Think bedtime stories are just for the kids? Think again. Men around the world are getting more creative with the way they show their love and appreciation for their girlfriends or wives. So put down your phones, switch off the laptop and TV, and get ready to enter a romantic world together.

If you want to add spice, intimacy and creativity to your relationship, romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend are the way to go.

Yep, that’s right! Telling your girlfriend stories as she gets comfy in bed is a sure fire way of melting her heart.

Reading as a couple is a wonderful thing to do – especially if you are away from each other for a few days. My ex-long distance boyfriend was a gifted storyteller. We’d get on Skype, and as bedtime drew near he’ll read me a story.

It was incredibly romantic and soothing, and when he put us both in the story, it made me fall in love with him even more.

Guys, we love it when you read to us. All attention is on us, and it shows us how much you care.

Long Distance Relationships

Romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend make a lot of sense if you’re in a long-distance Relationship. LDR’s are tough. Often, we don’t plan these things – they just happen.

To keep a long-distance relationship interesting with your girlfriend in another county, you need to keep coming up with fresh things to do.

In other words, you need to put your creative hat on.

Romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend are an imaginative, fun and interactive way of building a bit more intimacy before you hit the hay for the night. It’s way better than simply saying “goodnight” for the one millionth time. It’ll make her feel warm, giddy and relaxed before she drifts off into sleep (dreaming of you).

Read To Her If She Has Trouble Sleeping

I’m not saying that reading will cure her insomnia, but if your partner is having trouble sleeping at night, or if she is struggling with nightmares, sweet stories can help. Storytelling has a way of putting someone’s mind to rest, especially if she’s had a rough day at work or things just haven’t been going right lately. Gently reading a short but captivating story will bring her a bit of escapism while showing her that you’re there for her.

Reading Is Good for The Brain

Apart from reading to your girlfriend in order to bond with her, there are also scientific reasons why you should get a book out at night.

Why do we read to children? There are a few reasons. One of them is that reading stimulates brain activity.

Each time we form a memory, our brain also forms new synapses. This is basic science. But you might not have linked reading with creating memories.

Look at it like this: The more you read, the more memories you create.

Why? Because stories are crammed with information, such as characters, plots, dialogue and locations that we work hard to remember. With each page we turn, we create lots of new memories.

Reading, then, is a highly stimulating activity, and when you read to your girlfriend at night, you both share cognitive activity before bed.

This is an important point, because it is during sleep when our memories are tightened. Read to her before bed, and you’ll both form new memories and new synapses. Awesome!

Reading Brings You Closer Together

Picture the scene: It’s 11PM.

Snow is falling outside. A blizzard is coming.

But you and your girlfriend aren’t concered. You’re both indoors in the warmth.

The fire is crackling.

You’re both drinking hot chocolate.

She’s snuggled up next to you. You’re keeping her warm and comfortable.

This is Heaven.

What better way to make the night even more memorable than by escaping into a romantic world together?

Reading to your girl as you both get comfy in front of the fire on a snowy winter’s evening is a great way to strengthen the relationship between the two of you. It’s relaxing, and she’ll hold onto you as you tell a gripping story of a love that almost didn’t happen.

As it looks as though the story is heading for a tragic denouement, your girl will be holding onto you, willing you to deliver a happier ending.

Just make sure that your tone is on point throughout the story so that it engages her. You want her to feel some emotions. You want her to be so immersed in the story that she can’t help but fall further in love with you as you deliver the perfect resolution.

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend Can Reduce Stress

Finally, reading can lower stress levels more than anything else. You’re probably already aware of this. Just think back to a time when you’ve kicked back in the garden on sunny spring afternoon with a good book. It’s relaxing, right?

Reading can instantly calm us down if the story is right. It’s no wonder many of us read when we’re on vacation. It’s because it relaxes us and helps to take our mind off our anxieties.

Getting lost in a story together means you both get to reduce stress and tension.
Not everyone is a good storyteller. If you’re struggling to come up with some romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend, check these out:

Dine With Me Tonight

“I never told you before, but I always loved you, Lisa. My lack of courage cost us so much time,” read Claire from the final page of her latest romantic novel.

“Well, we’re making up for it now.”

Claire’s heart was both smiling and aching at the way the book had ended.

It made her happy that the characters had finally found love after spending so many years apart, not knowing how the other felt.

But she felt sad when she looked at the pillow beside her. She wanted to share her life with someone so badly.

The next day, Claire arrived for work at City Books. She wasn’t starting until noon, because she was in charge of directing an afternoon book signing session.

The author of her romantic novel – Jude Farrell – would be arriving at four to sign copies.

“I went to school with Jude,” she told her colleagues.

“What? No. Way!”

“Was he as handsome then as he is now?” Fiona asked.

Claire smiled knowingly. Of course he was always handsome.

“Did you ever ask him out?”

Claire didn’t answer but looked away. She thought back to her first date with Jude, when she told him she was moving to the other side of the country with her family.

It was a young relationship that could never work. It had broken her teenage heart.

Claire busied herself for the rest of her day with chores, wondering what the heck she would say to Jude later.

Would he even recognize her?

She stopped what she was doing for a moment as Jude was welcomed into the building by a colleague.

Yes, he was still as handsome as she remembered. Age had been kind to his face; it had chiseled it here and there for the sake of getting as much beauty out of it as possible.

His blond hair had thinned slightly, but his expression was still tender and yet fiercely intellectual.

His smile was still dazzling and infectious.

The crowd soon gathered for the book signing. Jude’s novel had been his most popular yet, and was expected to be a bestseller.

