Online. Dating. Do these two words bring a smile to your face or send a shiver down your spine? Maybe you've tried it before and only met creeps who wasted your time with their inane video game "banter." And don't get me started on Mr. Gambler who never stopped asking you to check the football scores on YOUR phone because he couldn't get Wi-Fi on his crappy Nokia. "Yeah, this is a good part in the movie but I'll tell you everything that happened, babe, if you just find out how the Packers are doing." Ugh. Next please!

Online dating can be frustrating. Not everyone is going to find Prince Charming first time around, and there will be a few duds amidst the pearls.

But there are a few things you can do to narrow the odds and improve your chances of meeting your dream man quicker than before. But before we do that, let’s talk numbers.

Online Dating Stats Don’t Lie

The statistics back things up: Online dating has finally shed its stigma. Did you know that around 15% U.S. adults have used online dating sites at some point? Don’t “give a rats” about statistics? Just think numbers baby – this means that the pool of men is getting bigger and bigger.

Moreover, 41% of adults know someone who uses online dating apps, and of that 41%, 80% agree that online dating is a fab way to meet someone.

The problem for many of us women is that we wait patiently for the guy to make the first move. But if your profile isn’t up to scratch, the only guys making the moves are those who collect swords and want to take you to see a dungeon (Which is fine if you’re into that, and a bit off-putting if you’re not!)

To separate the wheat from the chaff, and to make sure that your profile is a magnet to the attractive, personable guys who you’d like in your life right now, here are some top tips to help you bring your A-game to online dating.

The Power Of The Image

Saskia Nelson, founder of Hey Saturday, and the #1 dating photographer in the world, stopped by to weigh in on one of the biggest aspects of your online dating profile – your photo. Here is how to pop it like it’s hot.

Go For Color

Saskia suggests ditching the black on black and instead, “Choose good quality, colourful images that showcase you at your best and you’ll immediately see an uplift in the number of visitors to your profile. Strive for shots where you look natural, happy and relaxed.”

I completely agree with Saskia on this. Choose light, bright good quality images that attract the eye and make sure you’re happy in the photo!

Head Strong

The next pointer has to do with exactly WHAT you should show. Saskia advises her clients to “Use a good strong head and shoulder shot for your main profile photo so they can see your gorgeous face and then include full body and half body shots too in the supporting photos so they can see the whole package. Make sure you’re rocking outfits that make you feel good so that your confidence shows.”

A great head shot is key but it’s important that your profile contains a few body shots.

Profiles that only have head shots raise suspicions in guys. It tends to make them think you have something to hide, and it can put them off messaging you.

They might think you’re lying about your body size, or that you’ve got an extra leg or something stupid like that.

Seriously, it’s how guys are wired; they want to see all of you before they drop you a flirty hello.

Roses Are Red…

“Wear red or have something red in the background, if possible. Men love red and it will attract their eye straight to your shot. Red stands for love and passion and will get their hearts racing.”

I love this tip. Subliminally using the power of love? Yes Please!

Let Your Personality Shine Through

I asked Saskia for one final online dating photo tip of all tips, and she suggested, “Showcase your personality where you can in your profile photos through what you’re wearing, what you’re doing, where you’re hanging out or what you’re holding/carrying. Head to the canal, a café, the park – wherever you feel comfortable. Grab your headphones, favourite book, ice cream, or whatever feels right for you and include them in the shot to help tell your story.”

Saskia is so right, don’t be shy to show the world what YOU are all about!

Don’t Use Clichés

My friend recently made her first ever online dating profile. She asked me to take a look at it because she wasn’t getting any messages.

I was mortified by what I saw.

Every. Single. Line. Was a cliché.

I’m looking for a knight in shining armor, not an idiot in tin foil.

I work hard but party even harder.

She hadn’t sold herself at all – she’d sold an assembly line of robots who all look and act the same.

Clichés put interesting guys off; they tell them you’ve got nothing original to say. You can’t even think of something to say about yourself on a dating profile, so what are you going to say when they actually meet you:

Actions speak louder than words?!

Keep the text about you and avoid ALL clichés.

Be Honest

Honesty truly is the best policy when it comes to online dating.

Sure, you can embellish things a tad and slightly exaggerate how important your job is, but it’s fundamental that you be as truthful as possible.

After all, if you lie on your profile, you can expect to attract liars.

Moreover, it’s hardly going to be a happy ending when you pretend to be 25 on your profile, only to forget a few weeks later and accidentally blurt out during a date that you’re “30 this year OMG I’m so depressed right now.

Be Short, Be Sweet

You wouldn’t walk up to someone in a bar and divulge your entire life story, so although a text box on an online dating site is fairly big, it doesn’t mean that you need to feel compelled to fill it all in.

So, although it’s important to say something, it’s also key that you don’t say too much and appear overbearing.

You’re looking for something in the middle; a profile that uses direct, simple language to give enough away so as to sell yourself, but which also leaves a guy wanting to know more about you.

Present what you need to present, but leave the real juicy stuff for the conversation. Be brief – but be dazzling!

Keep these tips in mind and I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy an upturn in fortunes in no time. Thanks again to Saskia Nelson from Hey Saturday for stopping by and sharing her thoughts, and happy dating!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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