Many guys are under the false impression that the jerks get all the women. However, never fear. The jerks may in fact “get” some girls, but they don’t get the ladies (at least not for long). Set yourself apart and instantly make yourself more attractive by showcasing your class and manners. Being a gentleman as you interact with each woman that crosses your path (not just the ladies you’re dating) will bring you a huge romantic payoff. Read on to learn more about being a gentleman and how to text like Mr. Bond.

Gallantry: The Secret Behind Male Attractiveness

If you ask a woman what makes a man seductive, she probably won’t say it’s his clothes, or his shoes, or his ability to play the accordion while banging on a set of drums and dancing in the middle of the street. While looks, intelligence, humor, and financial stability can all add to a man’s attractiveness as a potential “partner,” there is something else that is equally as desirable, but frequently overlooked.

This somewhat forgotten skill is called “gallantry” and it can easily make any man attractive. Your grandma was right, practice good manners, follow proper etiquette, and always treat a lady like a lady.

Why It’s Important To Rise To The Occasion

Recently, while I was speaking with an intelligent and very charming man, the conversation drifted to the subject of manners. He shared a story about a wedding he had recently attended. There were about 100 guests, and it was a classy, fairly upscale affair. During dinner, the bride and groom made the rounds to each individual table to personally greet their guests. Out of all the tables, he realized that he was the only man that bothered to stand up when the bride approached his table.

Why is such a seemingly minor detail worth mentioning? There are a few reasons.

Standing up to congratulate the bride didn’t cost him anything, and it didn’t harm anybody else. In fact, it probably made him feel good, as being kind and respectful normally does. In any case, it was the classy thing to do. So, why did he stand up when nobody else did? It was a reflex. He always stands up when a woman comes to the table, regardless of if she is wearing a wedding dress or gardening clothes. If you don’t already do so, why not start today by adding this simple reflex to your life as well?

The Rules Of Gallantry

Many people learn the “rules” of society, including manners, at an early age. The combination of time and being surrounded by our close friends or family allows us to fall into a rut, where we no longer follow these “rules” so carefully. Sure, the majority of people are never outright rude. F

or example, you wouldn’t grab a beer out of your friend’s hand when you’re out having drinks, would you? Probably not. Unfortunately a lot of guys don’t always remember to do the little things, such as helping a woman take off her coat, opening doors, and writing a thoughtful thank you text message after a date. These are small, yet hardly unnoticed tokens of gallantry.

Ready To Start Texting Like Bond?

Yes, being a gentleman and exhibiting gallantry also carries over into texting. It entails:
– starting an exchange with a greeting and signing off with a closure
– sending a follow-up text after a date
– avoiding inappropriate jokes early in a relationship
– showing appreciation for any special photos or messages your leading lady might send you
– avoiding texting other people when you’re in her company (unless you have a legit reason that you share with her)
– not sharing private messages with your friends
– being honest in your texts and not toying with her emotions

Refresher Course

If you do decide to relearn the rules, and even add a few extra French “moves” to your repertoire, you will not regret your investment. As a woman, I can assure you that if your objective is to date us, work with us, text with us, or simply be a better friend, we will respect you more if you act like a gentleman. [Tweet “Move over intelligence. Gallantry is the new sexy.”]

So, let your class shine through, and start right away with your next text message. Expert texting can create and sustain passion in almost any relationship. It is a skill worth investing in whether you are single or in a serious relationship. Keep an eye on our blog for continuous tips and message ideas to help you crank up the romance and fun in your relationship. And don’t forget: gallantry is NOT dead.


Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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