Hey Romeo. Wanna know what girls find attractive? Want to become catnip to all the women at your college or work? We all do. Once you know exactly what a girl finds attractive, you can start turning the charm dial to overdrive. Instead of doing the things that turn her off, you'll be doing the things that turn her on. Magic! Here in this article, we're gonna give you the lowdown on what girls find attractive so that you can enjoy much more success with the ladies.

We’ve all heard the classic line that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Because of this, getting inside a girl’s head and knowing what girls find attractive is difficult.

Difficult, but not impossible. If you do the right things, girls WILL respond. They’ll start to flirt, text back, and take you up on your offer of a date.

Do You Know What Girls Find Attractive?

Some guys are born charmers. They’ve known what girls want ever since they were, like, five years old. You know the type – kissing girls under the table before the teacher arrives. Player.

Not all guys are so lucky. Some have made mistake after mistake as they chase the girls, always losing out to someone else.

Losing to guys they KNOW aren’t as handsome or as witty or as smart as they are.

What does he have that they don’t?

Why are the girls choosing him and not them?

It’s because he knows what girls find attractive.

A lot of guys are doing the wrong things, and committing rookie errors all the time. They’re being too shy and vague instead of upfront and honest.

I’ll level with you. What girls find attractive IS a big secret.But the good news is that in this article I’m going to share with you the top things girls find attractive so you become irresistible to the women, Let’s take a look:

Girls Really Love Confidence

What girls find attractive? Confidence. If you’ve got confidence, you’ve automatically grabbed their attention.

Confidence is one of the biggest reasons why guys who aren’t obviously handsome end up with amazing girlfriends. It’s king. It’s what all girls find fascinating. It’s impossible for us to resist.

You Can Learn To Be More Confident

Confidence isn’t handed out by God at birth but it’s something we can all have! And even if you don’t have it, guess what? You can learn it like anything else.

And learn you should. Because if you keep whining that “I’m just not a confident person,” you’ll struggle to get the girl you want.

Girls don’t find it attractive when you can’t get to the point because you lack confidence. Picture the scenario: you want to ask her out, but because you are afraid to make a move, you take her out for dinner twenty times and still insist you’re both just good friends.

That’s not going to work…

So What Are The Tricks?

There are little tricks you can do to boost your confidence. You could start by wearing clothes that fit you. You could also groom yourself so that you feel that you look better than you’ve ever looked before.

You could start to think more positively, start standing up straight and speaking clearly, and with more passion.

Building self-awareness can also help improve your confidence. What does this mean? It translates into understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and values. Identify the aspects of yourself that you appreciate and those you would like to improve. Knowing yourself better will help you feel more comfortable and authentic when interacting with women.

Once you have done an internal laundry list, work on self-improvement. Focus on building a fulfilling and balanced life. Engage in activities you enjoy, pursue personal goals, and develop your own interests and passions. This will enhance your overall self-esteem and make you more attractive to others, including women.

Another great way to improve your confidence is to overcome your fear of rejection. It’s important to understand that rejection is a natural part of life and dating. Rather than fearing rejection, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember that rejection is not a reflection of your self-worth but rather a compatibility mismatch or personal preference.

Still not sure how to be confident? Watch movies. Watch how confident guys in movies act around women. They are your role models. Adopt their quirks, habits, phrases and body language.

Improve Your Sense of Humor

I once had a friend who told me that girls aren’t meant to be funny. Guys, however? Guys need to be funny.

I don’t think she is entirely right. But, guys who make girls howl with laughter are usually seen as pretty attractive. This type of guy can lift our spirits when we’re having a bad day. He can lighten a tense situation, and ease any feelings of anxiety on first dates with his humor.

Make Her Giggle

You probably already know this, but girls just LOVE to laugh. I mean, for real. I think my favorite thing to do is laugh.

Having a great sense of humor is another reason why guys who aren’t obviously handsome attract amazing girls.  So, how can you use humor to your advantage?

