Whether it's inside a fancy restaurant, or outside in the wild, women love to be treated well. During a recent bike ride in the rolling hills surrounding my home, I met a chivalrous knight on a road bike. Guys, chivalry will get you noticed...even wearing a helmet and padded shorts.

Chivalry is more than opening car doors or pulling out chairs. It is a lifestyle; a way of treating women that requires changing the way you think. If you adopt chivalry it will set you apart from all the other guys – even while riding your bike!

A few days ago I went cycling at lunchtime. I chose a road that is well trafficked by biking enthusiasts, and it was packed.

Passed And Passed Again

As I was attacking the second steep climb on the route (there are 7) two guys passed and said “salut”. At the top of the next hill I stopped to refill my water bottle and started climbing again. One of the same guys re-passed me and smiled. He was cute – tall, well built, a big white toothy smile and longish hair. I smiled back and gritted my teeth as I continued to peddle.

A few minutes later he slowed down as I noticed he had started playing with his phone (which you should NOT do while riding a bike on a busy road)– so I passed HIM and smiled. It was turning into a fun little game of cat and mouse. Even though I tried to keep up the quick pace, I started slowing down as I hit the straightaway. I no longer had to fight against a hill, but rather against a wind hitting me directly in the face.

My New Hero

Suddenly, I heard a sexy voice behind me “We make a good team.” It was the same handsome guy who was in the process of passing me AGAIN. He could have smoked me, but instead he turned around and suggested that I draft off him for a while. It was a sweet gesture that my legs and lungs appreciated. It cost him nothing, and it instantly made him my new hero. “A moment” turned into much longer and we started to chat. It was clear that he wasn’t just a poser as he kept being chivalrous even as we spoke, keeping to the outside of the road as men are taught to do when walking along a busy street with a woman.

The Take Away

So what’s the moral of the story? This polite biker’s kind gestures paved the path for us to enjoy a nice conversation, and we even ended up exchanging numbers. It never would have happened if he wouldn’t have offered to help me. Be unique in how you treat women, and you will be noticed and remembered.

So, always be a gentleman on your bike or throughout your texting/communication life, and you will enjoy many more opportunities with women. Yes, chivalry pays off!

Chivalrous Communication Examples:

– Ask your date if it’s OK to send a text message before taking out your phone and firing away.
– If you have to make an important call (like to your mother) keep it as short as possible and speak in front of your date.
– Offer a random girl at Starbucks your charger for example if you see/hear that her phone is about to die – it’s a great way to be introduced.
– Ask your partner to text you when she arrives home safely (if you leave in separate cars).
– Text her before calling if you know she is busy at work.

So, are you ready to make chivalry an every day, every activity habit? If you do, you might be surprised at the number of benefits (and increased success with women) that come along with being thought of as a classy, well-educated guy. Have you ever been surprised by someone’s chivalry?

Happy texting…and go team chivalry!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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