Think you can be a success in this world with the opposite sex without adequate texting skills? Um... I disagree! In this article, I take a look at exactly why it pays to have a good texting game. Your next relationship could depend on it.

There is a lot to be said for having a solid flirty texting game in today’s dating scene, despite more and more people telling us we should go back to talking on the phone.

Look, talking on the phone is great. I love it! But there is a time and a place for it, just like there is a time and a place for texting.

For example, if your crush is cold – in other words, not interested in you and has no idea you’re interested in them – a phone call isn’t going to make them warm. Why? Because you can’t just go from not knowing someone to phoning them. It’s totally weird! Instead, you have to use texting to warm them up. Then you get them on the phone, or even better out for a real date.

This is just one way good texting skills come in handy in today’s dating scene. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why it pays to have a good flirty texting game.

Texting Helps You Get To Know Someone New

Texting is a great communication tool that helps us get to know new people. It might not help us know them intimately, but it’s still a great way to build connections with people all over the world.

I’ve made many friends via texting. Some of them, I still haven’t met. The friendship is purely text-based, but I can honestly say that each friend has enriched my life.

I wouldn’t have made a connection with any of them if I’d had a weak texting game.

Texting also helps you get to know that special new someone in your life. You can ask questions, send pictures and videos. You won’t always be able to see them face-to-face or speak on the phone, and texting helps to fill in the gap and super charge the getting to know each other process.

Flirty Texting Game Strengthens Long-Distance Relationships

Let’s say your partner (or you) has to go away for a while. You’re both upset about this, but they seem more upset than you.

Why? Because they know you’re rubbish at texting!

It pays to know how to text when you can’t see your partner in person for a while. And this doesn’t just mean that you’re flirty and chatty via text. It means that you text often, don’t go literally days without replying, and that you say the right things. Without texting, a long-distance relationship can easily lose it’s spark.

Texting Enhances Any Relationship At Any Stage

If you’re in a relationship, texting is about more than just saying something. It’s about using your phone to surprise them while they’re at work with a loving or sexy message.

It’s about using your phone to involve them in your day, update them, and make them giggle when you aren’t around.

You can use your texting game to make them feel special, tell them you love them, and keep in touch with them throughout the day.

It Helps You Get More Dates

Texting plays an important role in setting up a first date.  But you can’t underestimate the key role texting plays in catching someone’s interest.

The better you are at texting, the more first dates you can set up.

Ever sent a crush a text message for the first time and they reply? It’s awesome! You’re in. They want to talk to you.

Excited, you send another text.

A few minutes pass and they still haven’t replied. It’s okay, people get busy.

An hour passes and they still haven’t replied.

Impatient, you send another text message. Perhaps you decide to correct a typo in your last one. you know, just to get their attention.

Only it doesn’t work. They still haven’t replied. What gives? One minute they were interested and now they’re not?

Truth is, they were probably never going to be interested unless you gave them a reason to be. And your poor texting game let you down.

If you’re a smooth talker in real life but an awful texter, your texting can make you blow it with your crush. They were willing to get to know you via text, but you came off badly.

With Flirty Texting Game You Won’t Lose Their Interest

You’ve been texting for about a week now and you think that’s pretty good. It’s been going quite well!

Then – out of the blue – they stop replying. Why?

Take a look at your last few texts. It could be they simply got bored.

If you’re weak at texting, you might keep them interested briefly. Eventually, though, they’ll lose interest. Your one-word answers, inability to flirt, and your reliance on GIF’s will find you out.

These are a few reasons why it pays to have a great flirty texting game. Got anything you’d like to add? Feel free to leave us a comment and remember to share!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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    I’d never appreciated the importance of texting until I read this! I just take it for granted that it’s the same as talking…

    …but it really isn’t!


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