I'm so excited to introduce you to Dee Simone, a fabulous dating and relationship expert that gives women a unique new perspective on dating, love and life in general. I have been a huge fan of Dee's for years and love her insights into the behavioral aspects of dating. Her advice is always spot on!

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When you first start dating a man, it’s normal to look for signs a guy is really into you. Yes, you’ve gone on several dates, but is he interested in dating you long-term? Unfortunately, there isn’t one specific sign you can look to in order to tell if a guy is really into you. In fact, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration when trying to figure out a man’s level of interest in you.

So, the next time you’re wondering if the man you’re dating really likes you, remember these 10 signs a guy is really into you:

1. He Regularly Calls You

We live in an era where texting has become the dominant form of communication, especially in the initial and early stages of dating. While it may seem nice that a man wants to text you throughout the day, there needs to be a point when he wants to pick up the phone and hear your voice. Texting is often superficial and can only take you so far in getting to know a person you’re dating.

So, when a man regularly calls you, it shows you that he is willing to put more effort into talking to you and is more likely trying to get to know you. If you’re dating a man who has no problem going days or weeks communicating with you by text only, he’s honestly not that interested in you.

2. He Takes You On A Real Date

If a man won’t take you out on a date, he has no interest in you at all. In today’s dating scene, the coffee date has become very popular. And, from the male perspective of spending a lot of money on dates with women they may never see again, it’s understandable that some men will prefer a cheap coffee date. But, here’s the thing, if a man is trying to date and still conserve money, a coffee date is a lazy alternative.

Dates don’t need to be expensive or costly to be enjoyable. There are plenty of things you can do for a date that require little to no money. If a man is really into you, he’s going to put effort into taking you out on a real date, budget or no budget!

3. He’s On Time For Your Dates

This may seem like an unimportant sign, but a man that is really into you won’t want to keep you waiting for him at a restaurant or wherever your date is. A man who is excited about seeing you will be on time, if not early! So, ladies keep punctuality at the top of your list of signs a guy is really into you.

4. He Pays For Your Date

If a man wants to get to know you and asks you out on a date, he should be paying for the date. If you’re doing a lot of activities on your second or third date, it’s a nice gesture to offer to leave the tip or pay for parking. Outside of that, the man that asked you out should be picking up the tab. After several dates, you’re more than welcome to go “Dutch,” but, if a man isn’t willing to pay for your meal or drink on a first date, he just doesn’t feel strongly about you.

5. He Doesn’t Cancel Your Date

When a man is into you and he really wants to see you, he’s not going to cancel your date. Unless your date truly has some emergency to deal with, there’s no reason why he should be canceling a date that he asked you out on.

If a man actually does cancel your date because he’s “tired from work,” “has an early morning,” or some other random excuse, he’s not genuinely into you. You want a man that feels strongly enough about you that he wouldn’t want to cancel your date for any reason, even if that does mean being a little sleepy at work the next day.

6. He Listens To You

Have you ever been on a date where you could tell your date wasn’t paying attention to a word you were saying? Yes, that guy, he’s not interested in you! Instead, you want a man that stays engaged in the dialogue and contributes to the conversation in a way that lets you know he’s heard what you’ve said.

7. He Wants You To Meet His Family

If the guy you’ve been dating wants you to meet his family, that’s a great sign and it shows you that he may be interested in having a long-term relationship with you. Now, there are some men out there who tend to move faster than others and wouldn’t mind letting you meet their family after the first date.

So, you will have to be able to differentiate between the man who wants you to meet his family because he is genuinely excited about a potential future with you and the man who wants you to meet his family because he always moves fast in his relationships.

8. He Stops Dating Other Women

This is a great sign! When the guy you’re dating stops dating other women, he’s definitely into you and open to where the relationship could go.

9. “The Boys” No Longer Interest Him

When the guy you’re dating cuts back on the amount of time he spends with “the boys,” he’s definitely into you! Not just any girl will be able to take a man’s attention away from his friends, but if you notice your guy turning down plans so he can spend more time with you, you may be on your way to winning his heart.

10. Drum Roll – The Final Signs A Guy Is Really Into You: He Spends His Weekends With You

If your date doesn’t work weekends, but he doesn’t make plans to see you during the weekends, this is definitely a red flag. If you’re not worthy of getting his time on a Friday or Saturday, you need to rethink whether this man is worthy of your time at all!

Remember ladies, it’s easy for a woman to get a man, but it’s not easy to get a good man. If you settle for a man who only has tepid feelings for you from the start, you’re most likely setting yourself up to date a man who may never have strong feelings for you. So, pay attention to these ten signs a guy is really into you so you can focus your attention on the men who actually deserve it!

Happy Dating Ladies,

Dee Simone


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  1. Claudia, I am truly touched by your introduction of me for this post. When I viewed this post from my phone, I wasn’t able to see what you wrote. So, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your kind words, it means so much coming from you!! I just finished posting a link on my website to this article 🙂

    Talk soon and take care my friend!!

    ~ Dee

    1. Hello dear Dee,
      It is such an honor to have you stop by and share your dating wisdom…I can’t wait to read more of your fantastic tips and ideas! Thank you for everything 🙂
      Bisous ma belle xo

  2. I am a 58 year old south African man looking for a single women. She must be not drink nor smoke. A woman with great personality and a great cook. I like a curvy, big and responsible women. She must be a nurse or a lawyer. I need someone who is prepared to spend the rest of her live with me. Someone who is willing to share love with me and relocate. I do not discriminate or have a problem with colour. I am HIV negative and highly educated. Hope to find my future and lifelong princess. Than you and regards.

    1. Hello,
      It’s really nice to hear from you! 🙂 It sounds like you know exactly who you want to meet…I’m sure she’s out there. Stay patient. Stay positive and keep believing in love. I don’t know the dating scene in South Africa, but I’m sure there are some fantastic singles events and online dating sites.

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