So, you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? Lot’s of guys are completely lost when it comes to reading the signs. It can be confusing: she flirts with you one day but doesn’t message back; she teases you relentlessly, but you’re not sure if she is just flirting; or, she answers your texts, but she never wants to meet up. Girls can be confusing, that’s for sure, so read on to find out how to decode us!

If there’s one thing that you guys all want to know, it’s this: how to tell if a girl likes you.

Men aren’t always great at reading signs. But it’s not your fault, sometimes woman are really hard to read, and trying to decipher “chick vibes” can leave you completely confused and totally lost.

But it’s really not that complicated. With most women, there will be certain things that she does, words that she says, and texts that she sends that are her way of sending a clear “green means go” message to you.

So if you’re really into her, here are 12 signs you need to look out for if you want to take it to the next level. And don’t worry if she’s not doing ALL 12 of them, 3 or 4 of them is probably enough to know she’s into you, and it’s time to make your move!

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Or Not

1. She Answers Your Texts

If you’re texting a girl and she answer straight away, or within a couple of minutes, she’s probably into you. Girls will only answer texts quickly once or twice if they don’t like you, so if you’re getting rapid responses, those quick texts are pretty strong signs she digs you.

2. She Holds Eye Contact

When you talk with her, does she look you in the eye? Better yet, does she look you in the eye and then look away when she realizes she’s been staring at you for too long? She definitely has feelings for you. Eye contact is a great way to detect flirty vibes, especially if she seems super conscious about it. People don’t hold eye contact with people they don’t find interesting, and if she is being self-conscious about how much she stares at you, it means she’s fully aware that she can’t look away.

3. She Texts You, Just Because

Wondering how to know if a girl likes you over text? Check the content of her messages. Is she only messaging when she wants something, or just to answer your texts, or does she message you, “just because”? If you start receiving texts from her asking how your day was, or telling a cute story about why she thought of you that day, you can be fairly sure that she is interested.

For example, “Do you have a iron I can borrow”, is not particularly flirtatious, but “I was on the train today with a guy who totally reminded me of you!” is definitely her way of letting you know you’ve invaded her thoughts.

4. She Wants To Hear Your Voice

If she isn’t happy just texting you to ask about your day but wants you to give her a call, things are looking good for you my friend.

Give me a call later? Would love to chat ☺ x”, is her way of saying she’s wants your voice down the line, rather than just a few texts. Someone’s voice over the phone can be a serious turn-on…just saying.

5. She Makes Accidental Body Contact

Whether it’s brushing against you when she walks, picking a leaf out of your hair, or even just resting her hand on your shoulder as she laughs at your jokes – if she’s going out of her way to make body contact with you, it means she wants more. One of the best ways to flirt is to feel each other’s body heat, with no words at all – and she knows that.

One of the biggest signs of attraction is that she’s makes any excuse to touch you.

6. She Asks You Obvious Questions

Have you suddenly become the new Google for a certain girl over the last couple of weeks? If she is texting you questions, or giving you a call to check details on things that she could just as easily Google, or even might know herself, then she is searching for excuses to talk to you.

This is especially true if her question starts of a whole series of text conversations that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the original question. If she is interested in you, any excuse will do to start a conversation.

7. Her Texts Are Never Visually Boring

Are the messages that she sends you packed with smiley faces and X’s, and look visually appealing? Visual stimulation is important for girls, and texts are any easy way to do this. If your inbox is flooded with cute looking messages and a whole array of smiley faces and stickers, she might be trying to capture your attention. Hearts and kisses might not be your thing, but us chicks, we LOVE them. Hint, if you haven’t already, now is a good time to up your emoji game.

8. She Makes Up A Pet Name For You

If you have been reading my articles for a while, you know I am BIG into names! I love it when guys text my name…or make up cute little names for me. I’m smitten. So if she suddenly starts calling you by a pet name, or nickname, she is trying to claim you as her own, while also being a little flirty.

Pet names are an easy way for couples to have an inside joke. Maybe she calls you Elvis because she caught you singing in the car once, or perhaps you cook a mean pasta sauce and she starts addressing you as her “chef”. Pet names are her way of including you, while excluding everyone else.

