Want to really woo your girlfriend with a love story? How cute are you?! In this article, we provide you with all the tips you need to know on how to deliver a romantic short story for your girlfriend. See, a good story isn't just about the story (it isn't?). Nope! It's also about the delivery and the timing. Ever heard a good joke that had you howling with laughter? That same joke would be awful if it was told badly (basically, if I told it). Because as strong as the joke is, it's nothing without the right delivery and the right timing.

It’s even more important that you get these two things right when you want to know how to deliver a romantic short story for your girlfriend. Why? Because if the delivery and timing is all wrong, she won’t get the romantic part.


Like, does it even have a prince in it? A happy ending?


Oh, no.

How To Deliver A Romantic Short Story For Your Girlfriend Starts With Setting The Stage

Look, for a story to be truly romantic, you have to set the stage. You have to get her in the mood, add scenery and surprise her. In other words, you must romance her and be at your most adorable. You need to put the effort into the delivery and the timing so that the story comes gift-wrapped – as opposed to being showed through the mail box by an angry mail man!

Here is how to shine with stories to tell a girl over text.

Surprise Her With A Night Time Treat

When is the best time to deliver a romantic short story to your girlfriend? I would say bed time.

It’s late at night and you can’t be with your girl tonight for whatever reason.

You’re lonely, but she’s even lonelier. She really misses you.

You’ve been texting her all day, and while this comforts her somewhat, you both know it isn’t the same as lying in bed together.

Worse still, you told her that you won’t be able to text much tonight.

“I’m busy but I’ll think about you lots.”

However, you’ve got something awesome planned. You’ve been spending your time composing a sweet, romantic short story. Send it via text, via e-mail, via WhatsApp – however you two communicate.

She’ll love it to bits.

Imagine her smile as it arrives in her inbox! She’ll certainly fall soundly to sleep tonight thinking of you and your love.

Don’t forget to send her a message, too!

“I love you so much. You’ll always be my princess.”

Use Post-It Notes

If you’re feeling super-duper romantic and have a creative bone in your body, you could buy some post-it notes and leave a trail.

This one will require a fair amount of planning, and I suggest that you keep the story short.

I would include the next location of the story on the post-it note, so that the story leads your girlfriend to the next part.

For example, if the first post-it note is on her pillow when she wakes up, you could write: “John was waiting for his lover in the bathroom…”

When she finds the second post-it note in the bathroom, it might read: “He was brushing his teeth before work and seemed pensive. Jane just wanted to make them both breakfast…”

And then you lead her into the kitchen and so on.

You could be really elaborate with this, and it would be so romantic if she found you at the final post-it note.

Make a Video

Got some amazing video skills? No? It doesn’t matter! Whether you’re a total beginner with a camera or a pro with Adobe After Effects, you could make a video of you reading the romantic short story you wrote. You can send it to her as a surprise video message.

This makes the story so much more personal. You could keep things simple by literally just talking into your webcam, or you could film actual footage. you don’t need an expensive camera for this – just your iPhone will do. Then, you can edit the footage together.

Record an Audio Version

Sending a text-based romantic short story is one thing, but sending an audio version? That’s amazing! She can listen to it as she drifts off to sleep at night.

Don’t forget to get into character and do your best impression of a prince and a princess – she’s counting on you!

Also, remember to leave a personalized message at the end of the recording that reminds her of your love for her.

So sweet!

How To Deliver A Romantic Short Story For Your Girlfriend Final Thoughts

In the realm of romantic gestures, the delivery is as crucial as the content itself. Imagine presenting a beautifully wrapped gift with a lackluster expression or sending a heartfelt message through a fog of indifference. The impact diminishes, doesn’t it? So it is with romantic short stories.

They’re not merely stories; they’re tokens of your affection, carefully crafted to ignite her heart. By setting the stage, whether through a nighttime surprise, a trail of post-it notes, a personalized video, or an enchanting audio rendition, you infuse each word with the essence of your love.

These gestures go beyond communication; they become acts of devotion, leaving her dreaming of princes and happy endings. So, dear romantics, remember: the story is but a vessel. It’s your delivery that transforms it into magic.

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