I know how it is. You’ve reached a stage in your relationship where you’re comfortable with getting all smoochy with one another - but you’ve run out of cute things to say via text! It’s real. You want to make him smile throughout the day but you can’t think of anything to say anymore. “I miss you!” is always a classic cute text. Problem is, you sent that one five minutes ago. You sent it fifteen minutes ago, too.

Relax, we’re going to dive into some seriously cute things to text your boyfriend that will make him grin so much he will want to share it with his football buddies (until he realizes he’s gotta be “Mr Cool” with them).

Let’s take a look!

1. Combine Compliments With Gratitude

“Just a reminder: You’re not only incredibly handsome but also the kindest person I know. Lucky me!”

This message combines compliments with a touch of gratitude. It let’s him know that you find him ridiculously attractive – inside and out. Guys might not fish for compliments, but they certainly appreciate (and need them).

2. The Cutest Of Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend

“I was having a bad day until you popped up in my inbox. I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

Aww, this is one goes down in the books as one of the cutest of cute things to text your boyfriend ever. Seriously. It’s not cute that you’re having a bad day – but it’s cute that he’s the one who’s going to rescue you from said bad day.

Guys are like us – they need to feel wanted and needed. If you can recover from a bad day just fine without him, he’ll be wounded.

Let him know that his presence adds to your happiness. It’s not needy or desperate – it’s cute, and he’ll do all that he can to make sure he can see you as soon as possible.

3. The Classic Text

“Guess what?!”

You’re going to use this one to grab his attention in a seriously cute way that will make him realize he’s got the best, most fun girl in the world.

So basically, you begin with this:

“Guess what?”

He’ll reply with this:


You’ll reply with this:

“Guess what?!”

He’ll reply with this:


You’ll reply with this:

“I love you!!”

Aww. Adorable.

You could keep the suspense going for a bit longer if you want. But don’t keep it going too long. Imagine if his battery died before the great big reveal?


4. You Make Me Feel Safe

“I’ve never felt as safe around anyone as I do with you.”

What do you wanna do, make him cry in his office?!

Send him this text and it’s mission accomplished.

When we talk about cute things to text your boyfriend, there probably aren’t many things cuter than telling him that he’s the only person who can make you feel safe in this world.

Because it’s what all guys want to do. Guys want to make you feel happy and safe.

He’s your protector. Remind him of this, and make him blubber at work. It’ll be cute (and okay, yes, kinda funny).

5. Best For Last: Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend

“There is nothing else I’d rather be doing than sending this text right now (OK, except be with you). I love you so much and wanted to tell you.”

If you send him this text, you’ll literally be making his day.

There is nothing you’d rather be doing right now than sending this text and you love him so much!

Guys are like us in that they need to be reassured. Sure, you’ve told him that you love him many times. Sending it via text reminds him once more, and he needs that – so tell him!

These are some cute things to text your boyfriend. Got some that you’d like to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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