Instead of making her angry, make her excited to see you again. Start sending flirty text messages and instantly become more attractive. Take a second to read these 4 tips before you hit send.

Ask your buddies for tips to attract women, and you’ll probably hear the same old advice over and over again: “Be aggressive. Be blunt. If you think she’s playing hard to get, she probably is.” However in real life, overly aggressive behavior will push women away, especially when texting.

Tips To Attract Women The Right Way

So, leave your muscle shirts, pointy shoes, name brand jeans and aviator shades in your closet and get ready to hone your seduction skills. Below is a collection of texting tips that will transform you into Mr. Attractive.

1. Keep Your Anger In Check…Women Run Away From Potentially Violent Men

As you probably already know, sending an angry or desperate text is often a huge mistake. Unfortunately, it’s still a common mistake that can easily pop up after a few drinks. Just don’t let it happen to you. One of these text bombs instantly destroys any attraction that was slowly building up. Here are a few examples of texting tips to attract women that will help you get your point across.

Example 1
Message: “Why haven’t you been texting me? Is there someone else?”

Why not to send it: You’ll come across as clingy and jealous.

What you could say instead: “How’s everything going? Been eaten by bears?”

Example 2
Message: “Really?”

Why not to send it: She’ll be angered by your passive-aggressiveness, and won’t be sympathetic toward your feelings.

What you could say instead: “How about a coffee and a chat? I think we need to clear the air”

Example 3
Message 1: “Who’s there?”

2: “What bar are you at?”

3: “I sent my last text 10 minutes ago. Why didn’t you answer?”

Why not to send it: Asking about her plans show’s you’re interested in her life, but you should have this conversation BEFORE she’s out partying. Badgering her with questions as her night progresses will make her feel as if you don’t trust her and it’s a surefire way to guarantee a fight once she gets home.

What you could say instead: “Have fun and please get drunk enough to text me some sexy selfies later…”

2. Don’t Bore The Poor Girl To Death, Get Your Flirt On!

One of the old stand by tips to attract women in real life is to show case your intelligence. Well, the same principle applies to texting. Intelligent text flirting is always attractive. Just make sure to respect your partner’s comfort level, and write your texts based on where you are in your relationship.

Example 1
Message: “Was thinking about you a lot today. Help me stop. Let’s meet at 9 😉 ”

Why to send it: Women love to know that they’re being thought about, especially by interesting men. Let her know she’s been on your mind while being straight-forward and asking her out.

Example 2
Message: “You’re beautiful AND hilarious! I want to discover more…”

“I can’t wait to see you, touch you and kiss you.”

Why to send it: Being romantic and reminding your partner that you think she’s pretty amazing is a great way to stay bonded, both emotionally and physically (so of course I had to include it on my list of best tips to attract women :-).

Example 3
Message: “You know that body wash you love? Just bought some. Let’s take a nice, long shower together tonight.”

Why to send it: After you’ve been intimate for a while, cranking it up a notch makes your partner feel desired (assuming she’s into it) and keeps text exchanges from becoming boring.

3. Being Self Absorbed Is A Major Turn Off, Instead Focus On Her Interests

Nothing’s more awkward when chatting with someone face-to-face than monopolizing the conversation with subjects that only interest you, and texting is no different. So avoid the “me, me, me” type of texts and spend some time researching her interests.

For example, did she wear a particular sports jersey the first time you met her? Has she ever talked about a specific author or book series she can’t get enough of? Is she addicted to travel? Is fashion her thing? Animals? Volunteering? Pickle Ball????

Topics don’t have to be narrow; you can play it safe by asking if she has any good book recommendations (if she’s a librarian), tell her about a cute dog you saw on the way to work (if she loves volunteering at the animal shelter), or make plans to head to a gallery opening together (if she loves to paint).

Showing her that you are interested in what interests her is very attractive, and great text conversation topic ammo.

4. Women Want A Classy Guy, Don’t be Crass

Never text anyone you’re interested in dating raunchy humor or jokes about bodily functions. Once again, it’s common sense, but unfortunately I’ve still experienced it first hand. Making a woman feel uncomfortable is an instant way to be viewed as unattractive, no matter how suave you think are.

While you’re at it, also avoid these sensitive topics:

– Other women’s bodies (whether positive or negative)
– Intrusive questions about her friends or family members
– Negative topics such as: Insults, Offensive religious, racial, or political humor
– Your ex or her ex
– Mundane daily work issues

Up your text game, and start applying these simple tips to attract women today! Remember, when in doubt, relax, and be true to yourself. Confidence is always sexy.

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Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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  1. I’m in love with a girl that showed me how much she love me when the relationship first started. But now things she do then she no longer do them again. Things like calling me up anytime. We talk almost at an interval of an hour. She pours out her mind to me. No matter how small a problem she encounter she will let me know. Any worries of hers I’m always the first to know. But now I don’t get all these again. There’s nothing she ask of me that I don’t do cos I really love her. I’m an emotional guy and these things bring my spirit down. I’m down for like four days now as this affect almost everything about me. Sometimes I just think I’m been treated like a casual friend. I don’t want to think she’s tired of me already. I’m scared of losing her. It will be a big downcast. Please I need an advice on this.

    1. Hi Prince,
      I’m sorry to hear that you are hurting. If I was in your position, I would try and meet her face to face and then have an open conversation with her. Ask her if everything is OK in her life, maybe she has problems at work, with her family, health…Let her know that you appreciate her and that you miss the closeness you once had. Watch her reaction and you will know if she has moved on, needs your help or if there is a future for you as a couple. Please send me an email if I can help you with anything. Good luck.
      Bisous x

  2. i just met a girl where i have ma lessons ,we were attracted to each other so we became close but for some months i havent heard from her and am to occupied with ma work i dont have chance to check on her ..pls could tell me what to do.. says:

    my name is silver

    1. Hi Silver,
      It’s really nice to hear from you! I would send her a sweet “thinking of you” style message. For example, “Just thinking about how much I love your laugh…how are you doing? :)” When she replies, I would try and schedule a face to face meeting with her and you can tell her about work, etc in person.

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