Learning how to text a girl can have many great advantages to your love life. This skill does not come naturally to most people but can luckily be learned by listening to experts in texting women. This article with give you the tips and tricks to get a head start with the important modern romantic skill of texting.

Compliments are wonderful. But how can a man give specific compliments via text? In this article, we find out how to text a girl and compliment her the right way.

Believe it or not, not all compliments work. One bad, ill-judged and mistimed compliment can even put a girl off.

In fact, you might already know this (a sloppy compliment could indeed be why you’re here).

There is a great scene in the romantic movie As Good As It Gets that perfectly illustrates this. In the scene, Helen Hunt is ready to walk out on Jack Nicholson unless he can – finally! – pay her an awesome compliment.

He fumbles and takes forever to get to the point. She’s ready to leave.

“Was there a compliment in there? Because if that’s the best you’ve got, I’m ready to leave.” She tells him.

Then, he strikes with Cupid’s gold-plated arrow, delivering literally the best compliment EVER:

“You make me want to be a better man.”


How To Text A Girl Is An Art That You Can Master

There are specific compliments that you can send her via text her that will melt her and take your relationship to the next level.

There are also compliments that can totally put her off.

If you’ve not got a natural way with words? Let’s help you out! Here is a how to compliment a girl via text:

1. Her Feminine Charm

Girls like to feel womanly. They want you to appreciate their femininity.

What are womanly traits?

  • Kindness
  • Caring nature
  • Tenderness
  • Empathy
  • Gentleness
  • Warmth

When complimenting her, make sure to take a minute and think about her feminine qualities. Is she always there to calm you down when you get angry over a sports result? Does she act as the peacemaker between you and your best male friend?

Perhaps you love how kind she is to strangers, or how she’s always giving charity to those in need.

Compliment her for her big heart, her warm smile, and the way she is with children.

These are her innate, womanly qualities that she wants you to recognize.

2. Her Skills

A lot of guys focus on the way a girl looks.

“I love your hair.”

Girls love these compliments, of course. But a girl wants you to value her for her skills, too.

Moreover, she’s probably heard all about her hair a dozen times. She doesn’t mind hearing it again, but she’d love to see that you’ve taken notice of her skills.

Think about what she’s good at. Maybe she’s an excellent cook, in which case compliment her for the amazing lasagna recipe she shared with your mom.

Perhaps she’s a good writer or a gifted photographer. Ask to see her latest work and then pick out something specific that you liked about it.

Focus on her skills – she’ll love it.

3. Her Choices

Did she stand up for a friend who was being bullied? Did she help a relative who needed a last-minute babysitter? Is she taking an online course to advance her career?

Let her know how much you respect her and her choices by showing your support. “

“I’m amazed at how you juggle work, school, your friends and me 😊 You’re a super star!”

“Giving up your front row tickets to stay in and take care of your niece was so kind. You have the biggest heart. Your sister is lucky, and so am I.”

4. What She Struggles With

Let’s say your girl is the shy type. Even leaving the house can be tough for her.

One day, she braves a job interview.

You know she found it hard to pluck the courage up to do the interview, but she did it. Good job!

So focus on that. Ignore the job interview aspect for now, and compliment her for being brave enough to leave the house in the first place.

If she struggles at school? Send her a text and compliment her on all her hard work getting ready for midterms.

If she hates getting rid of stuff, cheer her on when she donates her clothes to charity.

Make her feel good about the things she struggles with.

5. Noticing Something She Has Changed

If you’re really not sure how she might react to a compliment, or if you haven’t known her too long, the best thing to do is to play it safe.

In an effort to improve your skills on how to text a girl why don’t you try complimenting her on something she has changed and is obviously proud of? Did she try a new hairstyle and is playing with her hair more than usual? Is she wearing a new lip color? Did she update her profile photo? Is she normally a couch potato but has recently embarked on a 10 day fitness challenge?

“I’m impressed that you are sticking with the challenge, you have a lot of discipline”

“I don’t think I’ve seen your hair curly before, it looked beautiful”

“I hope those red lips were for me. Sexy lipstick”

Don’t worry about going overboard with your compliment. Just noticing is often compliment enough.

These are a few ways on how to text a girl and give her a great compliment. Got something you’d like to add? Feel free to leave a comment in the box below!

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