“Glad you enjoyed it. Love is out there waiting for everyone,” he said with a glistening smile to a fan.

Throughout the entire session, he had appeared not to recognize Claire. She was both deflated and relieved.

Her idea had been to wait until the end before presenting him with her copy of his book, but as the clock ticked by, her nerves got the better of her.

She didn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of not being recognized, but she also didn’t want to feel shame for not having contacted him for so long. She knew she loved him.

She retreated to the bathroom, where she lingered for ten minutes. When she emerged, he would be gone. This time, forever.

As she opened the bathroom door, Fiona was walking towards her.

“Don’t worry, I covered you for the last ten minutes. You okay?”

“Has he gone?” asked Claire.

“Yeah. You left your book out there. I got him to sign it.”

Fiona handed the book to Claire, who looked anxious.

“That’s what you wanted, right?” asked Fiona.

Claire, transfixed, took hold of the book and cautiously opened it. There was a handwritten message:

“I never told you before, but I always loved you, Claire. My lack of courage cost us so much time. If you’re free, I’m dining in the city tonight. Here’s my number. Call me. Jude.”

A Christmas Romance

Melinda half-hated and half-loved her temporary job over the Christmas period.

She was an elf at New York’s biggest mall.

It was fun and festive, and it was bringing her some much-needed money to tide her over until January.

But, at age thirty, she was sure that her life should have taken a different direction.

Worse still, Santa Claus had somehow turned into her best friend.

“What are your plans for Christmas?” asked Santa over a cup of coffee after another long shift at work.

“Probably to try and not to set fire to anything as I cook for my family,” she said with a self-deprecating laugh.

“Same. Last year I set fire to my sister’s kids while trying to cook a turkey,” said Santa with humor.

Melinda smiled. This year’s Santa was a funny man, but she felt that she looked so stupid for sitting in a coffee shop late in the afternoon dressed as an elf, sitting opposite an old, fat man dressed as Santa.

The next day at work went well, as always. Santa promised to bring the kids lots of cool presents, and Melinda made jokes that kept both the parents and the kids entertained.

She expected that she and Santa would be going for their customary coffee after work, but this time, the bearded man suggested he take them both out for a meal.

In the restaurant, she felt ridiculous. They were both still in costume. Santa was reveling in the attention they were getting.

Her conversations with Santa were getting deeper and more personal. She told him about the bad relationships she had had, the near-misses, and why her life was such a mess.

He turned out to be a great listener.

“See you tomorrow,” he said.

At home, Melinda had to tell herself to snap out of things. She could feel herself falling in love with Santa Claus, but it was surely only because she was lonely and he was so nice to her. He wasn’t really Santa, she had to keep saying.

The next evening over coffee, Santa started to play with Melinda’s hair and paid her the best compliments.

“You have the nicest eyes.”

She didn’t know what else to say other than, “I love your beard.” It came out awkwardly.

Santa asked if he could take her to the theatre the next night.

“Would you be wearing the outfit?” she asked.

“Of course.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the state of her life. Was she really going on a date with Santa?

The next evening, she waited outside the theatre for Santa but couldn’t spot him.

Eventually, a handsome young man with dark hair and a long woolen coat came up to her and flashed two tickets at her.

“Hey.” She recognized the voice. It was Santa! Without the beard and the belly, he was gorgeous. “You look good tonight,” he said.

“So do you,” she said nervously and in amazement. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Shall we?”

He took her arm and led her into the theatre as the first snow of winter began to fall.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Patricia knew her friends would call her crazy if she told them who she’d spotted.

“Matthew left the country five years ago. There is no way it’s him,” they would say.

Five years ago, Matthew – who Patricia thought was the love of her life – moved to Australia for a job.

Patricia always blamed herself for their never having seen or spoken to one another since then.

In the weeks before his departure, they had argued a lot.

She had told him she was glad he was leaving, though she didn’t mean it.

“Meet me at the airport and prove your love to me and I won’t go,” he told her.

On the morning of his flight, she desperately tried to get to the airport but was held up.

He boarded his flight, not knowing that she not only still loved him, but wanted to marry him.

After five years, she had finally been able to shake him from her head.

But now she was seeing someone who looked like him in Chicago, and it was again preventing her from moving on.

She saw him in flashes – he was on a passing bus, or lost in a busy crowd.

She saw him sitting inside a coffee shop. His head was bowed as he read a book, but she was certain it was him.

She wanted to go over to see for sure, but her boyfriend was taking her shopping.

“What have you seen?” he asked.

She had seen the love of her life.

When she confided in her best friend, she was given short shrift.

“First of all, it’s not him,” said Jenny. “Secondly, so what if it is? That was five years ago, you both fought a lot, and you’ve got Brian now.”

Patricia knew her friend was right, but as she lay next to Brian in bed at night, it no longer felt the same.

As Brian told her he loved her, Patricia thought about Matthew and the time they spent together.

She remembered the snow fight they had on their second date, and the way he awkwardly kissed her at a bus stop for the first time before apologizing.

She began to cry.

A month later, Patricia had done her best to again shake Matthew from her mind.

But as she was leaving Starbucks, she bumped into a young man, spilling her coffee. It was Matthew.

“I’m not sorry,” he said as Patricia looked up at him. “I couldn’t stand to stay in Australia without you.”

Patricia’s heart was beating quickly. He held her face in his hands and looked into her eyes.

She knew she would always love him.

So there you go! Hopefully by now you have realized how powerful romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend can be. Women crave romance. They want to feel special, loved and well taken care of. So, turn your girlfriend or wife into a princess. Tell her a romantic story tonight…I promise she is going to love it (and you!).


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