The wonderful thing about texting is that it can help you create intimacy, desire, and a strong connection with your partner. However, this power can just as easily be used against you - to manipulate your feelings and make you suffer. Who would do this, you ask? Look no further than the dreaded player.

Ready to discover the best tips for bouncing back from being played? And to learn what to do if you find yourself feeling sad after an overwhelming text exchange.

First of all, you should know that you are not weak. Texting can be so extremely powerful and emotionally consuming that even if you rarely see your partner, you can still develop very strong feelings for them based on your text exchange alone. Normally, masterful texting is a good thing.

Pass Me The Band-Aids

Normally, that is, unless you are dealing with someone who follows no rules, and plays to win: the dreaded player. Unfortunately, players are frequently hard to spot, even if you do all your normal “red flag” research. Sometimes it is only after you have participated in a mesmerizing text exchange that you suddenly realize that you’ve been “played” by someone with the sensitivity level of a kindergartner. By then it’s too late, and the aftermath can be brutal – you can really suffer.

I have been there many times before, and it is the equivalent of a junior high school heartache on steroids. It hurts. Luckily, I’ve found a few excellent ways to relieve the pain, and actually benefit from the experience.

Read on for some tips and tricks for bouncing back from being played and help you deal with the pain and the hurt following an intense text relationship with someone you should have deleted from your contact list long ago.

1. Delete, Delete, Delete

Erase all previous texts from your phone. This is probably pretty obvious for everyone. However, in order to benefit from your bad experience, then you should do one thing first. Write down all of their texts in a trusty notebook for later use. Obviously, the texts are good; they made you fall hard…don’t let them go to waste just because they hurt you.

2. Keep The Proof

If you have sent flirty/sexy photos to your partner and they have sent you flirty/sexy photos in return, DON’T delete the photos they sent you. Email them to yourself, and keep them stocked away. These photos are your safety net if he/she ever decides somewhere down the road to “leak” photos of you.

3. Wipe Out Their Number

I realize that this is easier said than done. You can cheat and write their number down somewhere if it makes you feel better. Or, if you trust yourself not to drunk dial, keep it on your phone, but make sure to change their contact name to something funny/insulting so if they do message or call you, you can have a cheap laugh.

4. Get Negative

Focus on their most negative trait, or something mean that they did or said during your relationship. Every time you find yourself missing them, or nostalgically thinking of your relationship, think back to how awful they made you feel, and how unhappy you were. Find the faults in even the “nice things” they did for you.

5. See It In Writing

Make a list of their good qualities, and their bad qualities. Be honest. You will probably be very surprised by the results.

Regain control of the situation

Probably the worst thing about players is when they aren’t playing you, they are really fun to be around… which makes getting over them especially hard. Keep reading for three more tips on how to move on.

6. Focus On You. Stop Thinking About Them

Players are selfish people, and do a great job thinking about themselves already. Start thinking about, and investing in, your own happiness. Realize that even if they brought you temporary pain and misery, they also made you a better texter. As a bonus, if you follow my advice from point 1, then this player has provided you with a treasure chest of messages and ideas. Be excited; you’ll soon be able to use all this good stuff with someone who truly deserves you.

7. Get Mad And/Or Get Physical

Listen to music that makes you shout. Write about your feelings. Play an instrument. Hit the gym for half a day, or even the entire day, if it makes you feel better. Find something that allows you to express your anger in a safe, constructive way.

8. Bouncing Back Means Forgiving

Holding on to anger and negative thoughts will only hurt you in the long run. Make sure that you have a clear plan on how you will interact with this person in the future. Be prepared. Players are sneaky and manipulative, and you don’t want them to keep controlling your emotions after you’ve broken the relationship off.

Ending a relationship, even a sick one that needs to be ended, can feel like taking off a Band-Aid: it stings like mad them moment you rip it off, but it’s a necessary step in order for the wound to heal.

Remember That You Are Extraordinary

Remember that you are special. The person didn’t appreciate you, and probably never would. Unfulfilling and unhappy relationships are a waste of your precious time on this earth. So, get mad, cry, vent, and then forgive and forget.

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Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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