Christmas is a time to see the people who mean the most to us, such as our family and our friends. Sometimes, though, you might not be able to squeeze everyone in. It happens. After all, you’re not quite Santa!

If this is the case for you, the next best thing is to use Christmas text messages for family and friends that let the people closest to you know how much they mean to you.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the sweetest and funniest Christmas texts for family and friends to ramp up the festive season. In our hamper there’ll be texts to send to your family, your best friends, as well as people who you love but haven’t seen for a while. Remember, words are powerful…and a simple Merry Christmas text can really make someone’s day.

Christmas Texts for Family

What’s better than hot eggnog? How about texting your love to your family and creating a new heartwarming tradition? These messages strike the perfect balance between simplicity and sweetness, offering a touch of humor and a dash of sentiment to convey your heartfelt feelings.

Whether you’re sending warm wishes to your parents, telling your brother or sister how much you appreciate them, or playfully teasing your grandparents, don’t forget to send some love this holiday season.

“Merry Christmas to the best mom and dad I could ever wish for.”

Sometimes, you have to keep it simple but sweet.

“Christmas always reminds me of how much I appreciate you guys. I hope you have the best time this year and can’t wait to see you soon.”

Let your family know how much you appreciate them.

“Merry Christmas to the best sister/brother in the world. Looking forward to fighting over the prizes in crackers and who gets the last slice of turkey!!”

Keep it lighthearted and warm when sending texts to your siblings!

“I hope all your wishes come true this Christmas. I wouldn’t be what I am without a family like you.”

Way to make your entire family cry at Christmas time, huh.

“Merry Christmas to my amazing grandparents! I trust you’ll be joining me in unwrapping the presents at 6am?!”

Tease your grandparents with this hilarious text – they’ll love it!

Christmas Texts to Send to Your Best Friends

Spreading Christmas cheer to your best friends through thoughtful and playful texts is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. These messages are crafted to convey warmth, gratitude, and a touch of humor, reflecting the unique bond you share with your closest pals.

Whether you’re texting heartfelt wishes, inviting them to join in festive shenanigans, or playfully joking about gift-giving, these texts will make your best friends feel special during this magical time of the year.

“Merry Christmas to my dear friend. May this festive season grant you all your wishes and bring you joy, happiness and health for you and yours.”

If you love your friend dearly, send them this warm-hearted text.

“You mean so much to me that if Santa had only one gift left in his sack, I’d let you have it 😉 Merry Christmas, bestie!”

Look at you, spreading the Christmas joy!

“Your friendship is the greatest gift I ever got, and Christmas always reminds me of how much I appreciate you.”

Let them know that their friendship hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Happy Christmas! Are you ready to drink and be merry with me?! Santa outfits are mandatory (joking but not joking).”

Invite your best friend out for some festive shenanigans this Christmas!

“I thought maybe I wouldn’t get you a Christmas gift this year because – let’s face it – you’ve already got me!”

You’re the best gift ever, ever, ever, right?

“Can’t wait for some filthy Christmas fun with you this year!”

Planning something seriously out-there with your best friend this Christmas? Get them excited!

“Christmas won’t know what’s hit it when we’re in town!”

Too true.

“Please don’t overeat on Christmas Day. I need you to save me this festive season!!”

Calling out an SOS to your best friend not to go missing during the post-Christmas festivities.

“A Christmas toast to my best friend, who’s always got my back and who knows I’ve always got their back. Here’s to the best Christmas ever with lots of food, drinking and special moments.”

Here, here.

Christmas Texts to Send to Your Close Friends

It’s easy to get caught in the holiday hustle, but sending  Christmas texts to your close friends is a wonderful way to let them know you appreciate their friendship and hold them close to your heart.

These messages are filled with heartfelt sentiments, gratitude, and a touch of humor, capturing the unique connection you share with your closest pals.

Whether you’re expressing excitement for the year ahead, sending love to their families, or playfully joking about being on the naughty list together, these texts aim to make your friends feel special, because friends are family, right?

“Merry Christmas, you! I love how much our friendship has grown this year and I’m super excited for next year to see what we get up to!”

Christmas is the perfect time to tell your close friends how you really feel about your friendship.

“Hey, I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas this year! Lots of love and best wishes.”

A simple Christmas text like this can be so powerful.

“I’m so glad we met, you’re one of my closest friends! Lots of love this Christmas – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!!”

Naturally, you want your mates to have a great Christmas without going too crazy.

“Merry Christmas! … Even if you’re literally the reason I’m on the naughty list this year lol.”

Yep – it’s all your friends fault!

“Christmas is all about spreading joy, love – and overeating until we’re ill! And I wouldn’t want it any other way when it comes to who my mates are!!”

Send this text to a few of your close friends so that they all understand how much they mean to you.

“Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours. Unfortunately, this text is all I got you. I’M KIDDING. But seriously – love the fact that we’re friends, your friendship really means a lot to me.”

If you want to send a Christmas text that’s both heartfelt and funny, try this one.

“Hey, just wanted to say thank you for being there for me when I needed you this year. You’re really one of a kind. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a well-deserved rest during the holidays.”

Got a close friend who went the extra yard for you this year? Send them this festive text.

Christmas Text Messages for Family and Friends You’ve Not Spoken to in a While

As the holiday season approaches, Christmas texts for family and friends you’ve not spoken to in a while is a thoughtful way to reconnect. These messages help to bridge the gap and open the door to future “get-togethers”.

Whether you’re extending an invitation for drinks in the new year, expressing genuine interest in their well-being, or playfully acknowledging the time that has passed, these texts help rekindle connections and spread the festive spirit.

“Hey you! It’s been a while! I hope you have an awesome Christmas. Drinks in the new year?”

A good idea might be to send a Christmas text that comes complete with an invitation to meet up soon.

“I miss you! Merry Christmas to you and yours! How are you doing?”

Let them know that you miss them and start a conversation

“I literally hate that we’ve barely spoken this year! But I wanted to send this text to wish a Merry Christmas. Let’s catch up soon!”

Make sure they know that you’d love to see them more often.

“Hey stranger – got any cool plans for Christmas? Can’t wait to see your face next year!”

This is a funky little text that combines humor with an interesting question, while also letting them know that you’re excited to see them again.

“Boo! I know we don’t see each other as much as we used to but Christmas always makes me think of you. All the best to you and your family.”

This is a really sweet text you could send to someone you used to be close to but who you’ve grown a little apart from in recent years.…

Christmas Text Messages for Family and Friends Final Thoughts

These are some fab Christmas text messages for family and friends this year. Feel free to send them exactly as they are or use them as inspiration to come up with your own.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t be afraid to sprinkle your Christmas text messages for family and friends with some seasonal emojis and GIFs (although try to keep things at least a little bit appropriate. It’s Christmas, after all.

Looking for more message ideas? check out these festive holiday messages.

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