Sending your special someone a well-chosen friendship SMS quote or a few lyrics from a friendship-themed song is a wonderful idea. Why? Because it demonstrates that you love much, much more than their sultry kisses – you treasure their friendship. In order to avoid having your messages come across as spam from your Aunt Josephine, take the time to package them up with some carefully applied charm. Read on for ideas and start firing them off today!

Friendship SMS quotes are a great way to change up a mundane text exchange. They are also an effective curve ball to throw in when you notice the conversation has become a little “too hot.” Remember: all sweet, or all sexy, or all funny equals all boring.

These quotes work well for relationships that are just starting off, as well as couples that have been together for ages. There are many creative ways to deliver a friendship inspired message, such as texting a quote or even lyrics to a song.

Set The Stage Before You Start Sending Friendship SMS Quotes

The key for a successful return on your “friendship investment” is supporting your message with context that gives either the quote or song lyrics some meaning. Either add an introduction to your message, or follow it up with a second text to make it more personal. A quote by itself is like an envelope with nothing in it – wasted postage.

Read on for creative message ideas that focus on showcasing the friendship aspect of your relationship.

1. Friendship SMS Quotes Examples

First up on the list is the straightforward friendship quote (that is luckily just a Google away). Remember to “show you and discuss them.” Make the quote about them as you present either a funny or sweet side of your personality.

Idea 1 – Celebrate your close bond

Introduction message: “It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have found your soul mate.”
Message 2: “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Aristotle”

Idea 2 – Prove their worth in your life

Introduction message: “A single rose can be my garden…a single friend, my world. Leo Buscaglia”
Message 2: “In case you didn’t know, you’re my world. Love you.”

Idea 3 – Communicate your appreciation for their continuous support

Introduction message: “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. Jim Morrison”
Message 2: “You’re my biggest fan – always pushing me to pursue my dreams. Your support means so much.”

2. Friendship Themed Songs For Any Situation Examples

If sending a quote doesn’t excite you, then why not break into song? A friendship themed song! If for some reason you don’t know the lyrics to these famous songs by heart (shame on you), then rest assured, Google can teach you. Just be careful…your coworkers might wonder what’s gotten into you (and what you’ve been drinking) when they find you singing “That’s What Friends are For” next to the water cooler.

Idea 1 – Show that you appreciate their support

Because You Loved Me © Celine Dion
Introduction message: “You’re so much more than just a pretty face….”
Message 2: “You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak. Celine Dion”
Message 3: “Guess you’re also friends with Celine? 🙂 Thanks for being my rock.”

Idea 2 – Lift them up when they are feeling down and out

Wind Beneath My Wings © Bette Midler
Introduction message: “I know you’re going through some rough times right now…but…”
Message 2: “Did you ever know that you’re my hero, and everything I would like to be? Bette Midler”
Message 3: “It’s true – you’re an amazing person. Stay strong.”

Idea 3 – Reassure them they are never alone, even when you’re miles apart

You’ve Got A Friend © James Taylor
Introduction message: “You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am I’ll come running to see you again. James Taylor”
Message 2: “Even when we’re miles apart, you can always count on me for anything.”

Other Song Ideas:

You’re My Best Friend © Queen
That’s What Friends are For © Dionne Warwick and Friends
My Best Friend © Weezer
Thank you for Being a Friend © Andrew Gold
Umbrella © Rihanna

3. French Touch Examples

Well, maybe you’ve already sent your partner a quote and some well-chosen lyrics to a touching song and are looking for something fresh. So, what’s next on the list? How about a little French Touch?

Complicité is a French word meaning “a special bond.” I love the way this word rolls of my tongue when I say it. But most of all I love what it represents. Below are a few French touch ideas that your partner might enjoy just as much as a nice glass of Bordeaux.

Idea 1 – Express your love for them

Introduction message: “Il y a une question dans “je t’aime” qui demande “et m’aimes-tu, toi?” Jean-Jacques Goldman”
Message 2: “There’s a question in “I love you” that asks “and you love me too?”
Message 3: “Don’t bother asking yourself that question. The answer is yes. Very much.”

Idea 2 – Remind them of your respect

Introduction message: “I love waking up next to you for so many reasons…”
Message 2: “Pour vivre à deux, il faut une énorme intelligence et une énorme complicité. Olivier de Kersauson”
Message 3: “To live together requires a lot of intelligence and a huge bond. Olivier de Kersauson”
Message 4: “Luckily we have both – you’re my best friend.”

Idea 3 – Be thankful

Introduction message: “Aimer, c’est trouver, grâce à un autre, sa vérité et aider cet autre à trouver la sienne. C’est créer une complicité passionnée. Jacques de Bourbon Busset”
Message 2: “To love is to discover truth thanks to our partner and to help them also find their truth. It’s to create a passionate bond. Jacques de Bourbon Busset”
Message 3: “I’m so thankful you are in my life and for everything you’ve given me.”

Idea 4 – Celebrate your relationship
Introduction message: “Knowing that you are always there somehow makes everything OK, even painful things.”
Message 2: “L’amitié double les joies et réduit de moitié les peines. Francis Bacon” (French Quotes)
Message 3: “Friendship doubles joys and reduces pain. Francis Bacon”

Regardless of what you choose, a quote, an excerpt from a song, or a little French flair, take the time to let your special someone know how much their friendship means to you. Romance and friendship are bedfellows – treat them both with respect.

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