Okay, so you’ve finally got her number. Woo-hoo! But what next? The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that the best moment in a person’s life is the period between getting a job and actually starting it. It IS a good moment (it makes us smile just thinking about it), but it’s not the BEST. The best moment in your life is the period between getting an amazing girl's number and actually flirting with her via text.

But first you must learn how to flirt with a girl through text. When you learn this skill, it’s magical. Before you were probably SO happy that you’ve got her number, and you haven’t cracked a really lame joke or taken your flirting way, way too far – so far that she blocked you.

That’s great, but it’s only part of the fun. Flirting is way better. Before you go about learning how to flirt with a girl through text, it’s important to define what flirting is, exactly.

What Is Flirting?

Flirting is the promise that things can happen.There is no certainty.

That’s the exiting thing about it – sexual tension just builds and builds.

It’s so tantalizing.

If you want some flirty fun with them and take this whole flirting thing to the next level, let’s take a look at how to flirt with a girl through text.

Tease Her

Teasing is fun, but if you can’t tease her respectfully, you’re probably not going to get too far with her.

Everyone loves a bit of teasing. It makes you both giggle, and you know it’s harmless. It’s a great way of connecting, breaking down barriers, and relieving any tension. Anything that you say is just a joke, and it’s a good way to bond.

For example, you could make fun of the way she looked today when the wind blew her hair in her face, followed up by a compliment.

Text 1: “Loved your L’Oreal moment today when the wind blew your hair across your face.”
Text 2: “You know you are beautiful, right? :)”

Give her a Nickname.

Using nicknames is a great way to flirt with someone. Come up with a funny, cute nickname for her and greet her with it. Use it often, but not too much. Interchange it with her real name.

For example:
Crazy curls
Uber babe
Hottie pie

You could also just shorten her name, or use the first letter of her name. For example “Hey C”. It seems simple, but it creates an instant connection.

Be Prepared To Laugh At Yourself

If you can’t make fun of yourself, the other person is hardly going to have a good time talking to you. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you can dish out the banter, you have to be prepared to take it.

Make yourself the butt of jokes. Poke fun at yourself. It makes it so much easier for you to flirt, as it shows that you’re a relaxed, cheery person who is laid back and cool.

Just don’t hammer on yourself so hard that you sound like a sad sack with low self-esteem. It’s a fine line between charmingly self-deprecating and “this person has issues.” Be more Chris Pratt, less Woody Allen.

Keep Your Texts Short

Knowing how to flirt with a girl through text means knowing that you need to keep your texts short and snappy.

This is not a romantic novel. It’s not Jane Eyre. Sending huge walls of text will only kill the conversation, and she may even stop replying.

Always aim for the killer response that’s brief and to the point. Say all you need to say in just a few words. Sometimes even one word will do.

If a text looks like it’s too long – cut it down.

If a text is taking you too long to compose – check yourself and give yourself a response time of just a few seconds.

Flirting thrives on rapid fire, witty exchanges. The longer you take to reply, and the longer your messages are, the duller the conversation will become.

Be Funny!

Want to know how to flirt with a girl through text? Be funny! The problem with this tip is that not everyone finds it easy to be funny via text. You might think you’re hilarious, but the reality is that your joke was as flat as a pancake.

If you’re not naturally funny, the next best thing to do is to watch funny movies, or look up funny quotes before tweaking them and using them in your texting conversations.

Keep Her Guessing

If the flirting is going well, it can be easy to break ranks and ask her if she wants to meet up. It might be too early, though. She might not be ready for that yet. Even if she is, it kills all the mystery.

Flirting is only exciting when there’s a promise that things might develop. What you need to do is build the tension and anticipation – not kill it off within 5 minutes by asking if she wants to come over.

Keep it going. Don’t put your cards on the table too soon. Harness the sexual tension. Build it. Keep her guessing what your intentions and motives are.

Don’t Drag It Out

If it’s clear as day that this conversation is dying, get the heck out of there. Say you’re busy and have to leave for a bit. Don’t try to breathe new life into a dying conversation and don’t drag it out.

The best flirty conversations are the short, snappy ones that leave us wanting more. If you drag a conversation out too long, you’re going to lose her interest.

Remember the old maxim of arriving at a party late and leaving early? You need to arrive to the texting conversation armed with some killer lines before leaving once you know you’ve done enough to arouse her interest. Have some banter, make her giggle – and then get out before it dies.

These are some tips on how to flirt with a girl through text. If you have any suggestions of your own, please leave us a comment in the box below!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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