Are you looking for a few good conversation starters to keep in your back pocket? Don’t bother trying to remember cheesy pickup lines, or worse, lose your chance to make a meaningful impression because you couldn’t remember what to say! Good conversation starters are not intended to make people laugh or get people to like you. In fact, the best openers are simple and effective at breaking the ice. We’ve got six examples that are totally natural and easy to remember, so you’ll never find yourself tongue-tied again!

Do you ever find yourself lacking good conversation starters, staring into your drink or fidgeting with your clothes? For example, you’re sitting across the bar from McDreamy, or maybe stuck in a long checkout line, directly behind a woman whose perfume brings back memories of a perfect summer day. There might be a glance or a small smile that has given you just enough encouragement to speak up.

You’ve got to act quickly; they’ll only be around for a moment! But what are good conversation starters to “throw out there” when the only thing more knotted than your stomach is your tongue?

Forget the Romantic Comedies When It Comes To Good Conversation Starters

While it may look easy in movies, most of us freeze up at the thought of attempting to make a good impression with someone new. It’s scary and uncomfortable. But instead of staying silent due to fear of awkward moments or embarrassment, rally the courage to strike up a conversation and you may just start a meaningful relationship!

Find yourself fresh out of ideas? Don’t worry!

Here’s a few great conversation starters that work in every situation – Making sure you’re always prepped and ready to get that guy (or gal!)

1. Keep It Simple

“How’s your day going?”

You might have skipped over the simplest of all greetings, but it sounds the most natural! If you’re nervous, imagine that you’re saying hi to a neighbor or a friend. Follow it up with a big, warm smile and ask that person how their days is!

Not only is it super easy, but the second best part? There’s no angle! It’s not cheesy. And really, who out there wouldn’t just love it if an attractive stranger showed a little interest in their day?

2. Compliment Them

“That’s a great coat!”

Giving someone an earnest compliment might seem non creative at first, but there’s a reason it’s considered a classic good conversation starter: It’s going to be well received pretty much every time!

Not only is it easy (after all, you’ve already been admiring something about them), but it automatically puts the person you’re speaking with in a position to say something nice about you in return. Keep the dialogue going by asking where they got the item, and you’re well on your way to the land of friendly banter!

3. Play On Common Experiences

“Is this place always so busy?”

Commenting on something you’re both experiencing is another fantastic way to break the ice. Whether it’s a long line, a busy bar or a crowded room, it’s something you both already have in common, making it a very good conversation starter.

“What kind of drink is that?”

If you’re at a restaurant or bar, commenting on what’s in front of someone else is an easy way to strike up small talk.

Mention that you’re new to the place or are looking to try something different on the menu, and then follow up by asking if they have any suggestions. It’s a super sly way of starting a chat about what you both like, don’t like, and why. Soon enough you’ll have found what you have in common, and maybe even lead into asking him or her out to a great restaurant you just know they’ll love!

4. Focus On Their Name

“That’s a lovely/interesting/unusual name. Are you named after someone?”

This works especially well in a workplace setting, business meeting, or conference where people are wearing name tags.

If he or she has an interesting name, walk up to them and say something like, “Camille, lovely name. What’s the origin of the name?” She’ll probably be excited to tell you about her name and before you know it, a conversation has ensued.

5. Good Conversation Starters Come From Honesty

If you see someone you absolutely must talk to, but your mind goes blank, there’s no shame in walking up to him or her and admitting that you would love to talk!

You can point out how awkward and silly you feel, and he or she will likely be charmed that you went through the effort despite possible embarrassment…and if not, take your bag of good conversation starters and start chatting with someone who deserves them (and you)!

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