No matter what you’ve heard, just about every woman loves to be spoiled. But don’t worry! You don’t have to buy lavish gifts in order to spoil a woman properly; just show her you know how to be a gentleman.

How, you may ask?

It All Starts With Your Mindset

Actually, there are countless ways you can show a woman that she means the world to you, and many of them don’t cost a penny. In fact, thanks to many of today’s modern communication methods, you can spoil just about any woman and convince her that you’re THE classy guy she’s been waiting for using nothing more than your cell phone!

You see, being “polished” isn’t about material things. It’s about effort, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. While you can choose to convey such qualities in a number of ways, a text message certainly is one of the easiest. Still not sure what to do? Never fear, we’ve got you covered!

1. How To Be A Gentleman After A Date:

What’s one of the first rules of how to be a gentleman? Always make sure that your date is free from danger. Showing a woman that you care about her well being instantly makes her feel special.

For example, if you leave in separate vehicles at the end of the night, send her a quick text to make sure that she arrived at home safe and sound. Otherwise, send a flirty and creative “good morning” text message that makes it clear that you’ve been thinking of her since you last saw her.

Text Examples:
“Thanks for the amazing evening. I just wanted to make sure you arrived okay.”

“I didn’t want the night to end. Did you make it home safely?”

2. Being Classy Means Being Thoughtful

Another great way to prove to a woman that you know how to be a gentlemen is to show her that you are thinking of her when she least expects it. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to get her something special, and don’t wait until you have a reason to give her a call. Even a quick 5-minute call on your lunch break will make her feel special. If you are really pressed for time or are stuck somewhere where making a call isn’t practical, sending a thoughtful text or email out of the blue is a solid go-to plan.

Text Examples:
“Can’t seem to stop thinking about you. Have a great day at work :)”

“Shhh don’t tell anyone, but just about everything you do puts a smile on my face.”

3. Gentleman Notice Small Details

Most women spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance. Hair appointments, face masks, shopping for the latest trends, nails, fitness, make up…and of course shoes! It’s hard out there for a girl, so don’t let little things like a new “do” or a fabulous dress go unnoticed. Pay attention to your partner and compliment her!

Text Examples:
“I wonder how your sexy red nails would look scratching my back? ;)”

“Your new hair color is gorgeous (just like you)”

4. Gallant Guys “Have Her Back”

Send her a text asking if you can run an errand for her, or offer to help her with something that has been stressing her out lately. Even something as seemingly ordinary as finding someone to help her prepare her taxes is sure to improve her day. Moreover, offering to help without even being asked shows genuine concern for her needs and proves that you’ve been paying attention to whatever is going on in her life.

Text Examples:
“Just picked up some wine for your girls night.”

“Found a sitter…now you’re all mine.”

How To Be A Gentleman Starting Right Now!

What do all of the small expressions above have in common? They let your partner know that she is important, and that you care about her!

Sure, flowers and chocolate are nice, but knowing how to be a gentleman while using modern communication to your advantage is just as important. Remember, even the smallest of gestures can add up, and little things like texting really can make or break a budding relationship! For every time you pull out a chair for your leading lady, find a way to pay her a compliment. For every car door you open, make a phone call to let her know that you’re thinking of her. After all, it really doesn’t take a lot of time, deep pockets, or a special occasion to make someone feel like they are the center of your world, or to nail how to be a gentleman!

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