Ever wanted to let your girlfriend know how you feel about her with only one simple text? Have you ever wished you could make her smile, even when you’re far away? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution. ‘Just thinking of you’ texts are amazing for letting her know how you feel, in just one small message. They will make her feel happy, loved and lucky to have you in her life.

There’s not many things better in a woman’s day than hearing that ‘bing!’ from her phone and picking it up to find a sweet little text from a guy. Thinking of you texts for her (or for anyone else for that matter) are one of life’s simple pleasures that just never gets old (they are kind of the equivalent of eating wings and drinking draft beer with your buddies).

So, gentlemen, if you’re looking for an easy way to make her smile and love you even more (like that was possible), then brush up on your text game!

If you’re wondering what kind of message conveys a particular emotion or desire, then look no further – we have got you covered with different flavors for almost every occasion.

Cute Thinking Of You Texts For Her

This one is a playful message that you can send at any time just to remind her how you feel. It needs to be light, positive, and just a little bit flirty.

“Just letting you know you’re a really slow driver… but it’s really cute”

“Your long blonde hair is all over my suit… my colleagues think I’m having some sort of sexy affair ;)”

“Can’t wait for dinner… and dessert”

Light Up The Romance

This text can be sent after spending a magical weekend together, or just because you want to let her know you care. Keep it beautiful, minus the mushiness, for an incredible balance of romantic but cool.

“I could have spent all morning staring at you sleeping. Can’t wait for next weekend.”

“Are you sure you’re for real?”

“Just wanted to let you know I can’t stop thinking about every second of last night”

Getting Flirty

This text is for those longggg hard work-days, when you’re trying to keep her spirits up and let her know that something better is on the horizon. Keep it light, cute and office appropriate, or things could get frisky.

“Let me guess… you’re sitting in your office crossing and uncrossing your gorgeous legs wearing that cute little black skirt, thinking of me. Right?”

“Can’t get you out of my mind – did you do something to me while I was sleeping?”

“Just thinking of the way you hiccup a little when you laugh – am I the first person to tell you how cute it is?”

I Miss You – No I Miss You More

For those of you who are far apart, your inbox is probably full of the classic “I miss you” text. Mix it up by making it personal, and let her know that everything you do makes you think of her.

“Wish you were here so we could snuggle up and watch a movie together”

“I heard a laugh on the subway that I thought was yours and turned around before I remembered it couldn’t be you ☹”

“Counting down the days until you get back – literally, that’s all I use my calendar for lately”

Hey There Sexy Girl

Send this text on the Friday before a big night out to get the action started, or midweek to keep the flame alight. The best texts toe the line between naughty and nice while stopping short of all out erotic.

“I’m having some serious trouble concentrating at work with images of what you might be wearing (or not) when I see you tonight”

“Guess what I’m doing? Planning our evening… I’m thinking dinner, wine… dessert?”

“Can’t get that image of you asleep on my arm out of my head. If we do that too often I’ll never get up for work – we’ll have to move our offices into my bedroom. Or not ;)”

Thinking of you texts for her are the best way to let her know how you feel, no matter the occasion. Remember to keep it short, sweet, and completely focused on her and the way she makes you feel. Receiving your message will probably be the highlight of her day if you do it right, and now you know how to make that magic happen!


Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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  1. This lady and i have been friends for long and i mean best of friends until we separated due to just little misunderstanding. I was in love with her just that i couldn’t proposed earlier so when i plan to she was already dating another guy which she was disappointed though. She had some issues with her sister which she thought am the cause so got angry with me which i was innocent though from sister. So for about 5yrs now haven’t heard from each other. Just this new year she called me wanted to meet me but was a bit far from her so she made us do video call via whatsapp. We had a nice chat though was much happy to hear from each other. Am still in love with her but i don’t know from her side. I sent her a text that i wanted us to talk but she said okay but not now i quote. Since then have note texted her yet…what should i do am confused and i do love her despite 5yrs now. What should i do to win her.

    1. Hi Frank,
      It sounds like you have a long history with her. Keep in mind that texting is not the best way to work through all the things you need to talk about. I am not sure how far away you live from her, but it would be best if you could meet her in person. If not, try to set up another video call. In the meantime, keep your text messages light and fun…make her excited to receive a text from you and save the serious topics for when you see her in person.

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