9. She Mimics You

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it’s true, and if she’s into you, she may not even realize she is doing it. How to know if a girl likes you? Watch her movements. Does she copy what you say when she talks to you? Or, does she start adding your idioms into her conversations? Or, even develops an interest in the kind of movies or music that you like? It is called parroting by some communication experts, and it’s a great way to build connection with someone (so she is a smart cookie for doing this). If she can suddenly quote lines from Fast and Furious 9 , when she never seemed that into cars, she is subconsciously trying to flatter you with imitation.

10. She Teases You

Little boys tease little girls by pulling their hair at the playground, but it doesn’t stop there. Adults tease too (or at least they should!). Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? Observe whether she teases you, and how she does it. A girl who isn’t that into you either won’t tease you at all, or will go the other way and be plain mean (in which case you should avoid her – mean people suck!).

A girl who is interested in you will tease you every chance she gets, but never about anything hurtful. Better yet, if she teases you then pretends to be sorry and builds you back up again, she is totally smitten: she’s using teasing as a way to compliment every single thing she likes about you.

For example, if she told you that she would carry her own bag up the steps (after you gallantly offered to help…) and she refused by saying you weren’t strong enough to carry it and then when you seemed hurt she added: “Awww, I was only joking, I know you’re strong: how could you not be with biceps like that?” It means that she has obviously been eyeing your body, but she doesn’t want to make it tooooo obvious that she likes what she sees.

11. She Asks You About Other Chicks

Women do this a lot when they are interested, but they are still sussing out how you feel about them. If she starts making casual comments about other girls’ appearances, or how amazing they are, she’s trying to work out what you’re attracted to, which means she’s attracted to you.

The best way to deal with this is by double complimenting: agree that one girl is beautiful, but add in that she has nothing on your smile, or that you prefer blue eyes. Try:

Yeah she is gorgeous, but I prefer brunettes myself“, or vice versa. This way you come off as a nice guy, while also putting the girl you like first.

12. How To Tell If A Girl Likes You? She Tells You She Likes You

This may seem obvious, but if a girl straight out tells you that she is interested in you than she is either an awesome girl who doesn’t play games, or she has been sending you the 11 other signals for aaaaages and she is sick of waiting around for you to notice. If she comes straight out and says she likes you, take her at her word; it takes a lot of bravery to do that!

So there you are, the 12 different signs you should keep an eye open for! But just remember, every woman is different, and so is their approach. If you’re still unsure, try matching up her behavior with some of the signs, and if she’s doing more than 3, chances are, she is attracted to you – if she’s doing all 12, congratulations, that girl is yours (at least for now!)

So, stop Googling how to tell if a girl likes you and go out there and get that girl!

If you want even more sure fire tips and tricks to get the girl, check out my best selling eBook Getting the Girl Via text.

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Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
Learn more about French Seduction Made Easy.

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  1. I’m Into This 15 Years Old Girl, I Know And I Don’t Know If Really She’s Into Me, Her Parents Are The Godly And Prayerful Ones, And I Keep Seeing This Great Astonishing Signs That I Asked God For Over Her, Se Has A Twin Sister, What Should I Do, Please?

    1. Hi Prosper,
      It is hard for me to tell you what to do as I don’t know very much about you, or the situation. For example, are you the same age as her? Do you live close by? Do you see her often?

  2. Hi,
    There is this twin in my faculty that I really like but I am not sure if she likes me more than a friend, tho we a friends now. She is super nice and smiles to everyone. There are some signs I noticed, but am not that sure. Her twin sister, who I have never met or talked to, waved at me with a smile….. her twin also sent a request on facebook immediately after she sent hers… same thing goes on instagram…… she refers to things I have said a long time ago and gives indirect compliments…. she is very reserved…… she initiated the first text and replies me almost within the same second… uses lots of emojis……lately I started making it obvious that I like her…. so she doesn’t initiate chats again… but she replies d secondi say hi…. and stays online throughout…….. pls are this just friendly signs or something else…… is she playing hard to get.. cus I made it obvious?….. I am usually good with girls…. but this one….. I have no idea…. Tnxz alot

    1. Hi Jake,
      It sounds like she is interested in you (because she initiated contact with you, replies right away, and uses flirty emojis). Also, she has obviously been talking about you to her twin:) At the same time, it seems like she is definitely shy. So instead of only chatting with her via text where it is nearly impossible to know for sure, I would try and spend some time with her in person. Get to know her a little better so she feels comfortable around her. If you spend time with her in person and she keeps going cold, then I would say that she is playing games.
      Good luck!

