So you're at that place with her where you THINK it's time to peel off the friend label and kick your relationship up a notch. Nervous? You betcha! Never fear, we're going to break it all down for you with 3 proven ways to make a move on a girl.

If you’re like most guys, EVERY one of these questions is going around in your head:

What if you blow it?

Is she ready or are you just going to blunder your way into a soul-shredding rejection?

Are you about to ruin this relationship forever?

Getting it right doesn’t have to feel like defusing a bomb. For this article, I went out into the field, and picked the brains of some of my very best guy friends. And I…

Took notes.


Cried (OK maybe not).

But I definitely learned a ton, and I’m really excited to share my findings with you today!

So guys, go ahead and match your current relationship status with one of the scenarios below and take your best shot. What could possibly go wrong?

And ladies? Take note 🙂

Blue Wire – When You’re With Friends

If you’ve been getting good vibes but your ever-present band of friends is making it awkward then it might be time to pull a classic James Bond move.

Sure, you might not be threading through a street market in Dakar or playing masquerades in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead but you can always improvise.

If you’re all getting together to watch fireworks or share a drink at a Saint Patrick’s Day street party, this is your chance. You maneuver yourself so you’re right beside her. Now it’s time to get your Bond on. “Hey, come with me”, you say.

Grab her hand firmly and keep her close behind as you thread your way through the crowd. You’ll know if the time is right by the feel of her hand: If you feel resistance then you can bail and head for the food booth. If her hand is warm and she’s hugging close behind you, slip out of the crowd and into the doorway. Smile, say “here we are” and make your move.

Green Wire – How To Make A Move On A Girl Who’s Always Laughing

You’re in luck! “Survey says” that if she’s laughing, your chances are good. Plus if you blow it she is likely to laugh it off and you won’t lose her friendship.

For this move, a park or a beach is the prefect place – somewhere with lots of room to maneuver. After you’ve shared a few laughs, make yourself comfy by cozying up to her and using her lap as your pillow. Suggest looking at the cloud formations together, and soon you’ll find yourself staring at the sky…shoulder to shoulder. A.k.a. move time!

Red Wire – Making Your Move With a Serious Girl

According to my poll, serious girls can be hot. Like smoldering hot, and in the best possible way. But you have to be careful around heat like that – one wrong move and you can get burnt. If you are looking for an “in”, pay attention when you do something goofy. A lot of serious girls appreciate a guy who is not so straight laced, so if you catch her smirking when you drop mustard on your shirt then she might just have cracked her fun side…Get ready to swing that door wide open.

The more casual the setting the easier this move is to pull off. Playing Frisbee at the park, or studying in the student lounge can both work for you. Now you need to find some fun food. You’ll need to find something she claims to LOVE so she can’t resist, and is good for sharing cheek to cheek. If she’s a Twizzlers fan, you’re set. (Make sure it’s nothing messy because a mess all over your shirt is overkill).

Start off with you basic toss, and move on to target practice. Once you’ve got her laughing try balancing something on your nose and then eating it. Then stick one in the very corner of your lips and offer to share. If she goes for it, you’re in.

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Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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