Hey guys, I bet it’s a great feeling whenever an attractive woman shows interest in you, right? Well, it’s the same for us girls. I remember a few years back when a guy I met at work started flirting with me, hinting that he thought I was cute and that he liked me. Eventually, we started exchanging texts and this is when he became really flirtatious and let his feelings be known. He liked me, and it felt great because I was totally into him too. I was so excited that I couldn’t stop smiling because he was incredibly attractive and charming and, and…and! But then it never went anywhere, and my smile turned into a frown, and suddenly he seemed much less attractive and charming (well at least charming).

The problem with flirty conversations, though, is that sometimes it’s genuinely difficult to understand the intent behind the signs a girl is flirting with you. We may become too emotionally involved too quickly and assume that it’s going to lead to something serious.

But it’s not always the guy that strings his partner along. Just like men, sometimes, a woman simply wants a little bit of “virtual” fun. She wants to exchange messages and be really forward, but when it comes to actually meeting up and taking things further? Hmm, she’s not so sure. Either she prefers the safety of text messages, or she’s already in an unhappy relationship she can’t get out of.

4 Tell Tale Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You, But Not Looking For More

So guys, if a girl you’re currently flirting with does any of the following, it’s a sure fire sign that she likes a bit of fun, but is looking to keep her distance – at least for now.

She Only Texts You Late At Night

You’ve texted her during the day to chat about this and that, but she never replies. You ask her how she is but you get nothing.

Maybe you try to ask a more interesting question, such as what are her hobbies, where is the coolest place she has ever traveled to… But she never answers.

What gives?

If she’s only texting you beyond the witching hour when everyone else has pretty much gone to sleep, it’s a tell-tale sign that she’s home, feeling a bit lonely – and a bit “adventurous”. She’s not interested in everyday mundane chat. She doesn’t need to tell you how her day went. Instead, she just wants to get straight to the point and flirt.

She Only Texts About Sex

Sure, talking about sex is fun and pretty much everyone enjoys doing it (don’t leave me hanging here!). Everyone has sexual needs, and although texting about it is nowhere near the same as actually enjoying physical contact, it can still help to fill a void in the meantime.

But it becomes a problem when she only wants to talk about sex. You want to chew the fat about your friends, family, dreams and ambitions and maybe even how Clive in Human Resources is really irritating you right now, but all she can respond with is “what’s your favorite position?”

She doesn’t care about Clive – or anything else.

This pretty much means that she sees no future between the two of you. She’s thirsty right now and she wants you to quench her thirst ASAP.

She Doesn’t Answer Her Phone When You Call

You’ve had a hard day at work, and you’re feeling really stressed. Clive has annoyed you again by getting on your back about unpaid vacation. You can’t deal with this anymore.

To make matters worse, you got splashed by a car on the way home and now think you’re going to wake up with a mega cold in the morning. Ugh.

So what do you do to make yourself feel better? You decide to call her up just to hear the sweet sound of her voice.

Only, she doesn’t answer her phone – as always. You genuinely thought she’d answer it this time because she really was busy the previous 198 times. But, no; as ever, you can ‘leave a message after the tone’.

If she never answers her phone, you can bet that that she just wants to flirt via text message. She wants the kind of instant gratification that sexting gives her, but she’s got way too much going on in life to be your shoulder to cry on.

She Avoids Talking About The Future, Her Work Or Family

You never thought you’d say this, but you’re bored of hearing of her erotic fantasies and you really would like to know what she does with her days.

But it’s cool that she doesn’t want to talk about her job, of course. Few people who hate their jobs do. But…what about her family?

Nope, she doesn’t want to talk about them either. Maybe they are not a close-knit group? Who knows, but all she’s interested in is you and what you’re going to do for her.

Okay, but her future, come on; surely, she wants to discuss your future together? You know for a fact girls love these chats!

No, she’d rather talk about the present and whether you’ve got your pants off already.

If you can’t shift the conversation to any of these universally-important topics, it’s a guaranteed sign that she wants nothing more from you than what she’s been getting for the last few weeks. The ball is in your court…text it or leave it!

Share Your Own Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You But Doesn’t Want A Real Relationship

Have you noticed any other signs a girl is flirting with you but doesn’t want to take it further? Share them in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.




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