  3. Actually I have a school friend who started chatting with me recently.I used have crush on her in my schooling but I did not care her but recently she started chatting with me .once I said her that I was sick them immediately she called me I was with my parents so I didn’t talk her good ,later I called her and talked.Then she want to go home to some party at home she called me for company in the journey.Buy sometimes I feel that she likes me and sometimes i feel she chat with me bcoz I was her school friend.can u please help in choosing her or …

    1. Hi Kumar,
      I hope that you are having a fun weekend! First I think you need to decide if YOU like her as a friend or a girlfriend. Then, I think the best thing to do is to meet her in person and see how she acts – you should know right away if she is flirting (touching you for no reason, keeping eye contact longer than needed, giggling, etc.). You are going to make yourself crazy trying to figure this out over the phone…

  4. Their is this girl I really like but not sure if she likes me back. She asked me to be her best friend and we text often about a lot of random things sometimes through email, or other social media ways not just phone text. I make her laugh a lot I suppose but we do not really ever have a phone conversation or I have had the guts to see her again after obtaining her number. Sometimes she can go a day without texting or two then she contacts and we proceed to have a long convo again. Am I just over thinking this? Or should I just accept she wants nothing more than the best friend she has categorized me as. I have some concert tickets for a show next month would love to envite her but not sure if I should. Afraid I guess of the answer I would rather not get.

    1. Hi Roger,
      I think you should try and meet her face to face. It is the only way you will see if there is chemistry between the two of you or not. The longer you remain only her “texting buddy” the further you push yourself from starting a relationship with her. The concert sounds like the perfect opportunity to ask her if she wants to meet up. Wait until you feel the moment is right (she is laughing and relaxed, not stressed out at work) and then tell her about the concert.

    2. Hi Claudia, there is this girl I work with I am interested in. She laughs at just about everything I say even though I am a pretty dry guy. A week ago I was out of town and started texting her of my adventures, about every night or every other night. She is a quick texter and replies almost immediately when I send a message. If there is even a 10 minute gap, she preempts the conversation with an apology or reason, such as driving. The text conversations last 1-2 hours typically and we both never let it end when we easily could. Last night we even went to dinner and a movie together. Conversation basically never ceased for 2 hours of dinner, and we would constantly make cute remarks to each other about the movie through its duration. Sounds good, right? The catch, though, is she is new to town, and I am basically the only one outside of family talking or hanging out with her. She said I am the ‘only cool kid’ she has met. Also, with dinner and movie, she never once touched or even grazed me, believe me I was watching for it and would have reciprocated. She was always close by to me but never actually touch. But I have noticed in her interactions with other people she is not the touchy-feely type. She has poked me a couple times at work playfully but I do not feel comfortable engaging in that at work. Now granted, it was not a date, and I did not think of it as one, just wanted to get to know her. She also insisted on paying for the whole dinner herself and I had to insist just to go halves. I do not know where to go from here. She wants to continue doing things with me like go on long hikes or watch movies or work out. So she clearly sees me as a good friend, the question is whether it will evolve into something more? She also mentioned that she wants a dog companion but ‘not a husband’. So, is she into me, or is she just lonely in a new town?

      1. Hi Roger,
        A lot of women like a dry sense of humor, so don’t sell yourself short (I’m actually one of them :). As you work together, I think you are playing it right by being very careful (good call on the no poking at work). If you enjoy her company, then continue to hang out with her outside of work. But don’t set yourself up for disappointment and expect anything to come of it other than a friendship. Also, as she is a colleague, don’t make a move until you get some very positive flirty vibes (like you mentioned – touching, grazing, etc.). There could be a love connection here, but only time will tell. So take your time, be patient and if in another month you don’t see it turning into a romance, start dating other women.

