Leaves are falling off the trees, you’re feeling colder (brr!), and the nights are getting longer. This can only mean one thing - it’s the Fall and Halloween is literally around the corner, ready to scare us all to death!

Looking to spice up your relationship with some Happy Halloween text messages? We’ve got you covered with some awesomely devilish texts to send this October that will cast such a spell over your lover that they’ll do anything you want.

Halloween is second only to Christmas when it comes to the calendar’s best holidays (move aside, Easter). It’s the one time of the year where you can make out with a zombie, go to parties dressed as a sexy feline, and watch five gory movies in one night without getting accused of being a total psycho!

Happy Halloween Text Messages Help You Get Closer

Halloween is also the perfect opportunity to get closer to your crush/partner/spouse with some inventive Happy Hallow text messages that are sprinkled with a bit of naughty black magic. And what better way to set the tone than with a fiendishly sexy text message? Let’s take a look at a few Happy Halloween text messages to send this year!

“I’m not even joking. A REAL zombie is chasing after me. I need help. Can I come to your place to hide out so we can survive the zombie apocalypse together?”

Be Playful

As far as Happy Halloween text messages go, this is one of the most playful and imaginative we can come up with.

It’s essentially role play. You’re out on the streets, and you’re scared because a zombie apocalypse is going on right now.

The only way out you see is by taking refuge in your lover’s bedroom. Are they going to take pity on you and rescue you?

Hide Out

If it’s anything like the movies, the two of you will hide out, make out and enjoy a raunchy ending.

“I’ve got some seriously wicked plans for you tonight. Are you brave enough to come over and find out what they are?”

It’s Halloween and you’ve got some scary plans in store for your partner. But are they going to be brave enough to come and find out for themselves what they are?!

Of course they are!

Happy Halloween Text Messages Help You Escape The Mundane

Halloween is your chance to skip the usual, lame, generic “wanna come over for dinner?” text.

Instead, it’s your opportunity to really get them in the mood for some hauntingly hot fun. So use it! Send them some Happy Halloween text messages telling them you’ve got something wicked in store for them. But to find out, they need the courage to knock on your door first…

“The kids are going trick-or-treating at seven and won’t be back until nine …”

Enjoy Your Freedom

Got kids? This is pretty much the only time of the year when you know for sure they’ll be out and about all evening.

And while they’re busy spooking out the neighbors, your lover could come over and make YOU howl at the moon.

We like this text because it’s also frighteningly risky. Imagine if the kids were to return early to find you two acting like a pair of vampires on the sofa …

“I wanna dress up as a ghost tonight. Which means I’ll be slipping into my sheets …”

Get Naughty

Naughty Happy Halloween text messages subtly and entertainingly invites your lover over for a night of frights and bites.

Being romantic (and a bit naughty) on Halloween is all about using your imagination and making the most of what the holiday is about. We love this text because it’s clever, a tiny bit corny (but who cares?!) and fantastic fun.

Plus, by mentioning the sheets you’re letting your lover know exactly what you want.

“Happy Halloween! You can come over tonight, but only if you dare. I mean, the last time a lover came over on Halloween, they never got out alive …”

The idea that your lover isn’t going to escape alive tonight? Sexy.

Get In The Mood

Text this one on Halloween to really get your lover in the mood for some playful, witching hour shenanigans.

“Halloween freaks me out so much lol. Come over and be my vampire slayer?”

Happy Halloween Text Messages To Help Set The Stage

Fancy playing the damsel in distress this Halloween who needs her own vampire slayer, zombie smasher and clown chaser to come over and protect her? Send this text to your hero to let him know that you’re up for an evening of cuddles, fun, snacks … and maybe something more.

He’ll love it!

“Happy Halloween! Forget all those parties – my dungeon is waiting for you.”

Yup, it’s Halloween and they’ve probably got tentative plans. They’ve been invited to parties, to the cinema and to movie marathons.

Maybe their neighbors have even invited them to go trick or treating with all the kids.

But you know what? You’ve got your dungeon, your candles and your whip.

We think there is only one choice here.

Ready to get naughty this October 31st? Send these playful Happy Halloween text messages and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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