Flirting over text is hard. When crafting your flirty emoji texts for him have you ever struggled to get your message across? Sent a subtly flirty text that went over your guy’s head? Or been texting a guy only to have it just….fizzle out? What if I told you there’s an easy way to make sure none of those things happen again? A way to amp up your flirting over text and leave him wanting more?

I’m talking about emojis! An easy, quick, and IMPACTFUL solution for your texting problems, whether you’re sending good morning texts or dropping them a quick note during the day. Creating flirty emoji texts for him will do wonders for your relationship.

If you’re not so sure that emojis are the answer you need, read on for my tips on how to best use emojis in text messages, what flirty emojis guys love, and examples of flirty text messages to send to a guy you like.

3 Tips For Flirty Emoji Texts For Him

Tip 1: K.I.S.S.

When it comes to emojis, less is more. Always remember to Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S.). There’s a big difference between:

“Hey! ☺ I had fun last night 😘💘😜”


“Hey! I had fun last night 😘

Adding too many emojis to a message when crafting your flirty emoji texts for him can make you come across juvenile and immature. Stick to one or two emojis per message and include them at the end of your text. An exception to this rule is that if you’re emphasizing something, three of the same emojis are acceptable. Did your man send a cute selfie? Respond with three Heart Eyes emojis 😍 to let him know you like what you see.

Tip 2: Enhance, Don’t Replace

While it can be fun to send your friends messages made entirely out of emojis, guys don’t need or want to have to decode a riddle to figure out what you’re saying. It’s best to use emojis to enhance the meaning of your texts, not to replace the actual words in them.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. It’s common when crafting flirty emoji texts for him, and sometimes more acceptable, to reply to texts with an emoji instead of one or two words. Doing this can help your reply not seem curt when there’s not much to say. Try using the Face with Tears of Joy emoji 😂 to replace ‘lol’ or the Thumbs Up emoji 👍 to replace ‘okay.’ And if you’re in a steady relationship, try sending a simple Face Blowing a Kiss emoji 😘 to say ‘good night’ next time you’re heading to bed.

Tip 3: When Crafting Your Flirty Emoji Texts For Him: Basic Is Best

When it comes to choosing which emoji to send when crafting your flirty emoji texts for him, it can be hard to pick from the over 2,800 available. Stick to the basics. You can never go wrong with your typical assortment of smiling, happy face emojis. But beyond these standard every-day emojis, there are five staple flirting emojis you should add to your arsenal.

Emojis You Should Be Using

A 2017 study of messages sent by over 3 million users on dating app Clover discovered the exact emojis men want you to use. What are they?

  1. The Winking Face Emoji 😉
  2. The Smirking Face Emoji 😏
  3. The Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji 😘
  4. The Heart Eyes Emoji 😍
  5. The Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes Emoji 😊

Any of these flirty emojis perfectly accent a flirty message. The first four are known for their flirtatious meanings. They’re the more playful, forward option. Use one and your man won’t question how you feel.  Remember, you can also use the 😌 flirting emoji, too.

The Smirking Face Emoji 😏

This is one of the essential flirting emojis I mentioned earlier. Guys love a girl that is just as flirtatious and playful as they are. This emoji is perfect when used to enhance a flirtatious text. It lets your man know you’re flirting without coming on too strong.

Try these messages:  

“This is perfect movie weather, don’t you think? 😏”

“I’ll give you two chances to guess what I’m thinking right now 😏”

“I had the wildest dream about you last night 😏”

The Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye Emoji 😜

This emoji shows off your playful side and can also be used to enhance suggestive messages. Send this emoji when you’re playfully teasing him or challenging him to something. Be careful not to use this one too often though. When used repeatedly it can come across as weird, not cute.

Try these messages:  

“I didn’t know you were such a scaredy-cat 😜”

“You think you can ___ more than me? We’ll see about that 😜”

“It’s not every day you meet a guy who likes ____ 😜”

The Face with Tears of Joy Emoji 😂

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Guys love a girl with a sense of humor. Use this emoji to emphasize a funny message that you’ve sent, as a replacement for ‘lol’ in response to his messages, or to acknowledge an inside joke between the two of you.