  5. Hello!
    Ok so I have this best friend. We talk all the time- throughout the day. Conversation starting js 50/50.
    And yes, she uses a ton of emojis (only crying of laughter ones. I can make her laugh easily).
    We haven’t seen each other in months (because of summer break), though we sometimes FaceTime.
    I consider myself straight but lately I’m questioning that.
    Shes straight too, but the signs are pointing to her liking me.
    Please help?

    1. Hi Emily,
      I think the best thing to do would be to wait until you see her in person. In my opinion, discussing anything complex or emotional via text is never a good idea. Will you see her soon? In the meantime, continue what works – what makes her laugh and YOU laugh 🙂

  6. hello
    ok i have this friend we talk and we even spend time together .she knows my agenda to her .when i text her sometimes she doesnt respond but in other occassions she is the first person to talk to me asking my wellbeing. the problem she doesnt phone me .concerning eye contact i see there is something common btn us . when i ask her to take a walk she agrees .when i phone her i make her laugh .but she always says her mind is occupied with a lot of things and she often tell me that everything has its time . and i am finishing my diploma in electrical engineering so she said i must finish school and she will wait for me kkk .so i cant tell wether this person is into me or what she is after .yr help maybe of paramount importance

    1. Hi Greatman,
      What does your heart tell you to do? I would continue speaking to her, seeing her and texting her. Give it some time, finish your studies, but don’t close yourself off to other opportunities. If you want an indication of if she’s into you or not, watch her actions. Does she remember specific things you have told her? Does she ask you questions and listen? Maybe she doesn’t call you because she is shy, or she thinks that girls shouldn’t call guys. Let her know (when you are together face to face) that you would love for her to call you sometime…it might be just what she needs to hear in order to start calling you.

  7. I have this girl at my job that i really do like. When i first saw her i told her i like her she use to tell me she had a bf alot because she thought all i wanted to do was have sex but long story short she finnallly gave me her number and she just don’t seem like she want text because when i text she respond with as little as possible and i just want to know if i should keep trying or just give up.

    1. Hi Rashard,
      You haven’t written a lot, but from what you have written it seems like maybe she doesn’t trust you yet, as she thought all you wanted was sex. But texts can be very hard to read, especially if you don’t know the person well. If you see her on a daily basis, I would go more by how she acts when you see her at work, then what she texts you. Does she seem interested when you speak with her? Does she smile, look you in the eyes, touch you? If you really like her, be patient. It takes time to earn someone’s trust.

  8. I text a girl she always tells she is getting bored….does she mean that I should call her…
    When I call her she doesn’t pick and makes excuses and she doesn’t even call back…

  9. Hi Claudia
    I met this girl a few months ago and I started to have a crush on her. We are both 15. We never really used to text until recently when she asked me if I wanted to play pool through text message. I can make her laugh easily, I told her a couple stories through text and she is interested. We text a lot during class and responds immediately almost all the time. A couple times I tried to meet up with her but it never worked out. She used to go to a school that is in walking distance of mine. She transferred before I met her so I we never met. Do you have any advice for me?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Steven,
      I hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂 My advice would be to meet her in person as soon as possible – for example, can you meet her next weekend? Pool or ping pong would be a great first meeting idea (or some other day time activity). Otherwise you might end up texting her on and on and on, and never meet her. Or, you might meet her and not be as attracted to her as you thought.
      If she already suggested pool, text her something like “what ever happened to our game of pool? Scared I might win ;)”
      Let me know if I can help.

      1. Hi Claudia
        There is this new way of playing mobile games through iMessage. That’s what I meant by playing pool. She texted me last night saying she might transfer back and she wants to meet up really bad. Sorry ifu were misunderstood by what I was saying. I’ve never met up with her before. A couple occasions before she started texting me I asked but she was unable to come both times. Now she wants to meet up. We agree on many things. I do really want to meet up with her. Do u know anyway of arranging a meet up.


