It doesn’t matter how positive of a person you are, everyone has to deal with sadness from time to time. Ironically, sometimes a few words of melancholy wisdom can help you shake off the blues. Sad SMS quotes, if used properly, can be a great tool for showing your partner that you care, while improving the intimacy in your relationship. Read on to learn the important steps you need to follow when writing and firing off your very own sad SMS quote.

We all get a case of the blues sometimes. It can last a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, or even much, much longer. Enter the ever important love text messages that your partner craves.

What triggers it?

Actually, it could be a number of things, ranging from a painful reminder of a particular event from a previous relationship to the bad luck of running into an ex who broke your heart. No matter how it happens, sadness often produces the same types of results: being scared to open up for fear of being hurt, or being pessimistic about love.

Luckily, if you’re in a solid, healthy, relationship you know that there is someone who will help lift you back up – by making you laugh, supporting you, or simply letting you “cry it out.”

Likewise, when you’re in a relationship, you should be there for your partner through the good and the bad. Sending your sweetie love text messages when they’re feeling down can cheer them up – and the text itself doesn’t necessarily have to be cheery to have this effect.

You’re Not Alone

Yes, misery loves company, and sometimes sad messages can have a strange way of making us feel less sorry for ourselves as we read the torturous words and reflections of others.

If you are feeling down, or if would like to find a quote that fits the pain and despair of your special someone, then simply Google “sad quotes.” You will find entire sites devoted to this topic. Some sites even have quotes divided into categories to make it easier for you to find the perfect quotation for any situation.

With search engines like Google, finding the right quote is definitely not a problem. The tricky part is how to send the quote. If you send it with no introduction or context, then your partner will probably not appreciate the message you are trying to get across. Even worse, they might think you’re mocking their sadness.

So, how can you be sure your sad quote will be met with a smile?

Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind:

1. Google “sad sms love quotes,” “sad sms quotes,” “famous sad love quotes,” and so on to find a quote that really fits their particular situation.

For example, did your sweetie tell you that they have a hard time trusting someone and falling in love because they were hurt in the past? Use this information as the basis of your search as you roam the database of quotes.

2. Write a personalized introduction message such as:

“You say you’re scared to love, but have you already experienced TRUE love?”
(yes, I realize this message sounds like it could be a line coming from the movie “Princess Bride” but hey, it still gets the point across!)

3. Follow up your introduction text with a second text message containing a sad SMS quote such as:

“Love that hurts is not love at all.”

Love Text Messages That Delight, Not Depress Guide

When it comes to making sure that your quote is going to be a hit, and not a miss, remember three things:

1. Pick the right moment
2. Do not over-do it
3. Always take the time to personalize the quotes in some way before sending them

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If you use quotes correctly, you can increase the intimacy between you and your partner. By following the steps outlined above, you will prove to your partner that you really care, which will strengthen the emotional bond between you and keep the romance alive. Pictures speak a thousand words. However, well chosen quotes can also have a startling impact.

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