Try these messages when crafting your flirty emoji texts for him:

“I can’t believe you did that last night! 😂”

“😂 dad joke of the year award”

“Tell me again why I like you so much 😂”

😌 meaning from a guy – The Relieved Face Emoji 😌

This is one of the milder emojis to use when flirting. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re relieved about something but is a cute way to express that you feel content or pleased. Similar to the Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes emoji 😊, this is perfect to use when you want to flirt, but feel shy about putting yourself out there.

Try these messages:

“Looking good today 😌”

“Why are you so cute? 😌”

“I can’t wait to see you again 😌”

The Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes emoji 😊

This emoji may not be as forward, but it’s just as effective. Use this if you’re not yet comfortable with flirting over text or if you’re feeling coy. It’s a sweet indicator that you’re into him and that he’s made you happy, without being overly sensual.

Try these messages:

“I’ve been thinking about you all day 😊”

“Thanks for last night. Can’t wait to see you again 😘”

“Want to come over and not watch Netflix tonight? 😉”

Emojis Guys Hate

While emojis can add the perfect flirtatious punch to a message, using the wrong one can be like a nail in the coffin. Get sloppy and you might find yourself asking “why he stopped sending kiss emojis?”. So how do you know which emojis not to use?

That same Clover study identified four emojis to steer clear of when chatting with guys over text.

First on the list? The Vulcan Salute emoji 🖖.

This is one of the more out-there emojis. If you’ve just started talking to someone, remember tip number three and stick to the basics. You don’t want to weird him out before you even get to a date! Save this emoji for your die-hard Trekkie friend and leave it out of your love life.

Up next: the Engagement Ring emoji 💍

This one should be a no-brainer, ladies. Yes, this might be your goal in dating someone, but you don’t want to scare a guy off before you even get to that stage of the relationship! We know that most guys out there are scared of the big M word (marriage), so don’t throw this emoji out there unless you’ve had a talk about the future. And even then, use with caution.

Third on the list is the Crying Face emoji 😢

As women, we know that most men are not emotional creatures. They aren’t as expressive with their emotions as we are and can get awkward when trying to respond to ours. If you haven’t been out on many dates (or any, for that matter), they probably don’t want to know about the sad movie you watched or how bad your day was. Flirting and sadness just don’t mix.

Our final no-go? The Pile of Poo emoji 💩. Another self-explanatory one here. Nothing can kill romance faster than bathroom talk. Your guy doesn’t want to know anything about the subject. Keep the mystery alive and save this one for your friends.

Taking It Up A Notch

Got a pretty good handle on the flirty emojis basics? Looking for something a little more…in his face? If you’re good on the flirting front and want something more sexual, try one of the following emojis:

  • The Eggplant Emoji 🍆
  • The Peach Emoji 🍑
  • The Splashing Sweat Emoji 💦
  • The Smiling Face with Horns Emoji 😈
  • The Tongue Emoji 👅

Both the Eggplant and Peach emojis (🍆 and 🍑 ) represent certain below-the-belt body parts, and the Tongue 👅 emoji can represent licking or be used to convey desire. Add these to your texts for a fun take on dirty talk. Send the Splashing Sweat emoji 💦 when your man sends a hot pic that leaves you wanting more. And the Smiling Face with Horns emoji 😈 will let him know that you’re feeling mischievous or naughty. Using these alone, or in combination with other emojis, is sure to get him going.

Try these messages:

“💦 💦 💦” (in response to a pic)

“Wish you were in bed with me right now 😈”

“Stop what you’re doing and come over 👅”

All in all, if you’re trying to take your text flirting to the next level, flirty emojis are an easy way to let him know how you feel. From forward to subtle, there’s an emoji for all of your flirting needs. Try one of the flirty emojis examples from this article the next time you’re texting a special someone and see what happens. My bet? He’ll love it and be dying for more.

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