Texting is a fun and powerful way to communicate and strengthen the bond that you share with your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. However, sometimes texting goes too far. When this happens, the fun disappears, and your Inbox suddently becomes eerily silent.

Have you ever wondered why a certain someone has completely stopped answering your texts? The answer could be a lot more simple than you think. Read on to discover some helpful text flirting tips that could prevent you from offending your special someone, or even worse, hurting yourself.

Text Flirting Tips To Preserve Your Health

Texting while occupied is very dangerous. Put your safety first:
– Never text while driving. Distracted drivers injure and kill thousands of people every year.
– Don’t text while walking alongside a busy road or crossing a street.
– Avoid texting while doing sports is also an almost certain recipe for disaster. Pull your bike over to the side of the road before flipping open your phone.

A good rule of thumb is to stop moving before you start texting. Why? Because it’s important to remember how engaging texting can be. Texting, especially long conversations, can quickly make you unaware of your surroundings. Muggers and other attackers see texters as easy targets. On the less dangerous side, it’s easy to miss a taxi, bus, train, or plane when you’re too engrossed in your phone. Never let texting become a hazard to yourself or others.

Drunk Texting

Texting while inebriated is easy to do when you’re out partying and usually falls into one of two categories:

1. You text someone that you would normally text, however, you write something that you’d probably not write if you were sober. These texts can range from amusing to annoying depending on your “state,” and can be very embarrassing.

2. The second type of drunk texting is targeted at people you normally wouldn’t text, such as your ex-boyfriend, a recent hook up or a new crush. Just like the first type, these also lead to embarrassment, and only do harm.

When you’re out drinking with your friends, make sure that you think twice before whipping out your phone and drunk texting. As a general rule, when you’re out having fun, focus on the people you’re spending time with, not your phone. If you can’t seem to stop yourself, try turning off your phone or giving it to a trusted friend for the night.

Letting In An Audience

Most people text in public. It’s not uncommon to see a co-worker firing off a text while on their coffee break or before a meeting. Sometimes, it’s impossible NOT to catch a couple words that appear on their screen. People are naturally curious. Think of your text conversation as a face-to-face conversation, and consider whether you’d like anyone to overhear what you’re saying.

Keep this in mind for the recipient of your message, too. Think before you send a text with embarrassing or sensitive information. The person you’re texting could be sitting next to one of your friends, co-workers, or even your boss. Before sending anything racy — especially photographs — it’s a good idea to make sure that both of you have privacy.

Being Too Trusting

There’s something about writing or typing words that makes people more open. Don’t fall into this trap. With every message you send, stop and think about how damaging it could be if the text was shown to another person.

Wait to develop a trustworthy and mutually respectful relationship with the person before sending anything you’re unsure of. The Inbox and Sent folders contain valuable, highly accessible digital records that stick around for years. When in doubt, save your thoughts for the next time you speak to the person, rather than texting something potentially harmful.

I Sent It To Who?!

Texting mistakes

Sending a text message to the wrong person is an easy thing to do. A contact list can have multiple entries for a single first name. Similar names can be placed on top of each other, and sometimes numbers are simply entered incorrectly. One of the best texting tips to avoid these embarrassing situations is to carefully enter each contact with a first and last name.

Damage Control

Double-check the “To” or “Recipient” entry before sending the message. If you aren’t sure that you have the right number, send a banal “test” text before sending anything too personal.Dealing with the damage after texting the wrong person depends on what you sent. Something innocent or trivial such as “We’re meeting by the water fountain in fifteen minutes” really only requires a quick explanation or apology. More sensitive information like “Sheila and Jack are breaking up” may warrant a longer message, an email, or a personal conversation, especially when other parties are concerned.

Major Announcements

Even though texting has become a part of nearly everyone’s daily lives, there are still some life events that require a phone call, an email, or a face to face conversation. There are some serious topics are inappropriate to discuss via text, such as: announcing pregnancies, engagements, divorces, break-ups, and deaths. Most of the time, doing so will make these events seem trivial. Most poeple would probably rather hear this type of information from you in person.

Upsetting Events

Randomly bringing up a traumatic, or painful event from the past without any warning is known as triggering. Never start a text conversation with a comment that’s likely to trigger negative emotions, such as, “I was thinking about Maria’s car accident and how horrible her injuries were,” or “ I don’t feel close to you any more” without a greeting, warning, or putting your comments in context. Subjects like this should only be discussed over text when the recipient is clearly prepared to talk about it via this medium. It’s also important to make sure that they are in a comfortable location, for example, not out on date with their new dream partner.

Text Flirting Tips For Insensitive Jokes

When joking, stay away from sexist, racist, or religious-based jokes. There’s a good chance your recipient won’t find them funny. Jokes are tricky, as they could even be considered harassment, especially when sent to someone that you are just getting to know. If you have a weakness for off-color humor, save it for when you’re chatting face-to-face, or when you’re absolutely sure the recipient will appreciate your brand of wit. Remember, the objective of your texts is to make a good impression, not get you sent to the “block” list.

If you are interested in learning more about the pitfalls to avoid, and some of the secrets that can turn masterful texting into a weapon of seduction, then check out my eBook French Seduction Made Easy. Use these text flirting tips to capture their interest, and keep it, by crafting texts that make you stand out from the crowd – in a good way.

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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