Do you have a handsome man in your sights? Make him yours using our flirty texts to send to the guy you like. Don’t sit there and tell yourself that you’re not the type of gal who flirts. It doesn’t matter if you’re the demure girl sitting in the coffee shop reading The Decameron, or if you’re the bold bombshell of the office dancing on the tables during the Christmas party– what matters most is having fun with the texts you send.

The difference between a one-time infatuation and a relationship is keeping your man interested, and these flirty text messages to send to a guy you like will do just that! The key is to send messages that fit your personality and remind him of all your best qualities. Read on to see the best texts to match your style.

Shy And Sweet

If he is attracted to your kind yet reserved personality, flaunt it. Your coyness is perfect for teasing. Nothing’s cuter than a shy girl who has a secret wild side! Instead of spelling out every detail, leave a lot to his imagination – have him wondering the true meaning behind your words.


“I wish you were here right now…”

“Guess what I was thinking about in the shower?”

“I’m all alone tonight…too bad I don’t have any company…”

Confident And Caring

Do you like to take charge of your romantic life? Confidence is not only a trait that women find sexy in a partner, it is also a huge turn-on for a lot of men. When you take initiative and flirt with your guy, it relieves him of the pressure of “leading the dance”. It also makes him feel attractive and wanted, and it allows you be in touch with your most sensual self. Be blunt, but remind him that you are still a warm, feminine woman.

Ladies, whether you realize it or not, your feminine energy is one of your most powerful tools of attraction. Numerous studies have shown time and time again, that feminine attracts masculine. So don’t be afraid to show your nurturing, warm side.


“I notice you staring at me every day. Don’t worry. I like it.”

“You, me, drinks, 9pm.”

“Hey handsome, you looked tired today. What can I do to help?”

Mysterious And Mesmerizing

Whether you’re the new girl in town, or you simply carry an air of mystery, men see you as an enigma. You’re a code to be cracked. So, make him interested in the thrill of the chase. How can you do that?

  • Wait a little longer than normal between texts.
  • Allude to things, and don’t talk about them unless he asks you directly.
  • And probably the lowest of the low hanging fruit: use his name.  When you use him name, you make the texts seem more personal, even if the information you share with him is not personal at all.


“Hey Kevin how good are you with your hands?” (follow up with a second message about how you need a shoulder massage)

“I’m usually pretty calm, but when I’m thinking about you, it’s different.”

Send a picture, but zoom in on the subject so he’ll have to ask you what he’s looking at.

Miss Funny Pants

Are you the class clown of your office? When you’re writing flirty text messages to send to a guy you like, don’t let your messages get too immature or silly. Being funny and showing your intelligence is sexy. Sending knock-knock jokes, or coming across as vulgar – not so much.


“I have an extra ticket for tonight, but I can only invite a charming, handsome man. It’s such a bummer. Do you happen to know one?”

“You’re lucky you’re so cute. It’s why I keep you around.”

“You can’t come out with us! You might be snatched up by a group of even more beautiful women, and I’ll never see you again.”

Texts That Should Never Be Sent

There’s a huge difference between sexting and flirting. Along with being dangerous to your online reputation, sexting a man you just met will make him think you’re a floozy and he’ll definitely be less attracted to you. Instead of sending a nude photo, take a picture of yourself in a new sundress, or even a Snapchat of cute little you tucked into bed. Your goal should be to leave him wanting more – to see you in person – as soon as possible.

The key to finding what works and what doesn’t work is to experiment with your own writing style. Men enjoy receiving genuine messages from women that are filled with personality and everything that makes her special to them. The flirty text messages you send to a guy you like should be just as unique as you are!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
Learn more about French Seduction Made Easy.

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  1. I feel like if I use they cheesy lines then he won’t like me. The guy I like is not that type of guy. He answers some of my texts and doesn’t answer some. I think about him but I know he doesn’t think about me. It is sad I am the one who has to text him. I barley know anything about him. Whenever I try he doesn’t answer my messages. This is frustrating!!!!!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    1. Hi there,
      I’m sorry that you’re feeling frustrated. It might sound simple, but a major part of getting him to answer your texts is to make sure that they include a question. People (guys included) are wired to answer questions. For example: “I’m going to check out the new coffee shop later, want to join?” This kind of text shows him that you have plans and it asks for an answer. Send me an email and we can chat and I’ll give you some more ideas: [email protected]

  2. I sound desperate but this kills me. I think other girls like him too. He can’t tell when a girl likes him. And I feel awkward when I text him. Am I the only one who feels this?

