Emojis seem to be everywhere these days. The simple keyboard smiley that first became popular on early internet chat rooms has since paved the way for hundreds of cute, little symbols that represent everything from food items to animals to a smiling pile of poop. There are so many options that you could probably actually get creative enough to craft an entire sentence using only emojis. But… should you?


Don’t be afraid to get creative and do a little innocent flirting with emojis!  Beating heart anyone?

Easy Tips For Flirting With Emojis

Since both guys and girls can win big from a strong emoji game we included a few tips for women and a couple tips for men.

Women: Show Him What You’re Hungry For

Most of the emoji keyboards available on iPhone and Android smartphones feature hundreds of different emojis, many with food and beverage themes. This includes things like pizza, a loaf of bread, birthday cake, a cup of coffee, or maybe a foamy beer mug. There’s actually a whole emoji section titled Food and Drinks, so they’re easy to find.

Flirting with emojis tip: the next time a guy asks what kind of food you’d like for a dinner date, you could show him by using emojis instead of words!

Men: Use Emojis To Play A Game

It can be difficult to break the ice when texting a new girl, so why not play a silly game with her? Travel and lifestyle website Thrillist recently posted a game of “Guess the Emoji Burger Chain.” They used emojis to symbolize popular fast food restaurants, such as Burger King and Five Guys.

You can do the same with her by using the extensive collection of international flag emojis to play “Which Countries Would You Like to Visit?” You could also play a game of “Who’s That?” by creating characters and having her guess who they are.

Women: Use Food To Symbolize “Other Things”

Certain food emojis, mainly the eggplant and the hoz dog, have become popular representatives of well, you know.

The anonymous dating advice app Lulu automatically censors words in posts by using fruit and veggie emojis? So, why can’t you do the same thing?

You can easily make funny dirty talk with your man even more entertaining by simply replacing words with a food emoji when referring to…”things”.

Men: Spice Things Up When Complimenting Her

When complimenting a lady via text, whether you just matched with her on Tinder or you’ve been married for over 30 years, throw in an emoji to really add emphasis and make her smile.

Which one should you add? Why not the face with heart-shaped eyes, the kissing face or the blushing shy face?

I’m going to let you in on a secret, guys. Since emojis are often thought of as girly, using even one in a message shows that you’re putting in extra effort to impress her. She’ll notice, trust me. Flirting with emojis isn’t that complicated!

Women: Tease Him About What You’re Wearing

Give him a sneak peek of how you’re going to be dressed by using clothing emojis, like the mini dress, heels or the bikini.

Men: Tell Her A Love Story

It’s the modern equivalent of a love poem. If you are a born poet write her a sonnet, but if you are not, then use emojis to create a romantic story about how the two of you met, your favorite things about her or another sexy memory.

You could also take it up a notch and create a story revolving around your upcoming date, or how you’re going to tease her

Women: Show Your Sassy Side

Sarcasm can be easy to detect when talking to someone in person or even on the phone. However, that’s not always the case when communicating via text because you can’t hear the other person’s tone of voice or see their facial expressions.

No worries! Just throw in a goofy emoji, such as the winking smiley with its tongue sticking out.

Men: Surprise Her With Food Or Gifts

If you plan on buying something special for your lady, whether it’s flowers, pizza or even a little sparkler, give her a preview by using emojis.

…don’t forget to include the pink heart gift box emoji for extra emphasis.

Women: Suggest Date Ideas

Although planning dates is seen as a traditionally male role, most men love it when a woman takes the reigns and occasionally throws an idea out there. It takes the pressure off them to always make sure she’s having a good time.

Men: Send Her Different Colored Hearts

The Symbols section features multiple types of heart emojis in various colors such as blue, green and yellow. There’s also a vibrating pink heart and a pink Valentine’s heart with a cupid’s arrow. Mix things up by using a different heart emojis. It’s a quick and easy way to show you’re putting in some extra effort.

Flirting With Emojis Starts With Finding The Best Ones

Now that you have TONS of new ideas for how to use emojis, where can you find the best ones? According to the Wall Street Journal, the best emoji apps for beginners are: Emoji Type, Swype, KeyMoji, SwiftKey, Sliding Emoji Keyboard and ai.type Keyboard. KeyMoji and SwiftKey are free, and ai.type Keyboard is $4. All of the other apps cost $1.

There’s also the standard emoji keyboard that comes free with all iPhone and Android smartphones. You can easily install it on iPhone by going to: Settings, General, Keyboard, Keyboards, Add New Keyboard. Then select the Emoji keyboard.


Setting Up Shop

To set it up on an Android Phone, go to the Google Play store and download and install the free Google Keyboard. Then enable it via the Settings menu, in Languages and Input. You can now access emojis by simply pressing the smiley face button on your keyboard when messaging someone or posting on social media.

Once your chosen emoji keyboard is installed, get ready to have some fun because it looks like emojis are here to stay. With even more emojis being added to the standard keyboards this year, you can expect even more opportunity in the future for flirting with emojis.



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