Tired of spending bedtime away from your partner? Wish there was something you could do to bring the two of you closer together? Texting them a romantic bedtime story can help a lot! It will make them feel warm, fuzzy and more in love than ever. In this article, we’ll be look at what makes a good romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend, show you how to write one and help you get started!

Bedtime is the worst time when you and your partner are away from each other. Well, unless you share romantic bedtime stories together, that is. In this article you will find tips on how to write your own bedtime stories for girlfriend.

Yup, as long as you’ve got a phone and can send text messages, telling each other romantic bedtime stories is a great way to stay in touch, while pouring more fire on the hot flames of love.

Because let’s face it – stories have always been a great way for humans to bond over universal themes. And when it comes to a romantic story, well, nothing makes one’s heart burn with desire and love quite as much.

So, if you’re stuck for story ideas and you’re not sure where to make a start, this article will cover the basics before sharing some examples to help get you started! Below you will find some ideas on how to write a good story to tell a girl to make her happy.

How To Write Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

First of all, before you begin, pick a niche. When it comes to romance, you’ve got lots of choices:

  • Fantasy
  • Fairy tales
  • Modern day
  • Sci-fi
  • Online romance
  • Erotic/adult

To sum up, once you’ve got a niche, it will be a lot easier to create characters and settings.

Start At The Beginning, Move Onto the Middle And Finish At The End

Let’s begin with the classic storytelling structure. Every story has a beginning, middle and end. This structure was first nailed down by the Greek philosopher Aristotle over two-thousand years ago. It’s never grown old and it remains the best way to tell an emotive story that stirs the senses.

Similarly, when creating your bedtime story for girlfriend, introduce the main characters at the beginning and the inciting incident that is going to take your hero/heroine in a specific direction.

Then, include the main action in the middle of your story before resolving all the issues at the end.

Begin With An Inciting Incident

So, what is an inciting incident? It is a call to adventure. It’s when the protagonist’s life is rocked by something and they have to take decisive action that changes the trajectory of the life (and the trajectory of the story). In short it’s what ignites a story – it’s when the action truly begins.

Finish With A Happy Ending

Above all, pay attention to your ending. Tempted to make your partner weep with an sad ending? In the mood for an open ending that leaves them with a question?

Don’t. Instead, always end a romance story with a happy ending. That is to say that the woman gets the man, the Princess is rescued from the tower … you know how it goes. Romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend must ALWAYS end on a high note that makes your partner grin from ear to ear while sighing with relief.

Raise The Stakes

Similarly, don’t forget about the outcome. Probably the most important reason romantic stories are so moving is because the stakes are often so high. For example, if a man doesn’t catch the midnight train in time, he’ll have to face a life without his lover who’s waiting for him at the next station.

Therefore, when telling your story, make sure there is a lot at stake for the characters. Moreover, think back to all the great romance stories you’ve read and watched . For instance, in Romeo and Juliet, their love was forbidden and if they continued seeing each other, they’d be ostracized by their families. The stakes were high!

Add Flirty Twists And Turns

Finally, when crafting the perfect bedtime stories for girlfriend remember that this is a romance story, so it’s kinda important that you add some flirty twists and turns.

In other words, don’t be afraid to get a bit naughty now and then.

Especially if your characters are basically you and your partner 😉

Ideas For Romantic Bedtime Stories

Story Idea 1:

A young man from the village has fallen in love with a Princess. She wishes to marry him and tells her family.

Her family is upset and angry and forbids the marriage. Instead, they arrange for her to be married to another Prince – a terrible person who the Princess despises.

The Prince and Princess move away to another part of the country but the man from the village doesn’t give up. With the help of a friend he seeks to find the Princess and win her back.

What happens next is up to you …

Story Idea 2:

Two students meet and fall in love at college. Because they’re from two different religions, they know their love is doomed. She won’t convert to his religion and he won’t convert to hers.

Eventually, they grow up and reluctantly move on from each other.

A few years later, they reconnect by chance and discover each is single. Unable to control their burning passions and realizing they truly are soulmates; they have a huge decision to make.

Will love conquer all?

Likewise, you decide what happens next…

Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend: Now It’s Your Turn

I hope that you have enjoyed these tips and ideas for your next romantic bedtime story for girlfriend that you share with your partner.

In short, your story doesn’t have to be as amazing as Shakespeare. Most importantly is that your stories are cute, dramatic, flirty – and even a bit fun!

Out of ideas? We’ve got you covered

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