The more quality time couples spend together, the stronger their relationship is. It doesn’t matter how many hours of the day you spend together, having a good time is what counts. So what happens when you and your partner are spending lots of time together, but you’re always doing the same stuff? The relationship plateaus and you begin to wonder where the fun, and the spark, has disappeared to. Look, being stuck for things to do together as a couple happens. The familiar is often the easiest, and that’s when it gets boring. Without outside help, it’s hard not to fall into the routine of suggesting the cinema each time you guys don’t know what to do.

The thing is, there are many fun things to do for a date night, day or weekend. Let’s take a look at some of the best date night ideas for married couples.

1. Go to A New City

It’s a little bit scary when you go to a new city and end up getting lost by yourself, but it’s fun when you have your partner there to laugh about the experience with you.

Exploring new cities up near the top of the list of fun things to do for a date night, day or weekend. You’re both seeing things for the first time, there is plenty to discuss, and you can make fantastic discoveries together. It’s a great way to get away from the familiar and just to wander for the sake of it.

You can kiss by the fountains, cuddle up on a blanket in the park and find the most romantic spot in town. Plus, you can end the day by finding the perfect restaurant for a candlelit dinner.

Hop on a train or jump in the car and have a fab time!

2. Go On A Roller Coaster

Providing you’re both thrill seekers, why not head out to a theme park and have a blast on some rides?!

This is easily one of the most fun activities for couples. Theme parks are a guaranteed great day out. You can scream at the top of your lungs as you plunge down the steepest roller coaster track, hold each other during the scariest ghost train, and have a ball on the carousel. I don’t care who’s watching or if the kids are laughing at me – it’s such great fun!

3. Stargaze With A Picnic

Is stargazing fun? You bet it is! Especially if you cuddle up together on a blanket with some nibbles and a drink in hand.

Picnics are always a cute and of the best fun things to do for a date night. But a picnic under the night stars?

Fun AND super romantic.

All you need is the perfect location, some salty and savory nibbles and bits, and some wine or other festive non alcoholic drink. A pack of cards or even a board game can be a great idea, too. Bring a tent to extend the moment into the night (but don’t forget to get a permit if needed).

Of course, you’ll also need good weather so you’re not running for shelter. Watch the sun go down at the end of the day and take it from there.

4. Have A Pillow Fight

Having a lazy day together? Liven it up by starting a pillow fight. This will get your significant other’s attention back from their phone or TV. Think this fun things to do for a date night is confined to sleepovers when you were a kid> Think again. So be flirty…who will get the last laugh?

Finish the night off with number 5.

5. Plan A Night Time Movie Marathon

Another snugly idea is a night time movie marathon until dawn. Pick some easy-watching films that you will both enjoy, then cuddle in the blanket on the sofa. Some of the most honest conversations happen in the early hours. If you can wait it out and have open space nearby, head to watch the sunrise. So worth it! I think you will agree its one of the great date night ideas for married couples.

6. Karaoke – A Fantastic Date Night Idea For Married Couples

Ah, karaoke. We’ve all done it, even if we can’t all remember it (don’t worry, someone will have the pictures or even the video evidence)!

But karaoke with your partner?

Actually, it’s a whole heap of fun. It’s a chance for both of you to let your hair down and get wild and crazy together. All you need to do for this one is to pick a bar, pick a song and sing your hearts out! There’s nothing more tempting than pretending you’re Danny and Sandy with a Grease duet.

If you’re not yet old enough to get into a bar, no problem – you can play a karaoke game at home instead!

Ha, you’re not getting out of it that easily. You really have no excuse not to wail (I mean, sing) in the company of your partner. Think of Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding. When it’s so bad, it’s good.

7. Head Out on a Road Trip

This is one of my favorite date night ideas for married couples. If one of you has a car, this is something you should definitely consider doing together: forget all your worries and exchange the mundane for the open road.

There really is nothing quite like the freedom a road trip gives, with the two of you spending quality time together without the distractions of others getting in the way. You’ve got your music, your snacks and – hopefully – some awesome weather. Ah, bliss! Sit back and admire the scenery.

Plan a bit ahead and book a room to really make this trip extra fun and extra special.

8. Have A Water Fight

This requires 2 key ingredients: a hot day and spontaneity. This is something an ex boyfriend and I did one hot day during college. He’d just bought a new car and was looking forward to washing it.

“Great,” I thought, rolling my eyes.

He soon forgot about his dirty car when I poured the filled bucket over his head! A retaliation effort with the hose took place, and soon enough we were both drenched, and more importantly, laughing. I’d highly recommend it! Get flirty, then see what happens.

These are just some of our ideas for a few fun things to do for a date night, day or weekend. Feel free to use them for inspiration! Keep smiling!

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