Christmas is the most romantic of seasons. And whenever you’re not with your partner in person, nothing lets them know you’re thinking of them this festive season better than a Christmas text. It can be flirty, it can be funny and it can be romantic. But what says “I love you” better than simply writing “I love you”?

In this festive guide, we’ll be taking a look at some romantic Christmas text messages for your partner that even Santa and his elves would struggle to come up with.

Whether you’re looking to text your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or someone you’ve just started dating, we’ve got something for everyone in our sack.

Romantic Christmas Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

So, you found the perfect present, bought a cute Christmas dress and are ready for the mistletoe. Don’t forget to add an extra layer of warmth to the celebrations by sending a thoughtful Christmas text.

From sweet and simple messages that convey appreciation to flirty and playful notes that add a dash of romance, these texts are designed to make your boyfriend feel truly special.

So, as you embrace the magic of Christmas, take a moment to share your love with the one who makes your heart skip a beat.


“Merry Christmas to the best boyfriend in the whole world!”

Sometimes, you just need to keep things simple while reminding him that he’s the absolute best.

“Just hung up some mistletoe …”

Send him this naughty treat if you want to spice things up this Christmas.

“What do you want for Christmas? Sexy ideas get special precedence.”

This is another flirty text if you want to get your boyfriend in the mood for some loving.

“What does Christmas look like for me? Lots of warm, cozy nights cuddling you in front of the fire.”

Let him know what the perfect Christmas is for you.

“Santa literally couldn’t have delivered me a better gift than you.”

Yeah, he’s amazing, isn’t he? Let him know!

Romantic Christmas Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

As the holiday season wraps us in its festive embrace, what better way to celebrate than by sending romantic Christmas text messages to your girlfriend? These messages blend love, humor, and a touch of flirtation, making her feel extra special during this magical time of the year.

Whether you’re expressing your deep affection, playfully teasing about Santa’s naughty list, or promising her the best Christmas ever, these texts are designed to warm her heart and create cherished memories.

So, spread the holiday cheer and love with these sweet and spirited messages for the one who makes your Christmas extra merry and bright!


“Christmas is a time for love and I just wanted to send this to remind you that I love you loads.”

Aww. Way to make her feel extra special this Christmas!

“We don’t need to put an angel on the tree this year btw. One angel in my life is all I need.”

This one is a little cheesy and sugary sweet. But if you think she’ll love this kind of thing, go for it.

“Just seen Santa’s list. I’m afraid you’re on the naughty list. What shall we do about that?”

Yesss! If you wanna get your girl hot and bothered this year, send your girl this text.

“I just hope Santa doesn’t catch us at it.”

Flirty and funny? I mean, who’d want Santa to tumble down the chimney without warning? Deeply inappropriate, duh.

“This is going to be the best Christmas ever.”

All girls love Christmas so make sure she knows it’s going to be amazing this year with you. Pro tip: If you say it’s going to be amazing, make sure it actually is.

Romantic Christmas Texts to Send Your Wife

Is your wife always surprising you with little treats and tokens of love? How about treating her to something special?

Whether you’re showing appreciation for her or playfully teasing about Santa’s shortcomings, these messages are designed to make your wife feel like the star she is.

So, as you navigate the holiday hustle, take a moment to share your love and appreciation for the woman who makes every Christmas magical.


“For as long you’re my wife, you’ll always be my favorite Christmas present.”

This. This is the text.

“Christmas was made for a man to spend quality time with his wife. I love you.”

Take time off work, lock the doors and cozy up with the woman of your life this year.

“Santa can have all the elves and sleighs that he wants but he’ll never have a woman like you.”

Yep, forget lists and men in red suits – your wife is all you need!

“When I married you, I thought about how amazing it was going to be to spend every Christmas after with you.”

Surely we all picture Christmas with our partner whenever we first get engaged? It’s the best!

“Every Christmas I get to unwrap the hottest wife on the planet.”


Christmas Texts to Send Your Husband

Even if he pretends to be the Grinch, he’ll secretly love a playful, flirty Christmas text.

