Want to learn how to compliment a guy in a way that will leave him with a smile on his face all day long? Of course you do. Men crave compliments just as much as women do, but they get a whole lot less of them. Complimenting your guy is fun – it’s a way to get out all those little cute things you’ve always wanted to say to him while also flattering him.

Read on to learn about how to compliment a guy sincerely, and leave him hungry for more.

Compliments make everyone feel good. Whether it’s about your body, your brains, or your beauty, nothing boosts your day like a well-pointed remark about how damn great you are.

But although there’s a lot of information out there on how to compliment a girl, what about how to compliment a guy?

In contrast to the “fairer sex”, men don’t get a lot of compliments. Unlike us, their friends don’t tell them how great those jeans fit, how shiny their hair is, or that their eyes look even bluer than usual today – even if it was true, men wouldn’t actually say it to each other.

Men crave attention and praise too, they’re just not as obvious about it as we are. So why not get creative, and make your guy feel like the biggest, bravest, man on the planet – one compliment at a time?

Tips For Success

If you want your compliments to have maximum positive impact, then keep these tips in mind:

Do be sincere: pick something you truly admire about your partner. It’s super important to be genuine.

Do vary your compliments: tell him he has a great butt in his Levi’s 501’s, but also tell him how much you love the way his brain works – you don’t want him to think you’re shallow… ☺

Don’t pick the wrong time: if he’s frustrated frazzled and you think a compliment might “fix it”, forget it– it just comes off as patronizing. Leave him alone until he returns to his normal self.

Don’t overdo it – so you told him he looks exactly like a 25 year old David Beckham? Either you’re the luckiest girl alive, or you’re lying (and he knows it).

How To Compliment A Guy And Let Him Know…

Not sure where to start? Here are a few hot topics to get your creative complimenting juices flowing!

He is attractive
Pick something quirky and specific; don’t be too generic with comments about appearance. Anyone can see that he is buff, but only you have noticed that he’s been working particularly hard on his triceps lately and he’s really filling out his new Armani fitted black V-neck T-Shirt.


“If you do anymore triceps’ dips we’re going to have to buy you some new shirts – you’re bursting at the seams!”

He can do anything
One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling that someone completely and utterly believes in you. Give him this feeling by complimenting him in a way that doesn’t leave room for discussion.

If he’s stressing about his performance at work, let him know you have absolute faith in him:

“You’re worried about your presentation tomorrow? Are you kidding me – you run circles around those guys with your public speaking skills!”

He is your savior
Men love feeling like you need them. While he is not 100% necessary for your survival anymore, he doesn’t need to know that.

Try asking for advice, and letting him know the task would be impossible without him:

“Babe, can you help me go shopping for my mom’s birthday present? You always know best what people will like”

He is desirable
It’s easy to let him know you want him, but you can do better than that. Pointing out when other girls are checking him out is a sure fire way to get him feeling cocky.

Next time he picks you up from lunch, try:

“You’ll have to meet me around the corner next time, my friends had basically stripped you naked with their eyes before you’d got through the door ☺”

He has brains
Complimenting a guy on his looks will make him feel great for a day, but complimenting him on his intelligence will boost his ego for weeks. Make it even better by linking the two, and you’re on to a winner:

“You’re the only guy I’ve met who proves the old adage true: intelligence really is sexy”

He is a beast
Is your guy great in bed? Tell him, again and again. When you compliment a guy on his performance, it increases his confidence in his ability to try – and pull off – new things.


“I had no idea…. Would feel so good. How did you think that up?”

Forget The Sexy Lingerie…For Now

Learning how to compliment a guy could be one of the best things that ever happened to your relationship. Not only will it boost his confidence and let him know how important he is to you, but also, compliments beget more compliments, so really, you’re doing yourself a favor!

Now you know all the tricks of how to compliment a guy, it’s time to get out there and get started – you can thank me later 😉

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Claudia Cox

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