When you know what the signs of attraction are, you can relax a bit more. All of a sudden, you know for sure they’re into you. From there, you can start to play the game better; you can flirt more, or you can play it cool and create mystery. Fortunately, there are lots of signs of attraction that people show, and most of the time they aren’t even aware they’re doing it. In this article, we take a look at the signs of attraction and how you can take advantage of them.

Understanding the signs of attraction is a burning issue for many people. If only we KNEW for sure they were attracted to us via text, if only they would give us a sign that they liked us, we’d feel more comfortable, more confident…and we’d stop asking questions just to get a reaction out of them.

The good news? There are many signs of attraction that’s giving them and their feelings away. At the moment, what’s hindering you is that you don’t know what the signs are, or you’re not the best at reading them.

The situation is made even more complicated when your “relationship” with someone is purely text-based. However, there are still certain signs of attraction via text that let you know exactly how much someone is into you. It’s important to know what these are before you do something that resets their attraction to you back to zero. Let’s take a look at some of these signs.

1. They Text First

Make no mistake, when they text you first – especially when it’s usually you that texts first – it’s a HUGE sign that they’re attracted to you.

How attracted to you they are often depends on the type of text they send. If they’re texting just to confirm plans or to ask a question, it’s a good sign – but there are better ones.

Signs Of Attraction Via Text Example

Let’s imagine they’re at work. It’s been a while since you texted them (perhaps 2 or 3 days). Without much warning, they text you first while they’re at work, just to tell you something completely random. It could be a comment about the weather or how hungry they are.

The more random the text is, the more interested they are.

Think about it: They have no real reason to text you about something totally random other than to hear from you and get a conversation going.

And why would they want to do that? Because they kinda like you!

2. They Reply Fast

Just because a person takes a while to reply to your texts, it doesn’t mean they’re not attracted to you. They could be busy, for example.

Sometimes people can’t respond right away, and that’s OK.

But if there are times when you guys engage in texting tennis, where you reply to each other almost instantly for at least an hour, it’s a sure-fire sign of attraction.

If someone isn’t feeling you via text, they’ll hardly be in a rush to text back unless you’re arranging plans or something equally practical. On the other hand, if someone likes you and has time on their hands, they’ll be eager to text back fast and keep the banter and momentum going.

Momentum is absolutely key to building more and more attraction.

Careful, though – if you text too much and respond all the time, you’ll come across as too available and this can KILL attraction. Engage in texting bursts but, after an hour or so of texting tennis, say you’ve gotta go do stuff.

3. They Ask Questions

If they never ask questions and give you short replies, it’s a huge sign that they’re not feeling you. They don’t want to know anything about you, don’t want to engage, and want to move on from this conversation as soon as possible.

Conversely, if they ask questions that keep you on your toes and keep the conversation going, it’s another sign that they’re attracted to you.

Their questions can be anything, from silly ones to personal ones. For as long as the questions keep coming, take it as one of the signs of attraction.

4. They Keep The Conversation Going When You Thought It Was Dead (One Of The MAJOR Signs Of Attraction)

You assumed the conversation was reaching its logical conclusion and simply texted “ha ha” in response to their last text.

As far as you’re concerned, that’s it; the conversation is finished for the night.

Ten minutes later, your phone buzzes. They’ve returned with another text to keep the conversation going.

This means just one thing: They’re interested in you.

5. They Send You Picture Updates

“OMG look what just came into our office!”

It’s a cute dog. It’s a dog SO cute that they had to take a photo of it and send it to you, for no other reason than to make you smile and show you that they like you.

Voila! There you have it, the top signs of attraction via text. Now all you need to do is look out for them and act!

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