Impressing that special someone has never been so important, nor has it ever required quite so much effort. Once upon a time a love note slipped into your sweetheart’s locker would suffice, but today’s cut-throat modern dating scene demands a far more sophisticated and considered approach. This is especially true with virtual communication: texting, online messaging and social media.

Want to know how to impress your crush? Start by aligning your personal brand with the way you text.

Did you know that you had a personal brand? Yes, no, maybe so?

Well you do. We all do! And those in the know use theirs to their advantage.

But what is a personal brand?

Product brands like Fanta, Nike and Apple are carefully created, personal brands generally aren’t. Very few people outside of the public eye sit down to consciously and meticulously manufacture their own personal brand. Before reading this article you may have never even considered such a thing, so you can’t have created it!

Sounds awesome, right? Your very own personal brand!

“Look at me, mom! Look at my personal brand!”

Everything you do is a part of your personal brand: the way you dress, the people you hang out with, your hobbies, your values, even the kind of beer you drink.

Basically, the way you present yourself to the world – this is your brand. Because it’s so consistent, everybody recognizes it. Your friends and family know you inside and out. They know your patterns of behavior, your cues, the way you talk to people, the way you laugh, get sad, drink your coffee and even the type of partners you date.

Some personal brands are more easily recognizable than others. For example, a vegan hipster has their own unique, instantly identifiable brand. They care about the welfare of animals, the planet, and they don’t conform to fashion norms. They are free-thinkers, and this is their personal brand. They’re not going to get caught doing something that compromises this brand, because why on earth would they? That’s not who they are!

You and I are the same. We do things that are consistent with our branding.

Well, up to a point, anyway…

How To Impress Your Crush By Harnessing The Power Of Virtual You

See, presenting our personal brand to people in the real world is one thing, but presenting our personal brand via the world of texting is often a bit trickier.

How often are you really yourself when you text other people? Your new crush, say? Do you demonstrate your personal brand? Or do you try hard to present a heavily edited, modified and perhaps even evolved version of your brand?

The problem with this is that we often end up presenting a half-baked, discounted version of ourselves. During the process of transferring our personality into digital communication, some things get lost along the way.

The trouble with texting is that you don’t get too many chances to impress someone, especially a potential love interest. And because we’re often distracted by trying to look awesome, we forget who we really are and instead come across as odd, inauthentic and unbelievable. This can easily destroy any chance of a long-term relationship.

To help you match your texting to your personal brand and learn how to impress your crush from afar, here are some things to consider.

Text What You Would Say In Real Life

If there is something you wouldn’t say in real life, why on earth say it in a text?

Unfortunately, this is something we all do too often. When chatting with someone face-to-face, there is a greater risk for both parties. The chances of rejection and commitment are higher.

So what happens?

We don’t take as many risks. We hold back. We’re careful to act like ourselves.

With texting, there is a bit more freedom, and it’s easier to roll the dice and see what happens. The veil of anonymity can easily get us into trouble.

My number one rule when texting is to never say something I wouldn’t say to someone in real life. It saves me a LOT of hassle (when I follow my own rule…).

Avoid being loose-tongued (or thumbed).

Text What Is Important To You

It sounds simple enough, but how often do we shy away from saying something that’s important to us when we’re texting? For instance, if you are busy at work, let your partner know. Don’t answer with one letter responses or angry texts.

Being honest and speaking your mind scores you lots of credibility brownie points. The recipient will get a better gauge of who you are and what matters to you, and this will bring you both closer together. Being honest enough to discuss things that are important to you ensures you never lose sight of who you really are. Your ethics and values don’t just vanish into thin air because you’re on the phone. They should always be there.

How To Impress Your Crush By Being Polite

I’m hearing lots of people talk about being “ghosted” at the moment. Ghosting is basically what happens when someone you’ve been talking to quite a lot suddenly goes quiet. So instead of responding within five minutes, they respond within the week…if they respond at all.

Sometimes, there is no malicious reason for a delayed text response. A person might simply have gotten busy and forgotten to reply, or maybe they are just a scatter brain.

If you’re a polite person in real life who doesn’t leave people hanging, you should apply the same principles when texting. If you know it’s going to be a while before you can reply to a text, send a short message explaining that you’ll get back to them soon. It’ll be appreciated, and it’ll be consistent with who you are as a person in real life.

Staying true to your personal brand in all forms of communications makes you seem genuine and a safe bet. That is how to impress your crush.


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