Not so long ago, we were living in the Stone Age when it comes to communicating with women. Our only options were face-to-face conversations and phone calls. Quite scary if you think back to those times, isn't it? But today, things are even scarier...Because of e-mail, WhatsApp, texting, and whatever new app is out there that's about to change the world, it has become ridiculously easy to talk to women anywhere and anytime. But in the hands of clueless men, these tools became weapons of mass attraction/destruction.

Instead of firing off funny texts that will make her day, most guys send women terrible texts. Texting is so easy and “at-a-distance”, that it brings out most men’s worst chemistry-killing instincts and they send something like:

“How are you doing?”
“How was your day?”
or probably the worst of all:
“Did you like our date yesterday? Do you think we’re a good match?”

All these messages are dull. They lack spice and originality. And the last one reeks of neediness, which is a total turn-off for women. So, how do you avoid these deadly texting mistakes? How do you send her texts that make you stand out and put a big smile on her face?

Here are seven ways to craft funny texts that will make her day:

1. The Funny Meme

A thing that always works is to find a funny meme that is aligned with her personality. Let’s say, for example, that you know she loves cats. Just go online and search cat memes. You’ll find plenty of them. Choose a funny one and send it to her with the line: “Made me think of you ;)”

Notice the smirk at the end.

The reason I used a smirk instead of a smile or a wink is because it gives the message a bit of a bad boy touch. But since you were so thoughtful to find a meme that fits her personality, the smirk face is balanced by your thoughtful act.

So why does this message put a smile on her face? You probably think it’s because of the funny meme and you’re right, that’s one of the things that will make her day. But don’t underestimate that little smirk on the end. This little smirk will give her a spike of attraction because of its good/bad boy effect.

2. Use Nicknames

Nicknames are fun to use in any kind of interaction with women. In texting, it works even better. The best way to use them is at the beginning or end of your texts. For example: “Hey, my little pony princess, what kind of mischief are you causing today?” I can guarantee that you’ll stand out from all the other guys that are texting her, and she’ll love it. She’ll probably respond in a more lighthearted way after this text, and more importantly she’ll associate you with a fun time. Nicknames are a great addition to your repertoire of funny texts that will make her day.

3. Use an Absurd Compliment

Complimenting a woman is something that needs to be done the right way. Compliments can go either good or bad. It depends on so many things. It depends on the woman. Is she used to getting compliments all the time? Then compliments are not the best way to go. It depends on how needy you come across. If she perceives you as needy, insecure man, the compliment will only make your situation worse. It also depends on how you compliment her. There are many ways you can give a woman a compliment, but I’d like to share one that works wonders over text. I call it the absurd compliment. And it’s exactly what it sounds like – a compliment that is so absurd that it will put a super smile on her face.

The best part of this text is that you can be 100% certain that it will make you stand out in her inbox.

Here’s an example:

“Your dress yesterday = weapon of mass destruction. I trust you’ve hidden it somewhere where the Secret Service won’t find it.”

4. The Pattern Interrupt Text

A pattern interrupt is exactly what it says it is. It’s something that breaks a normal pattern. For example, when you open a door, you expect it to open horizontally. Imagine your surprise if you walked up to a normal-looking door, grab the door handle, and realize it opens vertically. This would definitely interrupt the pattern you were expecting. Suddenly, you would be in state of surprise.

You can do the same thing with texting.

The way you do it is simple. You send her a text that starts off looking like any other boring text that she’s received a gazillion times before…
… but then you twist it so she gets positively surprised.

Here’s an example:

“What are you not doing right now that you wish you were?”

As you can see, it starts with “What are you…” It gives the impression of the boring “What are you doing ?” message. But then there’s a twist that says “…not doing right now that you wish you were?” This message looks simple, but it gets great responses. There’s also a sexual innuendo in the message. Works like a charm. Be sure to use it.

5. The Funny Mundane

The purpose of this type of text is to show her you’re thinking about her without being needy. You do this by sending her a message about something mundane that’s happening in your life, but you make it funny. Let’s say you are at the zoo with your nephew. Here’s what you could send her:

“In the zoo hiding my nephew’s eyes from mating elephants ;)”

It could even be as simple as a sugar craving that you’re having:

“Sugar withdrawal is bad today. Just saw a kid eating a donut and thought about bribing him for a bite.”

The fact that you thought about her while going about your day, combined with the humor, makes it a great example of funny texts that will make her day.

6. The Hangover Text

Yep, even a hangover can be turned into a funny text!

Here’s an example:

“Vodka 4. Nick 0. I need a Tylenol the size of a hockey puck.”

7. The Cocky Date Request

Did you know that a date request in and of itself can spike her attraction?

As you know, cocky humor can be very attractive to women. Now, don’t confuse this with being plain arrogant or just cocky. It must have a humorous twist for it to work.

Here’s a cocky way of asking her out on a date. Just send this text out of the blue:

“You. Me. Thursday. 7pm… Oh yeah, btw, hi.”

As you can see it’s quite dictating and dominant, but you make it funny by finishing it with “…oh yeah, btw, hi.”

It’s so subtle. It shows her you have the social intelligence to make such a cocky statement work. No other man would be able to get away with it, but you do because you balanced it out so smoothly. Depending on your personality you might not like this last text, but I can guarantee you that it gets great reactions.

Et voila! You now know seven powerful funny texts that will make her day. They will magnetically make her want to text you back.

But what do you say once she texts you back? How do you turn that first text into a date? I mean, you can’t keep texting forever without meeting her. Eventually, you’ll need to get her out on a date. And on top of that, you’ll need to be as confident during your dates as you were in your text messages or she’ll lose attraction for you.

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Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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