      2. Hi Claudia
        There is this new way of playing mobile games through iMessage. That’s what I meant by playing pool. She texted me last night saying she might transfer back and she wants to meet up really bad. Sorry if u were misunderstood by what I was saying. I’ve never met up with her before. A couple occasions before she started texting me I asked but she was unable to come both times. Now she wants to meet up. We agree on many things. I do really want to meet up with her. I admitted last night asking if we could be more than just friends, she replied saying that I’m really nice and sweet but didn’t think it’ll work out beceaue we never met. Do u know anyway of arranging a meet up or changing her mind?


        1. Hi Steven,
          Tell her that’s exactly why you need to meet 🙂 I would suggest replying that you enjoy her texts and would like to see if she is just as funny, cool and sweet in person. Add an emoji and see what she says. Or you could write something funny like “Okay I’ve officially run out of texts to send to you. Want to try hanging out?” And then suggest a time and place…

  10. I found a girl on Facebook and sent her a request, recently with the beginning of this week she accepted the request and we started chatting through messenger, when I told her that she looks good in black dress she had posted on Facebook, she sent me other different four photos wearing different black dresses, sometimes. She is not online but she comes I think I take 50% of her time. The problem ‘s that we are from the same country but now am abroad for further studies so I can’t meet her within this time. Surprisingly when I asked her whether I can get her phone number she gave it to me and she said that she has a bad voice but I shouldn’t laugh at her,today morning I have given her a phone call and our conversation was good even she was laughing when I mention some stuffs. So am I on a right trap or still need more time to know that. Thanks

    1. Dear Ashwin,
      If you haven’t already, I would suggest meeting her in person before going any further with the relationship…it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of a person when you only chat. But to really get the full picture of the person you need to meet in the flesh.
      Bisous x

  11. Hello, I went on a first with the girl I like around the end of the month of december. I am 22 years old and she is 21, in different colleges.

    I do not really know how the date went, however I wasn’t able to be too much physical due to my anxieties.

    Then, when I asked her out for a second date she told me the following “I can’t sorry, I’m stuck at home until january 30” She mentioned during our first date that she has final exams coming up, so I really don’t know if she is still interested.

    Nevertheless, during those last 2 weeks I’ve been the one to inititate conversation via text and tried to be as supportive as I can. Thus, I texted her twice a week. She was sometimes responsive, whereas on other days she was cold. I think I am the one more invested in building the relationship than she is. This is only speculations, I might be wrong.

    Moreover, due to the fact that I feel that I am too much invested; I thought about starting to text her once a week instead of two. Eventually, I might consider to not text her at all anymore unless to set up a second date.

    I’m so lost on what I should so, can you help me out?

    Looking forward to your advices,

    Best regards

    1. Hi John,
      I would not send her too many text messages right now, as she is probably really stressed and busy. Instead, I would text her a quick “good luck” right before her first test. Then, I would wait to catch up with her in early Feb (give her a week after her last exam as she probably needs to de-stress :). In the meantime, try and meet some other girls, and focus on yourself (sports, reading, hanging out with friends, whatever makes you happy). It will change the dynamics of the situation in the case you are investing more than her.
      Let me know if you need anything.
      Sending you tons of positive energy.

      1. Thank you for your reply Claudia.
        It really help me out.

        Well, let me tell you what happenned then. I texted her to wish her good luck for her exams already, one day prior to her exams. She told me thank you for remembering, and that all she needs is luck.

        So, as you suggested, I will stop to text her till she destresses. Thus, I will text her again one week after her exams.

        Is there a way I could enter in direct contact with you? I mean like a way so we can chat, instagram, facebook, or whatsoever. I just want to talk with you to give you further details, and to know more about you.

        Also, one more thing. I had the impression that you talk french. If I am right then, mes salutations les plus sincères venant d’un inconnu qui vit en France ! 🙂

        1. Hi John,
          I think you are on the right track…bien joué 🙂 Ce sera vachement sympa de se connecter sur FB – alors j’attends ton invitation (Claudia Cox)
          A très bientôt,

          1. En fait, j’ai proposé facebook mais je ne suis pas vraiment un utilisateur de ce social media. Je suis plutot sur instagram, et snapchat pour simpliciter 😝

            Mais bon, tu me donnes 5 minutes et je me cree un compte et je t’ajoute.

