Are you stuck in a “sweet text” rut? Are you tired of sending your special someone message after message saying “I love you” or “I miss you baby”? If you’re ready to heat things up, then read on for some dirty texting ideas…

Dirty texting ideas to make them drool with excitement. Because, after all, dirty texting has gotten a bad rap. Unfortunate cases such as the Adam Levine cringe DMs have caused people to label sexting as inappropriate and in bad taste. While sending XXX photos to someone you don’t really know might not be the best move, teasing your partner with sexy stories and implanting flirty images in their mind is very hot.

Before You Start Getting Down With Your Dirty Self…

If you are going from “Hey, can you pick up some milk on the way home?” to sending steamy texts, there is some pre-game work to be done. To really excel at dirty texting, you need to be creative and in touch with your sexy self.

Before you even think about crafting your first message, take some time to think about your own sexual fantasies. What turns you on? How does your partner make you moan with pleasure? What are you curious to explore?

Also, brainstorm some sexy questions to ask your partner — because remember, texting is a conversation.

“Hey sexy, you alone?” Is a great way to start. You get a temperature read. Is he/she feeling frisky? Or, is he/she busy and tired? Do they seem chill and in the mood to play?

Not sure what to write, start by bringing up one of your sexy romps and use it to sexual build tension.

“I loved the way you slowly undressed me last night…”

How To Initiate Dirty Texting Without Being Creepy

Slowly open his or her appetite — if you rush it, you will most certainly fail. When you start writing sexy messages to a new partner, the best advice is to take it slow. Make sure that there is some level of commitment (and trust) and at the very least wait until after sex. Randomly throwing out a nude or sending explicit texts without these two key ingredients is a surefire recipe for failure.

Like all things that are sexual in nature, there is a certain etiquette. To keep it “fun for all”, don’t push your partner outside their comfort zone. This means a lot of open communication. You need to do some detective work to find out what he likes/doesn’t like. Always respect his or her values and preferences. What is okay? Do they even like dirty texting?

Start off by letting them know you think they’re sexy. Be specific and genuine. It doesn’t need to be X rated. Compliment him on his bulging biceps or her on how good she smells (and looks) when she’s fresh out of the shower.

After you get a positive response from your first flirty messages, then you can try to take it up a notch.

Tell them specifically what turns you on. For example, “I was just thinking about the way you pull my hair…”

Wait for him to respond, then play it out. Remember, it’s a conversation. How do you want it to end? Do you want to play with yourself (and obviously tell him)? Send him a sexy photo? Or tell him to come over NOW?

Dirty Texting Ideas To Turn On Your Man

What are the best dirty texting ideas to turn on your man? Everyone is different, so the answer is simple: Tailor your messages to your partner’s unique taste.

For example, if your guy has a foot fetish, send him a photo of a pair of hot heels that you’re thinking about buying.

Does he like costumes? Tell him about a French maid outfit you just might order:

“You’re such a dirty boy. I think you’re in need of your very own sexy French maid.”

Or, get his imagination going with:

“I saw something I think we should try…”

You can also use sexy texting to build anticipation for the next time you’re together. “I can hardly wait for the next time I see you…I have a few ideas…

And of course, don’t forget to ask him about his desires. For example:

“I get so turned on when you…”

“Last night was AMAZING. Tonight, it’s all about you. So, where will we start…?”

Dirty Texting Ideas To Make Her Hot

Is she a fairly traditional girl? How about describing a hot bath for two that will be waiting for her when she finally gets home from work?

“Close your eyes and picture us cozy together in a bath, with candles lit all around us, your soft smooth skin lathered in bubbles rubbing against mine.”

If your girlfriend is a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, tease her with a domination style message such as:

“Tonight you might get lucky…but I’ll be on top”

Or, show your playful side, with:

“Wanna come play?….with me 😉”

“If we were together right now, where would you put my hand first?”

And of course, nothing makes a girl (or a guy) hotter than knowing they are desired:

“If you only knew how much I want you right now.”

Be Original…Go Beyond Just Sending A Pic

Not every dirty texting idea has to involve a nude photo. The really sexy texts are the messages that paint an image in your partner’s mind. The goal of each dirty text should be to plant the seed of desire and unlock their kinky creativity.

When venturing down the road of sexy texting and coming up with your own dirty texting ideas, remember to start out slowly. Use these tips to create visual images that get your partner dreaming about living out their hottest fantasies with you, and all the other great stuff yet to come…

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