing and I’ve always loved doing this and meeting others who love doing this as well.

3. What are you hoping to accomplish?

I would love every single person to leave the event a better, more enlightened individual! I want everyone to have a life-changing experience and figure out to solutions to a lot of questions across the board! [Tweet “Elite Man Conference helps guys master the 3 main aspects of life: personal, social & business”]

4. What or who (or both) inspires you?

I think I have a deep-seated passion for success. Maybe it’s healthy, maybe it’s not. But I’m driven to be the absolute best in whatever I do. I’m one of the most competitive people on the planet. Whatever I am putting my time into, I want to be winning. I am inspired, I guess, by my parents and have always wanted to make them proud.

5. How do you deal with the haters?

I do my best to ignore them for the most part. It’s just not worth my energy, and more importantly my time, to engage with simple-minded people who have nothing better to do than just pick fights with people they know nothing about. I am not a Buddhist or a pacifist, trust me, I can get into a good scrap from time to time, but I certainly do my best to try to be as forgiving and easygoing as possible. Life’s just better when you cut out the negativity and stress of people who do not add to what you want or where you want to be.

6. How would you describe a good communicator? And a bad communicator?

A good communicator is someone who can get their message across in the simplest and easiest way for others to understand. A bad communicator is someone who can’t. For example, people often struggle with giving good directions. They make things far too long and complicated for others to grasp. The good communicator keeps things short and sweet, maybe giving out 3 pieces of concise information to convey his point effectively. The bad communicator gives out 10 or 20 points, confusing the person he’s trying to help, and thus is ineffective. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as Da Vinci once said.

7. What’s your favorite “after first date text message” to make her want a second one?

First of all, I make sure I’m sprinkling the idea of a second date of some stort while on the first date. It may be by saying: “We should definitely go for a bike-ride next week!” or “I’ll have to take you to this really cool lounge by my house on Friday.” And when she bites (hopefully she does), meaning she says she wants to go, you have your in to set that up. So after the first date, the best way to set up the second date is to say something along the lines of: “I had a lot of fun today! I can’t wait to go ______ with you on ______ :)”

8. Do you seriously think you can beat me at ping-pong? 🙂

Claudia I love you, but I’m pretty ruthless on the ping-pong table. It’s by far one of my best sports and I hold nothing back. So I look forward to the challenge and can’t wait to kick your butt!! 🙂

Come on over to The Elite Man Conference in Plymouth this August and meet Justin, Laura Yates, Kyle Ingham, Ted Ryce and tons of other crazy cool people… It’s going to be three days of sharing, learning and much more. So, get your ticket here.

P.S. He ain’t gonna win!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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