            Comment suis je censé te reconnaitre au fait? C’est que sur facebook je suis assez sur qu’il y a beaucoup de gens qui s’appellent Claudia Cox.


  12. Hey, I’ve been hanging around with this girl from my course and I’m not sure whether she’s into me or not.There hasn’t really been much accidental body contact for me. However, she does tease me a lot and mimics me almost all the time. She also always invites me to play pool her and always asks me to accompany her when she’s eating or running errands .Also,she does genuinely seem happy to see me whenever I’m in campus and asks me to hang out with her. She would also call me by my second name whenever she’d try to tease me as well and when ever we text she would call me “boo” and vice versa. However the reason I’m not sure is because, she has a lot of close guy friends as well from high school. I don’t know whether she does this to me exclusively or with all her guy friends. Would love to hear your opinion.

    1. Hey M,
      It’s hard for me to say “yes she likes you” or “no she doesn’t like you” without knowing:

      Does she talk about other guys around you? If she does, that is probably a bad sign.

      Does she initiate conversation, ask you stupid questions just to talk to you, or ask you to hang out more than you ask her? If she does, that is probably a good sign that she likes you…

      Does she “primp” before meeting up with you? Another good sign. If she thought of you as just a friend she probably wouldn’t care what she looked like.

      Is it possible for you to see her around some of her other guy friends? I think that would tell you a lot.

      Think about some of these questions and how she acts. Let me know if I can help more. You can always send me an email: [email protected]

      1. Hey Claudia, she doesn’t really talk about other guys when I’m with her and she usually asks me to hang out with her more than I ask her

  13. So I told my best friend that I liked her Last year. Well it was more that she found out and asked me if I liked her,and of course I said yes. She told me that she didn’t want a relationship now, but she said “maybe in the future.” Does that mean that she is open to that idea or she doesn’t want me as a boyfriend?

    Like I said it’s been a year now and I think that another girl might like me. She chose me for a French project, and I gave her my number to communicate with me about it. She sends me texts at night like every day and she uses tons of emoji’s. I’m starting to like her, and I want to tell her that I like her, but I feel like my best friend might hate me for that because she said “maybe” and she just rejected a guy who asked her out. I’m 15 by the way and I’ve never been in a relationship before so I would love to have some assistance in this issue.

    1. Hi E,
      I hope you had a nice weekend. It’s hard for me to say if your best friend was just being nice or is really open to the idea of going out with you without knowing more about your friendship and how she acts around you. I wouldn’t force anything until you get some clear signs that she is ready, because you don’t want to jeopardize your friendship. The girl that asked you to do a French project with her sounds like she is definitely interested in you. I don’t think that your best friend can hate you if you go out with her. She can’t expect you to wait around for her, right? I would focus on the new girl. Try to spend some time with her outside of class and get to know her, then when you think the moment is right, ask her out. Email me if I can be of help: [email protected]

  14. Hey Claudia, I have this friend we where always closer than ‘just friends’I really like her in the sense of being attracted to her but also because we’re not ‘bff’s like teenage girls’ there’s a deeper more intermet connection there but it was not like friends and just friends only, there’s a connection as friends but also a connection of attraction and interest and she always gets annoyed at the slightest “mess – up” I cause I know if anybody else was to do what I was do she wouldn’t be bothered by it all because her other friends have done stuff like that and she wasn’t bothered by it at all, I thick 7/12 9/12 but 9 is only sometimes I know she likes me but I dont know what to do she also occationally asked about woman that I have or am seeing but never talks about guys she is interested in or dating and I never ask because I dont want to entertain that thought in my head.she is friends with some of her ex’s so there’s no real fear of losing being friend’s if it didnt work. Can I get your option on this message, Thank you.

