Does being a positive person who loves life teach you how to be a better texter? You bet it does. Life is awesome. Right? And when life is awesome, everything around us becomes awesome. We feel like laughing and dancing all the time. We feel like telling others how good we feel, and how good they should feel. We smile, crack a joke and compliment others because we want them to feel as good as we feel. Darn it!

Loving your life, then, makes you a positive person and is a key when learning how to be a better texter. People can already see that you’re the kind of person who is great to be around. Wherever you go, you shine a ray of sunshine. You’re awesome and addictive and people love you!

In general, we are all attracted to positive people who are enthusiastic about life. We feed off their energy, and we have a tendency to listen to them and do what they want us to do. We trust them.

How Being Positive Will Impact Your Texting

Positive people are good at making friends and making things happen. People want to work alongside positive people. Even better, they want to work for positive people.

Did you know that maybe the most important area of your life that your optimism can improve is your communication skills?

Take texting, for example. Thanks to unlimited texts, we can now text our friends, family, crushes, colleagues, etc., wherever we want, whenever we want. Such power is intoxicating. In the wrong hands, though, it can see us fall on our swords. While we fiddle, Rome burns.

So how to be a better texter you ask? Positive vibes instantly make you a better texter who gets what you want and builds lasting relationships. How? Let’s take a look:

1. You Will Create Positive Associations In The Other Person’s Mind

The last thing you want is for someone to associate you with negative energy, because the moment they start doing that is the moment you lose their attention.

Why? Because people don’t really want to spend much time with negative people. Do you?

When you start complaining about your life on a daily basis to someone via text is the moment they start to switch off. They don’t want to hear your woes and inner turmoil.

On the other hand, loving your life instantly causes the other texter to associate you with positive things. When they think of you, it should make them happy. This is what you need to make happen. Go.

2. You Will Cut Out All The Needy Nonsense

So here is another idea on how to be a better texter. Remember the time you turned someone off because you were too needy in your texts? There was a good reason for your neediness, and it may have been that you weren’t in love with life so much.

I’ve been there. Many times. I remember dating one particular guy when I was at a low point in my life. I wasn’t happy, and I projected it onto him. In fact, I demanded a lot from him because I felt as though he was the only good thing I had going on at the moment. It was needy, not sexy, and it eventually ruined our relationship.

When you love your life, the person you’re texting isn’t the only good thing you’ve got going for you. As such, you’re far less inclined to be needy. You’re not counting on them for your happiness. If they don’t text back within 10 minutes, so what? You’ve got other great stuff to do.

3. Your Confidence Will Grow

Once you start to actively love life, you become far more confident and is one of the key when learning how to be a better texter. You know that you’re good, and it begins to show in the way you text.

This one is key on how to be a better texter. The more in love with life you are, the more confident you will be in your abilities. You will start trusting yourself more to make the right decisions and say the right things. You won’t be waiting for validation from others before texting a certain something. Instead, you’ll make your move because you’re ready. Game on.

4. Your Texts Will Be Funnier!

When you’re loving your life, you instantly become funnier. Even if people are laughing at you rather than with you, it doesn’t matter – they’re laughing, and that’s all that counts!

And they’re laughing because you’ve gotten to such a stage in life that you’re easygoing, relaxed and know how to laugh at yourself. You don’t care what other people think of you. You’re going to make jokes and banter with people because life is for living and laughing.

5. You’ll Be Wiser

One word of advice on how to be a better texter. Do negative people have much advice to offer via text? Not really. Usually, they’re the ones who are waiting for others to help them out.

Not you. You’re now so loving your life that you’re handing out wisdom to people who need a helping hand.

And you know what? They’ll appreciate you and your words. Part of making life great is sharing wisdom with others.

Take some time to start loving your life, your texting will show that happiness and warmth. Who wouldn’t want to text with someone like that? I know I would…

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