Think about the last time you were interested in someone. How did you let them know? Did you go up and talk to them? Or did you wait and hope they noticed you? Most of us are too shy to tell someone to their face that we like them. But if you wait on the sideline, Mr. Mine could pass you by. So how do you let him know that you’re interested without saying it?

Flirting for women isn’t as hard as it seems. Did you know there are subtle clues that let guys know you dig them? Things you can do to let him know how you feel—without even saying a word?

I’m talking about body language.

The way we express ourselves without even trying. It’s why we cross our arms when we’re upset or furrow our brows when we’re confused.

But how do you use body language to attract your Mr. Mine? Lucky for you, it’s a lot easier than it may seem. Keep reading for my flirting for women tips on which subtle body language moves can help you find Mr. Mine in record time.

Get Him To Approach You

If you’re having trouble getting guys to approach you, you might subconsciously be sending out the wrong signals. But don’t worry, there are multiple things you can do to make yourself appear more attractive, and approachable, to men. Flirting for women doesn’t mean over doing it.


You’ve heard this a thousand times before—and for good reason! A quick smile is a sure-fire way to let a guy know you’re open to conversation. No guy wants to approach someone who looks bored or mad. So, if you see a potential Mr. Mine, flash him those pearly whites!

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is important. Holding a potential Mr. Mine’s gaze for a few seconds and then glancing away (or down) will almost guarantee an approach. When you see a potential Mr. Mine across the room: turn your head across their field of vision, then back, and then turn your head again. People are attracted to movement, so it’ll catch his attention and he’ll lock eyes with you. From there, glance away and he’ll be introducing himself in no time.

Keep Your Head Up

No guy is going to approach you if you’re buried in your phone. Be present! If you’re out at a bar, put your phone down and look around. You never know whose gaze you might catch.

Avoid Crossed Arms

Keeping your arms uncrossed is key in portraying open body language. Crossing your arms is like sending a signal to the world that you’re closed for business. It’s a posture we take on when we’re angry, annoyed, frustrated, or bored. None of which you want to portray when you’re trying to find your Mr. Mine. So, remember, keep your arms open. You never know who will fall into them.

Keep His Interest

Once you’ve made your introductions, how do you show him your interest (and keep his) throughout the conversation? Here’s a few subtle body language tips to try the next time you’re talking to a potential Mr. Mine.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is just as important once you’ve started talking as when you’re trying to get his attention. If you can’t maintain eye contact with your date, he’s going to think you’re not interested in what he’s saying, or in him for that matter. Aim to make eye contact at least 60% of the time. Any longer and you might come off a little strong.

Angle Yourself Towards Him

Did you know that feet can directly convey how someone feels? Point your feet towards your date to express interest and attraction. Angling your feet and body towards him will show him that he has your direct attention. And if you notice his are not pointed towards you? Be careful. He might not be fully invested.

Lean In

Leaning towards your date is an easy way to convey interest. You’ll show that you’re listening intently and subconsciously draw him towards you in return. It’s a great tool to use when talking to a group of people. Lean towards the one you’re interested in to subtly show them how you feel.


Since we are deep diving into flirting for women then we can’t forget one of the most natural things you can do – laugh. Laughter is an age-old flirting technique. It signifies happiness, relaxation, and comfort. Laughing at his jokes, no matter how dumb, shows him that you’re having fun and are enjoying his company. And it’ll make him feel more confident and at ease in return. While you are at it, don’t forget to keep the laughter going by engaging in some cute playful banter by text.

Mirror Him

Mirroring is a technique in which you subtly mimic the body language, gestures, or movements of your partner in order to build a positive subconscious connection. If he takes a drink, also take a drink. If he touches his face, touch your face too. But you must do it subtly—the other person should not even realize what you’re doing. Don’t rush to mirror them, but wait a moment so that it’s less noticeable.

Use The Triple Head Nod

Nodding your head three times in a row can be used to convey interest. Use the triple head nod while your potential Mr. Mine is talking, and he’ll talk up to three times more. It’ll show him that you’re listening and are enjoying the conversation. But be careful, don’t feign interest in something just to keep the conversation going. You might end up listening to him talk about Star Wars for longer than desired. And speaking of conversations, make sure you brush up on your text flirting skills so you can keep his interest once you take things virtual.

Flirting For Women – How To Seal The Deal

If you’re comfortable with the basics, and want to step things up a notch, touch him! And no, I don’t mean sexually. I’m talking about some basic, light touches that will convey interest to even the densest guy. Be sure you’ve gotten some reciprocating signals from him before you reach this step. If you go directly for touching, you might scare him away. But do it right, and you’ll have him hooked.

Start Small

Break the barrier by lightly touching his arm or shoulder during the conversation. Touch his arm when he says something funny or his shoulder to get his attention. If you’re seated across from each other, try accidentally brushing hands or feet. And if you’re side-by-side, let your knees or feet touch. All of these will send signals of attraction to his brain that are hard to ignore.

Escalate Gradually

If he responds positively to the initial contact, try gradually increasing the frequency and length of each touch. The slow escalation will make sure that you’re not coming on too strong. Try resting your hand on his arm while he’s talking or putting your hand on his knee to get his attention. He’ll feel wanted, and every time you take your hand away, he’ll be wishing you hadn’t.

Flirting is an art. And body language is just one of the many mediums. The more you practice, the more comfortable and natural it will be. Don’t send the wrong signals and let Mr. Mine pass you by. Try these tips to instantly appear more approachable and interested, and you’ll have your Mr. Mine in no time. Flirting for women doesn’t need to be any harder than flirting for men – start small and let your flirty flag fly.


Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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