Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year for a whole lot of reasons. Do I need to list them? Spending time with all your family. Feasting on delicious food until you’re stuffed… then eating some more. Giving thanks for all the amazing things you’re lucky enough to have in your life. Eating turkey, gravy, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce until you can barely sit up straight. Listening to your great Aunt Mabel’s stories about how things where “in her day” for the 26th time (ok, maybe not that one… but did I mention the food?!)

There are so many things to be thankful for on this special day of the year, it would be impossible to list all of them. But there’s one thing that you DEFINITELY shouldn’t forget to give thanks for (via one of these flirty thanksgiving text messages) – that seriously good looking hunk, or special lady, who makes your life incredible every day when your family isn’t around.

Have you brought the love of your love home to meet your family for the first time? Or maybe this is the fifth year in a row that they’ve gone into the kitchen to help your mom peel the potatoes. Whichever it is, there will always be something flirty and cute to text them under the table before the dessert comes out…

26 Flirty Thanksgiving Text Messages for Any Situation

Didn’t think that Thanksgiving lent itself to some seriously flirty texting banter? Think again. With just your mobile phone, you can make any day of the year flirty, cute, and fun!

Give thanks for just being them

These Thanksgiving text messages need to be genuine, heartfelt, and warm.

  1. Thank you for loving my family as much as I love you
  2. Today I’m thankful for all my blessings – my biggest one being you
  3. Thank you for being the best boyfriend/girlfriend I could ever dream of – this day, and every day
  4. I know that Thanksgiving is all about family, but this morning I woke up in my childhood bed with only you on my mind
  5. Thank you for helping my mom in the kitchen all morning – I know she thinks of you like a second son/daughter
  6. You have no idea how proud I am to bring you home to all my family. Thank you for being you

Get a bit flirty under the table

Whether they are sitting across from you at the table or on the other side of the country, these Thanksgiving themed flirty text messages are definitely not top-of-the-table appropriate. Extra points for turkey puns!

  1. I’m sure the pilgrims had some great crops, but you’re the best harvest I’ve ever brought in…
  2. I see you’re enjoying that cranberry sauce… maybe we should save some for later
  3. Don’t eat too much, I still have plans to thank you later, and you’ll need some energy for that
  4. I sure am thankful for everything I have, but right now I just can’t take my eyes off you
  5. All this talk of skin, thigh, and sauce makes me really miss you for some reason…
  6. I’ve been told I should give thanks… when would you like them?
  7. I’ve finally figured out what your lips taste like – sweet, sweet cranberry sauce. And I love it.

Make them thankful you’re so cute

Sweet Thanksgiving text messages on this sweet little day never go astray. Texts like these bring a smile to their face that has nothing to do with dessert.

  1. Good morning, my little pumpkin pie!
  2. If I get to split the wishbone, I’d wish that you were here right now
  3. You’re the gravy to my turkey
  4. I’d trade all the pie in the world to have you in my arms tonight
  5. The second best thing about this week is the day off work. The best thing is an extra day with you
  6. I’m absolutely stuffed – with love for you!
  7. Your love is just like my family’s gravy boat. Warm, tasty, and always overflowing 🙂

Send Thanksgiving text messages to thank them for the little things

Thanksgiving is about life, but life is made up of lots of beautiful little moments. Make that count today by texting them, and letting them know you notice.

  1. Thank you for always knowing how to make me smile
  2. You bring a little ray of sunshine into my day every morning, and for that I am thankful
  3. The pilgrims were thankful for the harvest, but they’d never tried your warm winter soup – thank you for looking after me
  4. Thank you so much for bringing me a harvest every day – of your love, your happiness and your smile!
  5. I’ve been giving thanks for everything I have today, but no words can express how lucky I am to have you
  6. Thank you so much for sitting next to Aunt Mabel… again.

Are you ready to make this thanksgiving memorable by using these 26 Thanksgiving text messages to spice up the day of someone special? The turkey’s in the oven, the family has arrived…so start texting!









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