If you’re in a short-term relationship that you both agreed wouldn’t get too serious, and you suddenly find yourself pouring over each and every text for “does she like me?” signs, it might be time to end the relationship. Not every relationship was meant to last a lifetime (or even 6 months). Learn to know when to throw in the towel, and stop making yourself crazy trying to figure out if it’s love or lust – because you already know the answer.

Not all hookups were meant to last. If you’re in a short-term relationship that you both know isn’t going anywhere, then you’re wasting your precious energy looking (and hoping) for “does she like me signs”.

There’s nothing worse than a relationship that was a perfect fling, but then turns sour with too much emotion and expectation. Learn how to judge when your “little love story” has run its course, and how to end it on a positive note (without hurting anyone’s feelings – including your own).

It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over (And Now It Is)

There are obvious signs that a relationship has run it’s course, and it’s time to part ways, but we often miss them. Why? Because we want to miss them! As emotional beings, we have a tendency to hold on to connections for as long as we can – but that’s exactly what spoils the joy of a fling.

Timing is everything. Sign off with good memories, and no regrets. When is that time you ask? Well, it might be the perfect moment to say “au revoir” if you find yourself doing either of these two things:

1. Looking For “Does She Like Me Signs” Everywhere!
Are you stuck in front of your computer Googling the phrase: “does she like me signs?” Are you lingering over texts and conversations, and starting to image a future together?

Stop that now.

If you both agreed it was just going to be a “no strings attached” type of deal, you must respect the boundaries that were put in place in the first place!

2. Mundane Texting
At the beginning of your relationship, your inbox was probably filled with racy texts – the kind of texts you only send someone you’re in a purely physical relationship with. Now you text her in the afternoon to ask about her day, and you’re the first person she turns to when she has a problem with her coworker.

If you’ve both agreed you’re not going to take it further (for one of many reasons such as: distance, age, beliefs…) then it’s time to cut it off now, before you become too emotionally invested (and the same for her).

How To Say It’s Over

Call me uncaring, but I am a firm believer that it is totally acceptable to break up with a short-term fling over text (obviously, girlfriends and wives are a different story – you better pick up that phone and arrange a face to face meeting).

Yes, I know, it’s written firmly in relationship etiquette books that you must always break up with someone face-to-face, but guess what? It’s 2015 guys! You could be in a relationship that started online or with an app, you probably organized your first date via text, you probably communicate 99% of the time via text – so why can’t you do the break-up deed with your thumbs?

If you’re in a relationship that you both knew had a limited life span from the start, and you both respect each others feelings – then for me this means respecting the fact that you don’t need to waste her precious time letting her down “gently” at Starbucks.

Three Ways To Call It Quits

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be nice! Here are 3 texts that will do deed – respectfully and efficiently.

1. We both knew this text would come – even though I love spending time with you, it’s probably best for both of us to move on.

2. I had an amazing time with you…I’m sure you’ll find the happiness you deserve. Take care. x

3. I wish we could keep this going…but we both know taking it any further would be a mistake. Stay amazing.

Some people, at certain times in their lives, enjoy short-term relationships, and other people only invest their time with people they can picture a solid future with. Whether or not you agree with the concept of flings is something very personal, however if you do, then make sure that you are “flinging” with someone who feels exactly the same way as you.

And don’t let it go too far. Learn how to call it quits, before you start making yourself (and everyone else around you) crazy looking for the “does she like me signs” everywhere. And one last thing – when you end it, do it in the right way, so you only have happy memories.

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