  3. i really like a guy and I always chat to him on whatsapp but I don’t know whether he likes me back
    What should I do? Please help

    1. Dear Amara,
      Thanks for your message, I am really happy to hear from you 🙂 There are little signs that show if a guy is interested… For example, does he text you first? Does he text back quickly? Does he use emoticons? Does he ask questions and remember details? If it seems like he is doing some of all of these things then try and meet him face to face to see if his body language matches his texting (eye contact, smiling, open stance, etc…) I hope this helps!

  4. what do i do? the guy i like knows i like him and his sister tells me he told he that he likes me. we text almost eery day but i don’t know how to get his attention.

    1. Hi Bree,
      It is really nice to hear from you! If you want to grab his attention, keep your texts upbeat and a bit flirty. Compliment him in non-obvious ways. For example: “So, Brad are you keeping out of trouble:)?” When you write something like that, you are telling him in an indirect way that he is interesting (and guys like that :). Make sure that you don’t text back and forth forever without setting up a meeting…let me know if I can give you any other ideas.

  5. I’m not really good in relationships to start with. But the guy I’ve liked all summer finally slid into my DM’s last night and told me that we should go off-Roading sometime and the. I thought everything was going well… Just normal talk. Until we were talking about suspensions and then he said dang that’s rough and I accidentally sent… I know 😅 And of course that ended the conversation cause he hasn’t messaged me since. Idk something flirty I can say? Or a reason to talk to him? Please give me an idea XD.

    1. Hi Audrey,
      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 🙂 What did you accidentally send?
      If you want to restart the conversation, ask him a question – ask him for his help, his advice…something like that. You could also ask him what he’s up to with a flirty twist. For example: “what are you doing? besides thinking about me :)?”
      Just don’t forget the smiley!
      Good luck.

  6. I have been seeing this guy for a month now, he approached me at work we talked texted for a week, and since he didn’t ask me out I took it upon my self to ask him out after work. We had a great time even went back to
    His place. After that the communication was still good he was initiating contact sending smiley faces but never asked me on a date.. How ever we did hanged out at his place I did ask him to join me for a movie and he did. He replies to my text sometimes fast others takes hours but I understand he may be busy.. He
    Never makes plans with me on weekends unless I ask. Lately I have been the only one to initiate conversation he replies and everything seems to be normal when we talk but I feel like I’m the only one initiating conversation and suggesting hanging out most of the time. Could he have lost interest? I just want to know if he is not I’ll move on I have no problem moving on I am a strong confident women although it’s nice to have someone I will be fine without one I just hate the idea of not knowing.. any thoughts? Should I let him go or should I be patient and give it a little more time before exiting?

    1. Hi there,
      Hmmm it sounds like you are definitely putting more into the relationship at the moment than he is. I would focus on something (or someone) else for awhile. If he texts you, or asks you out, and you feel like replying or hanging out with him, then do it. Otherwise I wouldn’t initiate any more contact with him. I know it sounds like a silly game, but it’s a heck of a lot more enjoyable to spend time with someone who puts in an equal amount of effort (and you will never find that person if you are stuck with the wrong guy). Good luck and let me know if I can help!
      Bisous ma belle,

  7. I like this guy but I don’t know if he likes me has been really stressful right now for me because one minute he treats me like I am the only girl in the world and then the next he doesn’t want to talk to me.
    every time I see him I just go under some sort of spell thing and It is diving me insane
    what can I do to get over the spell??

    1. Hi Krystal,
      I’m sorry for the delay, there was a technical bug. Hmmm I think he probably likes you and the reason he is acting like that is to make you like him (which is working). You can either play it cool and wait for him to make his move, or start talking to some other guy(s) and then decide who you like best. Whatever you do, don’t run after him, it will only drive him away. Stay busy, focus on yourself and your friends…and see what happens.
      Bisous ma belle xx

  8. He usually texts me a good morning and a good night and we text Everyday. But he didn’t do so last night and I texted him the following day. He has yet to reply and I’m panicking

    1. Hi Valerie,
      Don’t panic, maybe something came up. If you don’t hear from him today, send him a question. Not, “why aren’t you answering?” but something else, for example asking his advice about something. A question is a great way to trigger a reply. Let me know how it goes and if you need anything.

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