These messages strike the perfect balance between humor and sweetness.

Whether you’re teasing about sexy stockings, sharing the excitement of Christmas preparations, or letting him know how happy he makes you, these texts will brighten his day.


“Who needs a Christmas stocking … when you can have your wife in sexy stockings?;)”

Award for Sexiest Wife at Christmas 2023 goes to … you!

“Christmas movies – check. Christmas dinner ingredients – check. Hot husband coming home from work early to see his wife? Double check.”

This is the only list you’ll need this year, let’s face facts.

“I still get as excited on Christmas Eve as I did when I was a kid. And it’s all because of you.”

Sometimes, sweet and thoughtful is the way to go at Christmas.

“I don’t care if our tree is real or fake. All I care about is that we have a love that is as real as it gets.”

Damn, we’re floored.

Christmas Texts to Send Someone You Just Started Dating

Struggling with what to send someone you don’t know very well (yet)! Well. we’ve got you covered with a few creative ideas!

Sending Christmas texts to someone you’ve just started dating can be both exciting and a bit tricky. Striking the right balance between warmth and casualness is key.

These creative ideas are cute without being overwhelming. From letting them know you’re excited to see them again to playfully suggesting post-Christmas drinks, these messages add a festive touch to your budding connection.


“I hope you have the best time with your family at Christmas! And I can’t wait to see you again soon.”

Yeah, you’re gonna miss them at Christmas. But make sure to let them know you want them to have an AMAZING time before you guys get together again.

“Post-Christmas drinks to find out how amazing/awful/absolutely bonkers each other’s Christmas was?”

Yes please.

“Honestly, I would love to unwrap you on Christmas morning.”

If the two of you are already there (you know what we mean), feel free to send this flirty text.

“Gotta tell you, I’m 99% certain that I’m on Santa’s naughty list. If you’re okay with that, let’s meet-up again soon.”

The best people are always on the naughty list. Real talk.

“Really excited to see more of you next year!”

If you’ve got a good feeling about where this is heading, this text lets them know exactly how you’re feeling about things.

Still not sure what to send? Check out these Christmas text ideas for those starting a new relationship.

Christmas Text Messages to Send Your Long Distance Partner

So, you’ve sent a snail mail surprise, sent photos of your Christmas decorations and maybe even booked a New Years ticket to see them? Don’t forget to send them a special Christmas text message. It is a great way to help bridge the gap between the miles that separate you.

From playfully teasing Santa’s unfair advantage in seeing them more to letting them know how much they mean to you, these texts infuse humor and love into the challenges of a long-distance relationship.


“Hardly fair that Santa gets to see more of you than I do this Christmas.”

Yeah, he’s annoying, isn’t he?

“If I could steal one of Santa’s sleighs and a whole troop of his elves, I totally would come and fly over to your place.”

You’ve gotta break the rules a bit for love.

“I promise this will be the last Christmas we spend apart.”

Only send this if you feel sure that next year you’ll be together on Christmas Day.

“It kills me that we won’t see each other at Christmas. But my spirit is eternally brightened by you being in my life.”

You don’t wanna focus on the negative side of a long-distance relationship too much. Let them know what, while it sucks, you’re still so appreciative of them being in your life.

“You + me on a video call over Christmas? Drinks optional. Santa hats and lots of crying probably mandatory.”

A Christmas video call is sooooo romantic. But yeah, you might need tissues when one of you says “I love you and wish you were here.”

Romantic Christmas Text Messages Final Thoughts

These are some romantic Christmas text messages you can send your partner this year. We’ve pretty much covered everyone, including those already married and those having to deal with a long-distance relationship, as well as negotiating the minefield that is knowing what to text someone you’ve just started dating.

Looking for more Christmas cheer? Check out these tips on how to wish someone a very Merry Christmas.

Got any ideas of your own? Leave a comment below. And before you ask, no AI was used in the creation of this article. Who needs AI when you’ve got elves, huh?


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