Bedtime stories for your girlfriend are special. They capture her imagination, bring the two of you closer together and strengthen your bonds. It's one thing to sit in bed reading your own separate books at night. It's quite another to share a romantic story that makes your girl feel loved just before she drifts off to sleep.

Bedtime stories for your girlfriend are great for creating romance – and romance is something we all crave, even if we don’t always admit it!

Romance is what makes us feel special. It reminds us that we are loved and wanted during those occasional moments when we lose ourselves to doubt.

Romance is a wistful smile, or a walk in the park with our hand interlocked with our partner’s. Romance is a simple gesture, such as breakfast in bed when we least expect it, or flowers waiting for us after work.

It’s a warm bedtime story told to us by our partner at the end of yet another day spent with the person we want to be with for the rest of our life. It warms us up, reassures us that we’re loved and in love and reminds us that it’s just the two of us against everyone else. It’s all we need.

Who doesn’t want all this?

Fortunately, romance doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. It doesn’t have to come in the form of a huge gesture all the time. It can come in the form of short, romantic bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend over text.

And guys, all girls love bedtime stories told to them by their partners, even if they never request them explicitly.

How Romance Can Improve a Relationship

Bedtime stories for your girlfriend and romance in general can improve a relationship because it’s more than just sex. Sex is sex, but romance is what truly brings two people together. It creates lasting bonds, intimacy and warmth. It shows your partner how much you care for them, how much they mean to you and that you don’t want anyone but them.

A relationship without romance is like a night sky without stars. There is no light, no glory, no excitement. Instead, there is routine, boredom and familiarity. We start to question what even makes this a relationship. We go through the motions.

Without romance, there is distance.

Small gestures like reading bedtime stories for your girlfriend are what makes relationships so special. If you read a loving story to your partner at night, you’ll be giving her that all-important emotional security that we all need.

Without it, we are left with questions.

“Does he still love me? How long will this last?”

It can create doubt, and if we feel like our man isn’t doing enough to show us he loves us, that doubt can create insecurity, which can manifest itself with acts of anger and arguments.

Romance keeps the flame burning. Couples who read together, who share things together, stay together.

Here are some examples of bedtime stories for your girlfriend that you can read to her at night. Feel free to use these, tweak them, or come up with some of your own!

Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend (Three Examples)


Mary had been waiting all evening for Mark to return home.

He was late, and the dinner she had lovingly prepared was now ruined.

She heard the door click, and Mark called out to her.

He greeted her with a kiss, his cold, snow-cowered hands froze her face, and she pulled away, annoyed.

He didn’t need to explain why he was late – he simply pulled out a sparkling diamond ring and got down on one knee.


Michelle had come to see her crush play a one-man show with his guitar at a local bar.

As the end of his set neared and he hadn’t acknowledged her once, she began to feel foolish for getting so dressed up.

“Why do I keep doing this to myself?” she muttered as she finished her drink and rose from her seat.

“This final song is for the most beautiful, kind and caring woman I know,” said the singer/songwriter on the stage.

“Michelle, I love you,” he said as her eyes locked with his.


Lucy and Adam were strolling through their local leafy park on a crisp autumn afternoon.

They were revisiting the scene of their first date two years ago.

“I just love how everything is still the same as it was then,” beamed Lucy as she looked around at the tall, golden trees.

“Everything but this,” said Adam.

He ushered her towards a giant oak tree, on the trunk of which he had inscribed the words “Lucy & Adam – forever”

I hope you’re looking forward to reading bedtime stories for your girlfriend now. Remember to keep it short and sweet, and personalize them with your own names!

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