Well, like most things in life, it all starts with being genuine. Authenticity is key when using humor. Be true to yourself and avoid trying to imitate someone else’s style. Develop your own unique sense of humor based on your personality and interests.

For example, start with observational humor. What is observational humor? It’s all about finding humor in everyday situations or pointing out common quirks and funny aspects of life. Two words: relatable experiences. It could be anything from the crazy traffic, non stop rain, less than stellar cover band or curious looking wings. Pick a topic that you both can relate to, and make a funny comment.

If you are a “words guy”, clever wordplay, puns, and witty remarks can be charming and show off your intelligence. They demonstrate quick thinking and set you apart from the pack.

Once again, if you need some inspiration, watch some stand up comedy, either in person or live. Read some funny books, or watch a comedy. Get yourself in a humorous mindset and let your funny side shine though.

What Girls Find Attractive is Ambition

Some guys are really into video games and watching sports – waking up late and coasting through the day.

But do you know what girls find more attractive than how good guys are at shooting zombies and knowing the latest league facts and figures?

It’s their ambition.

It’s Where You’re Going…

When you’re in your early 20’s, a girl isn’t really interested in where you’re at right now. You’re either still in school, or you’re working in a junior position. What she cares more about is where you’re headed.

Women don’t find it attractive when a guy is prepared to coast through life doing the bare minimum. It doesn’t say a lot for your future together.

Long-term Goals Count

You might think this all sounds a bit strong. “The future? Years to come? Why do I need to think about that now?”

Girls are always thinking about that. When they choose a man, they choose someone they know is going to be strong, dependable and help build something together.

Moreover, drive and ambition is just sexy, period. If you’re an achiever and a go-getter, you’re going to be pretty desirable to girls.

Guys With A Plan

To complement your ambition, you need a plan. Ambition isn’t worth a lot to her if you can’t back it up with an actionable plan.

Picture the scene. You’ve just told her you want to be an entrepreneur… but you told her while watching the NBA game, and your words are super vague.

“I wanna make a million dollars and be rich!” you enthuse.

Sounds amazing, and she was probably really taken by it. She was really excited.

Don’t Be Empty

A few days pass, though, and she realizes that you don’t have any clue as to how to become an entrepreneur. All you’ve got is an empty dream.

Girls find ambition hot, but they find it a lot hotter when it’s backed up by a concrete plan of action. This plan gives your ambition some much-needed backbone. It tells the girl you’re not some chancer who is pure talk. Instead, you’ve actually got some substance. You’re actually really determined to do something awesome in your life.

Personal Style Is Important

Style is a weird one, because obviously not everyone can afford the best suits or the latest Italian leather shoes. Nor do you need all these things to be attractive.

But if you want to be magnetic, you need to start caring some about the way you look.

No, this doesn’t mean that you have to take out a loan and buy a brand-new Armani suit. Nor does it mean you have to start wearing outlandish, eye-catching clothes and accessories (pink man-bags, anyone?).

What Girls Find Attractive…Details!

Good style means paying more attention to certain details. For Example, start buying and wearing clothes that actually fit you, instead of clothes that hang loose.

Clean up your act. Take care of your personal grooming. Take pride in your appearance.

Flick through some fashion magazines to see what’s in style. Start paying attention to what the other guys are wearing, and then decide what your personal look is.

Follow The Hipsters

Your clothes don’t have to be really expensive. You can look good in clothes that cost a few dollars. Hipsters love to shop at thrift stores, but they still manage to look effortlessly stylish and cool.

Girls love guys who own what they’re wearing.

Start Smiling!

Spent most of your life so far scowling at people? Maybe you thought it was cool to scowl, sulk and pout. Truth is, though, that what girls find attractive is a big smile.

Why? A few reasons. The biggest one is that a big, bright smile suggests confidence. It also suggests that here is a guy who is happy with his life and where he’s going. It suggests positivity and warmth, friendliness and love – all things we girls love!

Swap the scowl for a smile. It will boost your chances of meeting girls a lot.

These are what girls find attractive. Now you’ve got no excuse for not being a hit with the women!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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