    1. Hey Jay,
      It sounds like she might be interested. I would just continue getting to know her and spending time with her in person. Do extra things for her that other guys don’t do – open her door, help her with her jacket, compliment her, touch her arm when you are speaking, look her in the eyes and tease her from time to time…then let attraction take over 🙂

  15. Hey claudia , i like a girl whose already committed has a boyfriend but she talks well with me and even shares her personal experience with me and keeps chating on sending images of the food she cooked n all . Is there any chance for me? And how do I know she’s not considering me only as a friend

    1. Hi Sam,
      As long as she is in a committed relationship, she is off limits. I wouldn’t spend my time pursing her…instead I would try and meet another available girl. Sending tons of positive energy your way.
      xx Claudia

  16. She says she likes no one when I ask… Is she trekking the truth because I’m confused and when I get her to say she likes someone she says she likes this guy named bob pls help Idk if she’s considering me as only a friend or not (bobs made up)

    1. Hi Nick,
      Instead of asking her if she likes someone, I would just focus on having fun with her, making her laugh and getting to know her. If you do all those things you don’t need to worry about Bob 🙂

  17. hey !!
    I like this girl in my class . We have never talked in person but know each other since 4 years . Recently she started using facebook and i sent her a friend request she accepted it right away and initiated chatting with me . She consoles me about my grades and asked what iam up to recently and in general chats with me on any topic chosen by her or a things which we like and hate mutually . she even says sorry whenever she has to disconnect . she even asked me my zodiac sign , knowing the fact that i was a gemini just like her .
    what do you think , if she is interested in me or just see me as a friend .

    1. Hey there,
      It sounds like she is interested…but if you really want to find out, I would initiate a face to face conversation with her. Otherwise you could just end up being pen pals for years. All you need to do is go up to her, smile and say hi.

  18. HI Claudia…….
    I like this girl.. well shes 2 years older to me. Ive known her for like 4 years..but we started to talk recently like 4 months back.. Well she does show some the signs mentioned
    1) She does look at me and quickly turn away. (like even my friends dont look at me that much)
    2) Teases me and my style (everytime)
    3) Smiles at me from afar
    4) she hangs around my space
    5) She once pinched my arm as she walked by.
    6) And she does Hold eye Contact.
    7) when i look at her she looks at turns away
    These are some of the things ive noticed..Im just not sure if she likes me..but then i get this gut feeling she does What do u think? Im actually kind of scared getting rejected from her 🙂

    1. Hi Mathew,
      From everything you described it sounds like she is interested in you. She is probably feeling like you – scared of rejection. I would try talking to her face to face and feeling out the situation. Just chat with her about light stuff and find out what she’s interested in, then suggest doing one of those things together (for example going for a run, going to a concert, etc.). Take your time and start out slow – smile, eye contact, touch her arm when talking with her and see how she reacts.
      Good luck!

  19. So.. There’s this girl I really like that I’ve known for a couple years, and I thought my crush on her had gone away but now its back again. And she keeps hinting to me that she isn’t straight (Which is good, since I’m not straight) but I can’t tell if she’s telling me she likes me or doesn’t like me. I haven’t seen her since the end of school last year, but we text 24/7. I have no idea how to tell her I like her. Some of our friends keep asking if we’re dating, but I can’t tell how she feels about that. Should I just.. Ask her? If so, how do I prep myself for that? Cause most likely I’ll chicken out and ask something stupid. Please help! Thank you, Sydney

    1. Hi Sydney,
      It’s really nice to hear from you! It sounds like a tricky situation because you don’t see her in person so you miss out on a lot of the physical flirting signs. Asking her directly could make things awkward if she doesn’t feel the same. So, I would suggest easing into the subject slowly by testing the waters. When you’re having a good conversation, ask her if she has a crush on anyone at the moment. Or, ask her what she’s looking for in a crush. You should be able to decipher if she likes you or not from her answer. If you feel that she does, then tell her that you like her too. If she doesn’t answer and turns the question around and asks you the same question then describe her (for example easy to talk to, same sense of humor, funny, dark hair, beautiful smile, etc.) and see how she reacts. If even this seems like too much, then just wait until you can see her again in person and try to read her body language for positive signs.

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