Have you ever had someone break your heart? Like real bad? Suddenly your dreams of a "happily ever after" are smashed in your face at record speed. Your world is turned upside down. You loose sleep, weight, friends... and maybe even complete confidence in yourself, or trust in mankind? (Yep, had a few bad breakups myself!)

Luckily, heartbreak experts like my lovely friend Laura Yates are around to pick up the pieces and put your humpty dumpty heart back together again! Getting over an ex is definitely easier with experts like her to help!

I’m so excited to welcome Laura back to the blog today to talk about her brand new podcast, Let’s Talk Heartbreak, tips for other hopeful podcasters, and of course, the best text message she has ever received 🙂

Ready to learn more about getting over an ex? Let’s dive in!

Enter Laura

1. So…about this podcast

Well, through getting kind of obsessed about heartbreak (weird I know, ha) what I’ve come to realize is… There are so many amazing things that people have done as a result of going through heartbreak. Empowering, inspiring, unusual, entertaining, strange, hilarious, motivational – and this is what I want to explore. Those stories and personal experiences. So that listeners can come to the show and know that they can go away knowing there is hope and that they are in control of their path moving forwards from heartbreak.

And, I’ll also be covering my next favorite topic: dating! I really want to be able to inject my personality into this podcast…so not all of the episodes will be serious!

2. What types of topics will you be covering?

An array of things really! At the moment it’s very much a work in progress. But topics like breakups from male and female perspectives, how to use heartbreak to fuel you forwards, mini heartbreaks caused in more casual relationships/dating situations and interesting things going on in the areas of heartbreak, breakups and dating.

The first episode features Megan Rosati of 52 Ways to Break Up for example, which is a show on YouTube about how breakups can happen and I’m planning on interviewing someone from the Museum of Broken Relationships soon about that!

Plus, I will be having conversations with friends of mine who will probably be very keen to reveal all the secrets of my dating past! So there will be all sorts to look forward to.

3. Who’s tuning in?

Anyone who might be looking to get over a breakup, is curious about breakups and the things that come come out of them or is just interested in dating, relationships, breakups and how they impact our lives!

This is why I want to get a good mixture of males and females on the show from all different walks of life, backgrounds and situations. It might transpire that the podcast ends up attracting a more specific type of audience but again, as it’s in its early stages and I’m finding my voice I’m open to see how it evolves naturally.

4. What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Oh, quite a few! Just starting, I think! It can be quite daunting. Aside from working at mastering the art of podcasting and interviewing people and making it sound more like a conversation as opposed to a strict Q&A, the technical aspect of it was all very unfamiliar too.

You quickly find out that starting a podcast takes a lot of work, but it will be worth it I’m sure! Right now, I’ve realized that I need to batch content in advance so that I have an episode to put out regardless of my schedule. Also, the idea of putting yourself out there in such a way can be scary.

5. Any tips for someone just starting their own podcast?

Make sure you have the time to commit to it. Reaching out to guests if it’s interview format and scheduling them in, or just having topics to talk about if it’s a solo show all need planning and time investment. Then you have to consider recording, editing and hosting.

I would also advise people to learn from my current error! Batch record episodes so that you have content to put out regardless of how busy you are. And don’t worry about getting it perfect else you will never release it. It will take time to find “your voice” (and I’m still in that stage right now) but if you don’t just start you won’t be able to allow that to happen.

6. What are a few your your favorite podcasts?

Oh, so many! I love This is Why You’re single, The Bitch Bible, The Him and Her Podcast, The Elite Man Podcast, Legendary Life, EOFire, Right to R.E.A.L. Love, The School of Greatness, the OMFG! Podcast, The Art of Charm, #girlboss radio, The Tim Ferris show… I’m a podcast junkie for sure!

7. What’s the best text message that you’ve ever received?

Hmm. I think it was when I was in a relationship with someone who worked away a lot. He sent me a text which was telling me what he was doing that evening. He’d been away for quite a while at that point and in a different country. The text was very detailed so I had no idea that when I responded, there would be a knock on the door and it was him surprising me! I was totally shocked!

Other than that I always appreciate texts with Summer Heights High memes or clips. (If you haven’t seen it, look it up. So funny!)

Getting Over Your Ex And Getting On iTunes…

If people like the Lets Talk Heartbreak podcast, I’d be so eternally grateful if they could please subscribe to it on iTunes and give it a 5 star review.

It just helps get podcasts out there to be seen and heard by more people. And if they have any of their own experiences they’d like to share, email me at [email protected] – I’d love to hear people’s stories!

Thanks Laura for stopping by! Don’t forget to listen to her podcast, leave a review… and if you’re feeling down and out about love… make sure you check some of her other valuable resources on her website. Getting over an ex is never easy, but help is only a mouse click away.

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