The champagne is on ice as a new year is about to begin - and we’ve got the best New Years text messages for your partner. Wishing your partner a Happy New Year via text can be a lot of fun. You can make it funny, you can make it flirty … and you can even get a little bit more serious (you could even propose!). Whatever you do, it’s important to let your partner know exactly how you feel about them!

So join us as we take a look at the best New Years Text Messages For Your Partner. We’ve got tips and examples for texts you can send to your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or even someone you just started to date.

New Years Texts to Send to Your Boyfriend

Are you getting excited to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year with your boyfriend? Don’t forget a New Years text! From letting him know how proud of him you are to thanking him for being a constant support, these messages will make your boyfriend feel special.

Share the excitement of counting down to the new year together, look back at Christmas, and let him know you’re all in for making each coming year even better.

“I’m so proud to be able to call you my boyfriend. Happy new year and here’s to many more.”

Let your beaux know how proud you are of him.

“Thank you for being there for me this year. I know it’s not been easy at times but even during the most challenging moments you’ve pulled through. Happy new year to the best boyfriend in the world.”

If your boyfriend has put the extra yards in for you this year, send him this text to show your gratitude.

“Counting down the hours until the new year with you is all I could have wished for!”

Yep, you don’t need anything else!

“Christmas was amazing – now let’s kick its ass this new year!!”

Yes, girl! While you had a lot of fun at Christmas, you can have EVEN MORE FUN AT NEW YEARS!

“Each year gets better when I’m with you. Happy new years, my love.”

Make your boyfriend feel amazing this new year with this text.

“Whatever you wish for this new year, I want to be the one that helps you make it come true. Happy new year.”

Send this new year’s text message so that he knows you’ll be there all the way in 2024 to help him accomplish his biggest dreams.

New Years Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

Are you ready to welcome the New Year? Dinner is planned. A fresh steamed suit is hanging on your door. Maybe you even bought your girlfriend a little gift? Now it’s time to send her a creative text message.  From expressing gratitude for the past year to making promises for the future, these texts are designed to make her feel cherished and special.

Whether it’s a commitment to making the upcoming year the best ever or a playful acknowledgment of surviving another year together, these messages will let her know that she’s your inspiration, your joy, and your rock.

“Happy new year to the best girlfriend on the planet. I couldn’t have done it without you this year.”

Make sure she knows exactly how much you appreciated her over the last 12 months.

“I promise you that next year is going to be the best year of our lives.”

If you promise it, you’ve gotta mean it.

“My only new year’s resolution is that I’m going to devote myself to you even more this year and remind you always why you’re the most special person on earth to me.”

This is the sweetest text you can send her for New Years.

“I can’t believe you survived another year with me. You deserve a medal!”

Send this funny new years text message if you want to make her laugh!

“It makes me tingle with joy to know that I’ll be the one to kiss you on New Year’s Eve.”

This text will make her feel special while making her heart race with desire.

“I know I can achieve anything now that I get to start a brand new year with you by my side.”

She’s your rock.

New Years Texts to Send to Your Wife

As the clock strikes midnight and a new year unfolds, make sure your wife knows how much you love and appreciate her. Hit special memories, paint the picture of a bright future, and let her know of your unwavering commitment to facing life’s challenges together.

From sweet nostalgia to playful banter, these messages help you celebrate the new year together as a couple. Let your wife know that as long as you’re together, you’re ready to conquer whatever the year may bring. Share the love, laughter, and good vibes as you embark on another year of creating special memories together.

“Sometimes I wish we could go back in time and recreate our best memories together. And yet I know that all I want to really do is keep making more special memories with you going forward. Happy new year.”

You’ll always have your sweetest memories together. Now it’s time to start making some new ones.

“Happy New Years, sweetheart! As long as we’re together, we’ll face whatever challenges the year might bring us!”

This is your rallying call as a couple. You’re going to win 2024 together!

“Celebrating a new year with you will never get old.”

N’aww look at you being romantic.

“Sending nothing but good vibes to my wife on New Years! I love you so much.”

Good vibes only for 2024.

“You’ve put up with me this long already – another year won’t hurt you! Happy new years, my love!”

Lol this will definitely make her “LOL.”

New Years Texts to Send to Your Husband

Hey ladies, are you ready to seize the moment to show your love and appreciation for your husband? Yes? Good 🙂 We have some New Years text messages for your partner to get your creative juices flowing. From being romantic to letting him know you see (and appreciate) his wonderfulness, these messages are designed to make him feel like the super star he is.

Whether it’s a sweet reminder of your unwavering support, a declaration of love, or a simple acknowledgment of the joy of celebrating together, these texts will make your amazing husband smile from ear to ear.

“Wake me at midnight if I fall asleep so that I can kiss you and tell you how much I love you.”

Okay, now you’re being seriously romantic.

“Keep being you next year. Keep being amazing, selfless, ambitious and dedicated to your goals. I’m with you every step of the way.”

Yes, you are! Tell him that you’re his biggest supporter this year and any year!

“Happy new year to my wonderful husband who always makes me feel special.”

Sometimes, a simple New Years text like this is all you need. Heart-warming and heartfelt.

“This year I’m seeing in the new year in the best way possible – with my husband in my arms.”

Cute and ever so romantic.

“I’ve got another 365 days to fall madly in love with you. Happy new years to the love of my life.”

With each day that passes, your life grows stronger.

New Years Texts to Send to Someone You Just Started Dating

Rats! What to send someone you just started seeing? Should you play it cool, or show your quirky self? I’m here to help you navigate the delicate balance of expressing good wishes without coming off as “too much”.

These New Year’s texts have a touch of warmth and excitement without diving too deep into sentimentality. Share your good vibes and leave a positive impression as you welcome the New Year, leaving the door open for many more good moments to come.

“Sending this text in case I’m asleep by midnight. Happy new year!”

If you’ve just started dating, it’s a smart idea to play it cool by sending some good wishes without overdoing things.

“Happy new year! Excited to see you again soon.”

Send them this new year’s text to let them know that you’re open to meeting up again soon.

“I hope you have a great time with your family tonight!”

If you’re not seeing them on new years, show your thoughtful side by mentioning their family.

“I’m glad we met before the year was out, it’s been so much fun so far! Happy new year!”

If things are looking promising with them, this new year’s text message will help keep the feel-good factor going.

New Years Text Messages For Your Partner Long Distance

As they raise the ball in Times Square, bridge the distance with your long-distance love with these heartfelt New Years text messages for your partner. Despite the miles that separate you, these messages convey the hope and anticipation of being together more in the coming year.

From sharing the moment across time zones to acknowledging the pain of being apart, these texts help you show the love that transcends physical distance. Remind your partner that, despite the challenges, your love remains strong and the new year holds the promise of togetherness and shared joy.

“My midnight wish is that I get to see you more next year.”

Distance sucks – but wishes can come true.

“Your midnight is my midnight. Let’s bring in the new year together.”


If you’re not in the same time zone, it’s time to use your imagination for new years.

“Being apart at new years is painful but know this – I love you so much and I know that next year is going to be our best ever.”

Make sure they know that, despite how far apart you are, the new year is going to be amazing.

“So what if we’re apart at new years? I don’t regret for one moment falling in love with you.”

No regrets.

“You might not be with me in person right now but you’re in my heart, mind and soul. Happy new year.”

Amen to that.

Don’t forget to hit send when the clock gets near to midnight. Be as creative as you like – use the texts as they are or take inspiration from them to create your own New Years Text Messages For Your Partner.

Just don’t forget to let your partner know you love them on New Years. It’s all good!


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